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Both of them flinched a little. Yang Ming said with a sneer, "You two are really humiliating to the police. The police can save people in the flood. You two dare not go down to the well water to get things. It's really humiliating!" Li Menghan also said, "I'm

Both of them flinched a little. Yang Ming said with a sneer, "You two are really humiliating to the police. The police can save people in the flood. You two dare not go down to the well water to get things. It's really humiliating!" Li Menghan also said, "I'm really disappointed with you. I think I'd better go down by myself." "Well, if I had known you were like this, I wouldn't have told you that you were in the well. You can go back and let them go." Yang Ming looked at Li Menghan and said coldly, "You can't go down when you have your period. If you go down, your life will be over. You will have painful menstruation and irregular menstruation in the future. If it's serious, you can't get pregnant. I'll go down." Yang Ming said to the mouth of the well, Yang Ming this set of words let Li Menghan very moved, she thought in her heart: this man is very considerate, Zhu Yating can find such a man too happy. That's not right! How does this kid know he's on his period? She didn't take off her pants in front of her, nor did she change sanitary napkins in front of her. How did she know? He could see the jade pendant in the thief's pocket and see something in the well. Could it be that Yang Ming really had perspective eyes? If he really has a clairvoyant eye, is his body seen by him. Thinking of this, Li Menghan could not help holding his chest with both hands, but after holding his chest, he could not protect it. Then I thought about it. Anyway, he was wearing clothes. Even if he really saw it,heavy duty metal racking, he could only see it with his eyes. Then Yang Ming suddenly took off his clothes. Li Menghan said, "Yang Ming, what are you doing?" "I want to go down!" Yang Ming said with a smile: "If you don't take off your clothes, you will get wet. The clothes will still be wet later. It's better to take them off now. At least the clothes are still dry." Speaking Yang Ming has stripped off, Li Menghan saw Yang Mingtuo up and down without a line, but some embarrassed to see,push back racking system, hurriedly turned his face in the past. Chapter 220 of the main text: Look at me twice. Yang Ming went down the well and took out a plastic bag of things. He climbed out and said, "I found it." As soon as Li Menghan heard that he had found it, he rushed over hurriedly and said, "Great!" When she got to Yang Ming, she remembered that Yang Ming was naked and hurriedly turned her face to one side. Yang Ming smiled and said, "Why do you turn your face?"? Look at the bread in the plastic sheet. Yes, it was important to handle the case, not to mention that she could not see clearly at night. She went up to Yang Ming and reached for something. Yang Ming withdrew his hand and did not hand it to Li Menghan. Instead, he said, "You let me down too much. You just look for your so-called evidence, but you don't care whether I live or die. Li Menghan, now take me to the car and turn on the heater for me." Li Menghan thought, industrial racking systems ,shuttle rack system, "Yes, how can I forget that he is still naked? Don't freeze him.". Thinking of this, Li Menghan hurriedly ran out, opened the car, and then started the car air conditioning. Yang Ming gave Xiao Wang what he had fished out of the well and said, "You wait here." With that, he ran out with his clothes in his arms. Xiao Wang took the wet things and asked Xiao Zhou, "What should we do?"? Do you want to go out? "Are you stupid? How can we go with you now? If you like to be a third wheel, you can go out. Anyway, I'd better stay here." "Then I won't go either. Do you think I'm stupid?" Yang Ming got into the back row. He used Reiki to resist the cold. In fact, he didn't feel cold. Li Menghan did not dare to look back, but he was still a little worried about Yang Ming's body. In addition, Li Menghan seems to have heard people say that men are most afraid of the cold after doing that, otherwise their lives will be in danger. She knew that Yang Ming must have done it with Zhu Yating when she was in the hotel, because Yang Ming was still naked when she went there, so she was also worried about Yang Ming's illness. Li Menghan suddenly remembered that there was a towel in her car. She hurriedly found it and handed it to Yang Ming. She accidentally looked at Yang Ming again. She was so frightened that she closed her eyes hurriedly. Yang Ming took the towel, wiped his body and said with a smile, "Why are you so nervous?"? I'm naked, not you. ” Yang Ming wiped his clothes casually and put them on. Then he said with a smile, "You can turn around. You've already put them on. You've seen my body twice. You can take advantage of this." Li Menghan said with a smile, "Women don't like to look at men's bodies. Only you men like to look at women." "Then you've seen me twice, and you have to let me see it once, so that my heart can be balanced." "Don't even think about it." Li Menghan said and got out of the car and walked into the yard. At this time, Xiao Wang and Xiao Zhou were opening the plastic bag. Xiao Zhou said, "Do you think our captain will do it with that guy in the car?" "I don't think so." Xiao Zhou said with a smile, "where can't they do it?"? You have to do it here. By this time Li Menghan had already walked up to them, and they didn't know it yet. Li Menghan coughed and scolded in his heart: "Men don't have a good thing. That's true.". As soon as the two guys heard that the captain was coughing in front of them, they were scared out of their wits. Xiao Wang reacted quickly and said with a smile, "Captain Li, look at this thing. It's good. There's a bronze mirror of the Han Dynasty in it." At this time, Yang Ming came over and said with a smile, "There are better things. Go to that tree and have a look." As he spoke, Yang Ming pointed to a sycamore tree in the yard and said with a smile, "Go and have a look. I won't do this tree climbing thing. There are still things on the tree." Li Meng smiled coldly and said to his two men, "You two climb the tree for me. Don't tell me you can't climb the tree. Will you all take it down for me today?" As soon as Xiao Wang heard this, it seemed that it was impossible not to climb. He had to climb the tree. Fortunately, he had practiced it when he was a child. It should not be a big problem to climb the tree. As for Xiao Zhou, he can't climb trees, and now he can only watch from below. The branches of the sycamore tree were so thick that nothing could be seen below. The sycamore tree should be decades old. Xiao Wang climbed to the top and said anxiously,medium duty racking, "Why did I climb to the top and find nothing?" "Fool, you see if there is a tree hole above this tree, everything is in the tree hole!" 。

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