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Another spineless gangster immediately took out Xiangya's things and threw them on the sand, turned around and ran away, while the cold-faced gangster of course had to follow him.

Another spineless gangster immediately took out Xiangya's things and threw them on the sand, turned around and ran away, while the cold-faced gangster of course had to follow him. Seeing the gangster running away in the sand and dust, Xiangya felt a dull pain coming from her neck. Are you all right Chuk looked at the blood stain on her neck. The knife mark was not deep. It should heal quickly. He patted her on the back and comforted her. "There is a first aid kit in the car. It will be all right if you rub some liquid medicine." "My tour guide is so useless that not only can I not protect the members, but also the members will protect me." Xiang Ya was extremely annoyed, but after a while, she chattered again: "In order to repay your life-saving grace, well, next time if you want to go abroad, come to our travel agency to sign up, I will persuade the proprietress to give you a 20% discount.." No, no, 20% is too little, 30%.. 30% off, but then again, although foreign countries are not safe, you can not carry private firearms abroad, ah, it is not fun to be found by the customs, you have to be careful. As a tour guide for so many years,collapsible pallet box, it was the first time that she met a tourist who brought his own cypress branch, which was also strange. Seeing the seriousness of her exhortation, Chuk smiled. "I know. I'll be careful myself." He thought that if private guns could leave Taiwan smoothly and then enter Mexico, then both the Mexican Customs and the Taiwan Customs would have to make a good review. The sun is a ball of fire. It is hot, but its fire is different from the fire on the earth. It is not an ordinary fire, but a great fire, that is,plastic pallet containers, the true fire of the sun! "Filler" is one of the ten flames. His name is Chuuk. He is 26 years old this year, ranking ninth. At the same time, he has a huge amount of arms and ammunition distributed around the world. He has three caves, and he has a good place to stay everywhere. "Chuuk's arms and ammunition alliance" is omnipresent and extremely ostentatious. " True Fire "settled in Mexico in Latin America, half of Mexico's wealth belongs to him, neighboring Cuba, Argentina have his ammunition footprints, its name across the ocean, everyone is privately rumored that such a world-class rich man is from a small island country in Asia, but rumors are rumors, no one has ever confirmed." True Fire has a mysterious palace built entirely of stone in Mexico, which is his secret kingdom, but he is not in his palace at this time, but he is staying in a luxury hotel under his banner in the center of Mexico, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, for no other reason than that he joined a tour group from Taiwan these days, so he followed them to visit Mexico. Chuk had just come out of the shower when the comlink sounded. He pressed the call button and heard the pleasant voice of a big producer on the other side. Partner, you have been missing for two days, and even your right-hand man, Gu Jie, does not know your whereabouts, which makes people worry about whether you have fallen into some peach flowers. Newlywed Mo Dongshu said jokingly. He just made up another wedding with Mu Ruofei recently. This time it's for real. Mu Ruofei is now the real wife of President Mo. She can't run away. Isn't that your patent? Chuk asked with a smile, taking a sip of brandy with ice. I have already cancelled it, and now welcome everyone to use it. Of course, the users are limited to the poor and lonely Wei Yan, Zhuo Le, Shi Lian, and.. "Cao Dongshu grinned badly." You. " Since I have Mu Ruofei. Mo Dongshu began to feel that the past days of partying every night were too absurd, and now he has completely taken heart, although occasionally there are still female stars who do not give up to throw themselves at him, but he has practiced a body without squinting kungfu, eyes can only see Mu Ruofei. Chuuk smiled charmingly. "I thank you for your generosity on behalf of everyone." Mo Dongshu gave a dry laugh. "Hey, I forgot you were the first person to get rid of the golden bachelor status in the ten flames, but now.." This person is so annoying, knowing the pain of others, but occasionally like to stab a knife. Being single is the joy of being single. Chuk does not care about the interface, he is now living a very carefree life, but also has no intention of stirring up dust for himself. Mo Dongshu raised his eyebrows. "Aren't you once bitten by a snake and ten years afraid of a straw rope?" Not good, he thought! Now there are so many homosexuals, maybe Chuk is afraid of marriage, also come to that set, the global arms king's wife is a man. Well, that's sensational! "The snake is not so poisonous." Chuk simply said, "You think too much, I just don't have the right person for the time being." "Is your Highness not good?" Mo Dongshu immediately felt that he was very clever to propose a candidate. He thought he was the head of the ten flames. The so-called elder brother is like a father. He is happy now. Of course, he has to care about everyone's emotional life when he has nothing to do. Your Highness "Feng Yani" and "Baron" yuan Xishang are twin sisters. They are equally beautiful, but your Highness's liveliness and optimism are better than the Baron's. Chuk smiled. "She's very nice." "Then you're not chasing her?" Mo Dongshu continued to extort confessions without any gap. "Space is a distance," Chuk said grandly. His answer was inconsequential and perfunctory. Mo Dongshu asked with a calm face, "Then I see you go to Las Vegas and San Francisco every now and then.". Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Phoenix, Italy? If this guy doesn't appear in these places, it means that he is very free. What space and time is not a problem at all. He knew that Chuuk was evading. A smile flashed in Chuuk's eyes. "That's because of the free first-class seats offered by Sunburst Airlines." Mo Dongshu curled his lips. "After all, your Highness is not attractive enough for you." I'm afraid that's the crux of it. Otherwise, according to Chuuk's conditions, it is easy for any woman to get it, not to mention the butterfly-like royal Highness, if Chuuk is interested in her, no matter how far his space is,plastic pallet price, she does not fly to Mexico every day strange! "Your Highness has the advantages of your Highness." Chuk still answered with the skill of four or two sets of gold. Mo Dongshu had no way out. "Well, I won't argue with you. Where are you now?" He smiled. "Dapes Hotel." "That's strange." Mo Dongshu raised the corners of his mouth and asked, "Does the big boss personally inspect the business?" Of course he didn't think Chuuk had the leisure.


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