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I won't mention her here, and I'll talk about it later. Four courses At the beginning of the night, I promised that the story would be good, and I should have done it.

I won't mention her here, and I'll talk about it later. Four courses At the beginning of the night, I promised that the story would be good, and I should have done it. If I look back at those plots, I can easily sink into the world of narcissism again, and sometimes I even wonder how those plots came up with by myself. Sang Sang that game is really good, the master's means of breaking the game is also very good, Ning Que and Xiahou's confrontation in front of the snow imperial city is very good, that I am not the protagonist in the book is very good. Here is a summary from a friend on Weibo. Sister, I haven't found it for thirty minutes. That friend, I replied to you. What did you write about Junmo? The sword amulet of Ning Que is the first sentence, and there is a mention of the seat of the oracle. Please send a private message! But it was also promised at the beginning that the night would definitely be faster than the guest. When I said this sentence, I was confident, because when I wrote the guest, there were too many trivial things in life, and nothing would affect my work during the night. As a result.. I didn't expect that I got sick last year. Two years later, the day Lily wilted. Fortunately, we didn't abandon ourselves. In the last two months, I came out abruptly. Kill a dawn. Wearing sunglasses to watch the food. In fact, there was also a pair of sunglasses given to the Master, which he was wearing when he was preparing to ascend to heaven and enter the Kingdom of God. As a result, he wrote so much at that time that he completely forgot about it, which was a pity. It's like regretting physical problems. But the master is still Niubi after all, just like the night will be much slower in the end,side impact door beams, but the story is still enough after all. Look, I really become middle-aged, and I only dare to write enough words that can be so boring, but I dare not repeat the previous Niubi. This story, there are many pictures, really cool ah. Five feelings This word is very sour, and some friends responded that the second half of the night was a little sour. I thought about it carefully, and it was presumptuous. I can't write about God. I'm not good at describing those solemn and lofty things. That's a matter of ability. It's hard to solve in a short time. So if I want to have feelings,side impact door beams, I can only sink. I am good at writing about people, those mundane, trivial, I am very good at grasping the details, because I have a life, whether it is hot and sour noodle soup, or two dishes of vegetables on the table, whether it is the couple's stinginess or later a cup of tea to immortality, are my exciting and interesting points. Six messages Here I would like to report a piece of bad news to you: I overestimated the speed after I went back to work. By this time, I was already hungry and had not finished writing. I'm afraid I can't finish writing today, so I can only send it first. The good news is that I will finish the rest of the postscript the day after tomorrow, that is, the postscript. Anyway, we often do such things as going to middle school, middle school and middle school again, leading the trend of the moment. It is also very cute to do it again. Some troublesome news is: I forgot how to set VIP as free, so I sent it directly in the starting point book review area, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, and also in Weibo and WeChat. I hope you can tell me more when you see it. Don't miss it. It's really troublesome for everyone. The instant message is: if you are very annoyed with me, or like the story of the night, please come to the YY voice channel at 8 o'clock tonight after more than an hour to face me 55373 and see how I kneel! wWw. xiAoshUotxt.cOm Endless Joy — — Postscript of the Night (Part Two) Seven noodles Two days before the end of the night, I made a prize-winning question and answer on the WeChat public platform, asking readers to guess what the last line of dialogue in the book was. I thought no one could guess it, so I made a budget of Tuhao gold, but I didn't expect that in the end, there were four strong people who guessed word for word, and two of them guessed right. So the prize changed from Tuhao gold to kindle. Mention this matter, of course, is not to publicize my generosity (this money is paid by myself), nor is it to laugh at myself for being as stingy as Ning Que Sang Sang (although I changed my mind temporarily, it is also money, isn't it?). I mainly want to express my admiration. There was a loud noise in the sky, and the book "Eyes" came on the stage. In the last line of dialogue, Sang Sang asked Ning Que in Laobizhai, "Are you hungry?"? I'll give you something to eat. ” Don't be like some friends who have to understand in those ways. I just want to say that noodles are the most important thing in this story. This sentence comes from the great secret agent, from the great Carina Lau, from the book of fried egg noodles and hot and sour noodle soup. In Stephen Chow's films, zero zero hair is certainly not the best, but it is one of my favorite, Carina Lau's acting has been a good evaluation, to Di Renjie finally won the award, but for me, the best Carina Lau is the woman in the big spy. That movie shows what I think is love, marriage and family, a bowl of noodles, from the beginning of TVB, until finally I began to write stories, homely flavor is always what I value most. Carrying a bowl of noodles to watch TVB is naturally the most homely. Readers can guess the last line of dialogue, probably because I have mentioned fried egg noodles too many times in the evening, but also because we have similar growth experience, those things can be remembered, there are similar likes and dislikes, there is a common aesthetic. The night will be a romance novel, talking about the family's short stories, even if the war between heaven and man, it is still the family's short stories, the same is true of the Academy. In this story, I wrote a lot of pictures, all of which I like. One of my favorite pictures is that Ning Que is locked up in a cliff cave, and the brothers and sisters of the Academy come to play, and then they make a lot of noise there, like a Chun tour. The cliff is very beautiful, you can see Chang'an from a distance, there are dozens of thin waterfalls between the cliffs, pouring into the pure white sea of clouds, I am not talking about this. Sang Sang is cooking on the cliff side for Ning Que to eat, for everyone to eat, pouring the dirty water from washing vegetables into the cliff at will, pouring into the sea of clouds-my favorite picture is this. In the fairyland general place, still must eat,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, in the Academy from the master to the scalper is a group of foodies, I like to let that perfect oil painting paint some life se color, but also paint full.


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