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A ninth-rate meat-selling broken movie still wants to show off this kind of skill. Is the director and scriptwriter's brain kicked by a donkey, and they are not afraid to run away with all four wheels.

A ninth-rate meat-selling broken movie still wants to show off this kind of skill. Is the director and scriptwriter's brain kicked by a donkey, and they are not afraid to run away with all four wheels. Then the ship came in a little, and the people denied the speculation, which was different from their cruise ship. Watching, the speedboat was getting closer and closer to here, and not only could they see each other. More than a dozen people standing on the beach could also be clearly seen on the other side's boat. There were five men on board, all of them well-built adult men, and two of them even had scars on their faces, which were obviously not ordinary professions. One of them spat into the sea. "What kind of monster is so powerful?"? "This island mode of the horror game should be limited in scale, is there a dinosaur on the island or a deep-sea octopus attack?" Another person chimed in: "That is, all players practice their families, and the difficulty of the game will not be small." "Who cares? The task is to kill ghosts. It's no different from the past. If something else comes out, it's the same." "What about the NPC on the island?" Another man asked. You can't kill this time. One of the scar-faced men was a little impatient: "Look at that group of broilers. They are in the way, but the rules of the game generally have their intentions." "It's likely that the ghost will come out through the NPC. Let's see the situation first. If it doesn't work, he will be locked up in a room." "What do you say?" Right now the man turns line of sight to the back, in the eye is the assessment of calm color and look: "Lu Xin." Although this player named Lu Xin has no Jianghu spirit and gangster spirit, he is more like a noble young master coming out of a rich and powerful family. At the beginning, when everyone appeared on the boat, he was the only one who was silent and out of place. Although there is a rule that players are not allowed to attack each other, but a few people are used to bullying the market, but whenever they meet other players in the game, they must first threaten, establish an authoritative position, and then threaten each other with the danger of the game and the tension of the high rhythm. Once they find the opportunity, they can extort benefits from other players, so naturally they will not be polite. As a result, when he was about to take someone's shoulder, he raised his eyelids gently, and the whole air seemed quiet for a moment. In those dark eyes, there was a condescending indifference and a dark and turbulent anger. Several people have been mixed up for so many years, and they are all shrewd people who can walk to the present. Many times on the road to pay attention to intuition, immediately know that the other side is not easy to mess with, also changed the conversation, just about to blurt out threats into a chat chat. At this time Lu Xin listened to their words, leaning on the cabin to sleep, he did not open his eyes, said: "Whatever!" The crowd shrugged their shoulders and reached a consensus. Obviously, this is also a team of players, and the game does not inform each other of the existence of each other, but the more troublesome side of the task is now a slight advantage. The ship quickly approached the case, and several players came down from the speedboat. The mouse and several players ran over to negotiate. A few people say perfunctorily: "We are the shipwreck nearby, here is a nearest island, borrow a few days to stay first, can you take us to go back together when the time comes?" Even children don't believe this, but as long as they have long eyes, they all know that these people are not easy to mess with. If they really tear their faces at once, it is estimated that they can't get good on their own side. It is good or bad to let the other side put down their vigilance first. Of course, aluminium coated steel tube ,Cold Drawn Tubes, this is the idea of the NPC, the player is more to observe the way this group of people. "All right," said Li Wei. "Do you have any luggage?" Several people waved their hands. Li Wei said with a smile, "It doesn't matter. Come in and drink some water first. You are not good enough at sea. We are going to have lunch together. Let's go together." Several people naturally said yes, but when Li Wei turned around to lead the way, he heard several people behind him whispering: "This NPC is sensible. It's not so troublesome to stay and serve if you have nothing to do. There are also several little girls, which is not bad." Their voice is very low, and in the back, it is reasonable to say that others should not hear, such as mice, they do not feel. Can strengthen the body of the player's ear, which is comparable to ordinary people? Li Wei's face changed at that time, and Fang Lei, who was also aware of it, exchanged a look quietly. Take advantage of the situation to pretend to be NPC, and one takes people in, the other makes a gesture to call people to eat, in fact, remind players to pay attention to identity concealment. But as soon as Fang Lei walked in, she saw a man in the group walking straight toward Zhu Yang. Fang Lei immediately turned pale with fright, to say that other people's safety that should be no problem, but only Zhu Yang this guy, if not in advance, two words were perceived by others how to do? Players can't attack each other, but players who don't belong to the same group don't have this rule. Fang Lei was so anxious that Zhu Yang, who was basking in the sun with her eyes closed, only felt that the sun was suddenly blocked. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the big head of the road who had not entered the game with her was smiling at her, and her eyes flashed the surprise and happiness of betting right. At this time, he did not use his own face, but Zhu Yang also knew that it was the face of Lu Xin who had been in the villa before. Lu Xiuci was about to reach out to pull her, but suddenly he was opened. He has some doubts, then listen to his girlfriend: "Sorry, this face, too ugly!" " Chapter 63 In fact, it is too much to say ugly, but it has become the kind of comely and ordinary appearance that can be seen everywhere in the university. And this is not like the first game, but also deliberately in front of Zhu Yang to cover up their own aura and habits, only the other team of players can see that this person is not simple. Therefore, after comprehensive evaluation, it is also a desirable type. But no matter what you say, you can't stand it. Zhu Yang is a willful master. The real face is used to the standard is too high, all of a sudden can not dislike the boyfriend? Poor Lu Xiuci came all the way, because the beginning of the game was different from what he had experienced. After all, he had a high degree of completion at that time, and if he wanted to return to this game, there must be a great degree of shuffling in the game. When I was on the boat, I was anxious and worried about gains and losses. When I got to the shore, I immediately wandered around looking for someone, but I found such a result. Thanks to the large number of people,side impact beams, otherwise there would have been trouble. The awkward four eyes between lovers, at this time Fang Lei is relieved, homeopathy ran over to call Zhu Yang.


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