Chai Dao Xing

Although Wen Yu had not seen a real gun, he did not know how powerful the gun in this man's hand would be and how much lethality it could cause, but a gun is a gun!

Although Wen Yu had not seen a real gun, he did not know how powerful the gun in this man's hand would be and how much lethality it could cause, but a gun is a gun! The crowd retreated again, lest the man jump over the wall and hurt innocent people, but the fat woman turned up her mouth and laughed! Did she really smile because she was ignorant? Or is it because she has a good way to deal with this gun? There is no hurry to make judgments and predictions, because the man's finger has already pulled the trigger of the gun. There was no expected "bang", nor was there a sound like a stuffy pot in the guess. When everyone focused on the gun in the man's hand again, they only saw a series of strange lights like electricity around the gun, which crackled softly, and the man opened his eyes in horror and pressed the trigger again, but. "Pong!" There was an explosion in the man's right hand. A black cloud of smoke dispersed, the shattered parts of the pistol scattered on the ground, three of the man's fingers were blown off, and there were broken skin and black smoke everywhere on his hands and arms. The man cried out in pain,plastic pallet crates, holding his right hand in his left hand and rolling to the ground. Blood, as if only at this time found that there were three more outlets in general, scrambled to flow out. No one dares to come forward, no one dares to approach him, in the eyes of the public,collapsible bulk containers, the fat woman who is selling food is like the existence of the devil. The following content does not count into the word count. Thanks to _ _, fool classmate's reward, thanks to Lo. The pink tickets of three students, Youxi, July Kou and Xingxingyan ~ The third volume of European clothing those things, the seventh chapter of the village exploration. The seventh chapter is village exploration. "Don't get me wrong." The demon spoke again in a hearty voice. She glanced contemptuously at the man rolling on the ground, then amplified her voice so that everyone present could hear it clearly: "I didn't break this thing, it was broken by our world-ah.." After all, you are also some of the first people to come in. Let me kindly popularize it to you in advance. In this world where magic elements are so abundant that almost no one can completely feel them, all instruments as sophisticated as that (she pointed to the remains of guns scattered on the ground) can not be used. That is to say, plastic pallet manufacturer ,ibc spill containment pallet, all the tricky weapons and tools you invented in the original world without God's favor should not be used in this world again-of course, you may be able to make them, but as long as you can't use them, everything is in vain. The screaming man was carried away with a wry smile by several men who came later to manage the abnormal situation in the village. They walked in the direction of the back of the accommodation building. It seemed that there were other buildings behind the two buildings besides the "jewelry exchange house" just mentioned by the fat woman, such as the place to treat the sick and wounded. Doesn't anyone want to buy anything? Or do people in your world not have the habit of eating breakfast? The fat woman's domineering hands were akimbo, and her small round eyes made everyone present shiver. This time, Wen Yu was lucky enough to squeeze into a relatively advanced position-because some people did not dare to queue up at first out of fear-and successfully bought breakfast for a family of three. The water will be delivered to your room by room number in a moment. Write your number here. The fat woman pushed a book roughly, and when Wen Yu wrote her room number with her parents, two bags containing two large raisin white bread in paper bags were placed in front of her. It's really big. "" Just looking at other people holding bread when the feeling is not obvious, at this time Wenyu personally got to confirm that each of the two bread has its own head, it seems that a family of three really may not be able to eat all. The raisin bread of this world is not only big, but also very affordable-almost every bite can be eaten with big and sweet raisins, which is much more affordable than the so-called raisin bread purchased on Earth. The water was quickly delivered to the door of each room, but the so-called small bucket of water was not small at all, as big as the bottled water used by the water dispenser on Earth, which could be used not only for drinking, but also for personal hygiene. After dinner, Wen Yu, who had nothing to do anyway, decided to go out alone. The small square is surrounded by dense trees, and there are men and women who go out to relax everywhere. Except for the managers, everyone from the earth wore the same white robes made of linen and silk. They sat or walked in twos and threes in this small square. These people looked like they came from all over the world from their skin color, as if this was a small world-class exhibition venue. After confirming that there was nothing to explore, Wen Yu walked to the path leading to the cliff between the bar and the small building. Several men stood far away on the edge of the cliff, as if they were hammering stakes into the ground. I heard a girl fell into the sea the other day. Wen Yu had not yet walked up the cliff when he heard a few people sitting in the shade of the trees whispering. Yes, what I saw with my own eyes was a girl, also from the earth, with golden hair. What a pity. From there.. Fall? So Can that man still come up? The pace that had been moving forward slowed down subconsciously. Those men should be building temporary guardrails, I guess. It's true what they say. "Goo Goo." As Wen Yu stared blankly at the men building the guardrail in the distance, an owl's cry came from her left, the back of the small building where she lived. Owl Post?! Surprised to look at the shouts of the shop, Wen Yu confirmed the letter sign on the sign hanging at the door of the shop-yes,secondary containment pallet, it's almost exactly the same as the place where the letter was sent in the game! So.. "Excuse me, how much is the price of sending letters?" Wen Yu walked into the small post office with trepidation-fortunately, there were no other traversers except her.


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