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As soon as Mammy Tao was ordered to go, Chuntai and his men took away the things that had been laid out in the house.

As soon as Mammy Tao was ordered to go, Chuntai and his men took away the things that had been laid out in the house. Qingyuan changed her clothes and tilted them on the couch. Suddenly she remembered to tell Baoxian, "Just now the wife only promised to allocate thirty taels of silver from the public. Let's add twenty taels. You can send it over for me tomorrow.". I always feel guilty. If I hadn't followed him, he wouldn't have died. Holding the string and sitting on the edge of the bed, he fanned her. Although he answered, he also untied her. "This sin is not created by the girl. The girl doesn't have to take it to heart." After a pause, he asked her again, "In fact, the girl promised the third son before, is there any other intention?" Clear round hum sound, show a bit unexpected laugh, "you pour clever, be seen by you?" Holding the string and shaking the round fan, he said, "The two girls are the most anxious when it's time to make a decision.". The more anxious she is, the more likely she is to be exposed, and the more anxious she is, the more harmful she will be. Isn't that what the girl is waiting for? Qingyuan said with a smile, "If you really stay with me for a long time, you will know what I am thinking.". It's just the third son. I knew I couldn't get along with him, but I couldn't bear to promise him so much. Holding the string's line of sight fell on the small Boshan stove on the desk, the smoke curled up without attachment, and a gust of wind came and dispersed. Looked for a while and then looked at Qingyuan, "Chuntai just asked the girl, I also want to ask the girl back.". If Mr. Wan really persuaded Mrs. Hou, what is the girl going to do? "If a bowl is broken, it's broken," said Qingyuan. "It can still be used, but if it's broken, it's worthless. I have thought, the person is not the bowl, also does not stick to those, if he really did, I will do my best to please Mrs. Hou. As for what people think of me, I can't do it, and I don't care. "What about Commander Shen?" Holding the string suddenly asked, "if I turn around and annoy him, I'm afraid even the third son will be harmed." Qingyuan was stunned, unable to speak, and somehow suddenly fell into such a strange circle, but anything related to Shen Run made her look ahead and back and dare not act. If it was true that this man was too evil, she was as afraid of him as all the people in the Xie family, but there was something else mixed in this fear, and she gradually became excited at the mention of him, ibc spill pallet ,plastic pallet suppliers, and her ears burned. It was probably because his unintelligible words and actions had worked on her like poison and medicine! Baoxian saw that she was stunned and gave her a gentle push. "Does the girl like Commander Shen?" Qingyuan almost laughed. "Why should I like him?" But then he shivered, put his hand wearily over his eyes, and said in a muffled voice, "I'm a little afraid of him, but this man is strange, but his character is not too bad.". "Yesterday he treated me to a bowl of porridge and a big white steamed bun." "We're locked up in that dark room, not to mention steamed bread and porridge, not even a pot of tea." Then he sneered, "Why did the girl buy you off just by eating a bowl of porridge and a big white steamed bun?" Qingyuan said, "I just don't think this person is bad. How bad can a person who can provide timely help and food in hunger be?" The grace of a drop of water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring. Shen Run has the grace of saving her life, but how to repay this kindness. She chatted with Baoxian until she didn't know when she fell asleep. The next day, listening to Chuntai calling the girl outside the window, Qingyuan made a sound in a daze. The green crab shell was already floating on the window paper. It was time to pay her respects to the old lady again. Struggling to sit up, she still closed her eyes when Chuntai washed her, and when she changed her clothes, she managed to cheer up and step on the first ray of sunlight in the morning to go up to the room. After a night's rest, the old lady was in high spirits again, and when it came to her body, she was better than young people. Qingyuan once heard Chiang and Pei complain, "It's not a problem for this old lady to live to ninety years old in one breath. When the time comes, she will still be fine. Her children will let her die first." It can be seen that longevity is humiliating. No matter how respectful you are on the face, you may not be assigned behind your back. Nowadays, Youzhou is not like Hengtang. The courtyards in the south of the Yangtze River are exquisite and the houses are exquisite. Everything in Youzhou was generous, and the upper room was spacious enough to accommodate the whole family, so the rest of the people came except the second master who couldn't get up the night before. The old and the young still paid their respects in batches, first to the Third Master, and then to the wives and sisters-in-law. After the men of the orthographic generation had finished their ceremonies, Zhenglun said with a smile, "Chunzhi came to see me last night and talked to me a lot. I heard that he proposed marriage to his fourth sister." Qingyuan shyly did not speak, and Qingru's white eyes were flying on the side. Qingrong took refuge under his wife's door, and because of the hatred and resentment of the older generation, Qingyuan's teeth itched. Naturally, he turned to Qingru and said with a sneer, "I didn't see my brothers. Yesterday, the fourth sister was imposing.". "The little Marquis is proposing marriage, but the Marquis mansion doesn't agree. Isn't it a waste of thought?" "That's not necessarily true," said Zheng Lun. "He rode back to Hengtang this morning. And wait for a while, perhaps when the time comes to ask Mrs. Hou to come to Youzhou in charge also unknown. This was not pleasant to Qingru's ears. As if she had been pricked by a needle, she said in a sharp voice, "The second elder brother is also strange. Since he is a close friend of the little Marquis, what else does he want to prove to his grandmother?"? I'll go back, and I'll tell the fourth sister. When did the second brother and the fourth sister get so close? Zhenglun was beaten by her without thinking, and he didn't enjoy it very much, because his sister was used to being overbearing, and his young grandmother said a lot about her behind her back. In addition, the ugliness she had lost in the command office last time was also contemptible. "What's the matter with you, Second Sister?" She cried? I'm just chatting with my grandmother. What's the matter with you? Even if I specifically inform the fourth sister, it is not human nature. We are a family of brothers and sisters,plastic pallet crates, and if we are close to each other, we will be close to each other. Why does the second sister look unhappy? Speak with a gun and a stick, and your wife is still in front of you. Don't lose the decency of a young lady. 。 binpallet.com


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