Eat honey [wear the book] [end + side story]

He likes Xiao Yao to practice these, and feels that he can unlock a lot of posture in the future! After Xiao Yao saw Zhou Hairong coming, he had been secretly observing him and Su Lin to see if the two men had hooked up before the drunken incident.

He likes Xiao Yao to practice these, and feels that he can unlock a lot of posture in the future! After Xiao Yao saw Zhou Hairong coming, he had been secretly observing him and Su Lin to see if the two men had hooked up before the drunken incident. When Zhou Hairong came back from a business trip, he didn't have jet lag. He didn't feel tired at all because of the joy of a little absence. Instead, his eyes were shining and he kept staring at him. Xiao Yao was looked at by him. When he came out of class, he asked tentatively, "Our class is full of handsome boys and beautiful girls. See?" Zhou Hairong "Hum", say: "The acting major must pick, otherwise crooked melon cracks jujube to do not have the market later. "Do you see who is the most handsome in our class?" "You." Zhou Hairong said without hesitation. Sure enough, the man is the man, at this time if and Su Lin see eye to eye, that is not the slag man, as a man how can there be such a stain, no wonder Zhou Hairong's eyes now can not see the existence of Su Lin. Zhou Hairong saw that his eyes were shining. He saw that it was a raging fire of dry wood. He asked him what he was going to do next: "Do you seem to have no classes in the afternoon?" "No class is no class," Xiao Yao said calmly. "But I have to go to my master. He is free today. Let me go to his house." Zhou Hairong was a little disappointed and said, "I haven't seen you for so long, and you don't miss me either." "Why don't I miss you?" Xiao Yao asked. I can see the way you look at me. Xiao Yao, do you have a problem with me recently? I feel that you are a little cold to me. If you have any opinions about me, you must speak out. I am most annoyed with people who don't say anything and hold it in their hearts. No,hydraulic fitting supplier, I'm really busy. Why don't you go back to sleep first, get rid of jet lag, and wait until you get home. "I don't care. You tell Shen Xingzhi that you're sick and can't go. Is the master important or the man important?" Xiao Yao of course does not agree, at this time with Zhou Hairong together, is no different from the sheep into the tiger's mouth ah. As a result, Zhou Hairong was annoyed by three words and two steps. Men with desires, when their desires are not satisfied,tube fitting manufacturer, are very easy to lose their reason, their brains are manipulated by their lower bodies, and their emotions are very easy to be irritable. Zhou Hairong is like this at the moment. In addition to his desire, he is also angry. He feels that Xiao Yao is too cold. Every time he goes on a business trip, he feels that Xiao Yao is a little perfunctory and tired every day. When he came back, he thought that the other party would want to stick together 24 hours a day like him, but Xiao Yao had to go to see the teacher. Didn't he say before that he didn't want Xiao Yao to sing again! There are a group of handsome boys in the troupe, and he is not happy every time he sees it! Xiao Yao watched Zhou Hairong walk away, feeling a little guilty. He was hesitating to stop him and say a few sweet words. Suddenly, he was patted on the shoulder. He turned around and saw that it was Su Lin. As soon as he saw Su Lin's gorgeous and handsome face, the guilt in his heart was swept away. Zhou Laoer, Zhou Laoer, your sweetness is coming soon, and you can bear it again! "Who is that?" "My object." Xiao Yao said. Su Lin was taken aback. Then he smiled and said, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,pipe fittings manufacturer, "Very handsome. It goes well with you." "Thank you." Xiao Yao made up for the two men's war in the future and said shyly, "He is also very rich, tall, rich and handsome." Su Lin was stupefied again, smiled and patted him on the shoulder: "Don't say, I have to go quickly." He said and ran away with his bag, waving his hand as he ran: "See you tomorrow." Tut, tut, tut, it is really genuine, not moved by money and beauty, three views that is called a positive! He was curious about how the two men would succeed in hooking up later. After he arrived at Shen Xingzhi's place, he knew that Shen Xingzhi had called him to come over and had sent him a task. The Nancheng government invited many promising young people to gather together and held a "Song of Youth" party, which was attended by Nancheng dignitaries and many Nancheng artistic talents. Because Xiao Yao was Shen Xingzhi's disciple, he was able to participate in the performance with his brother, Su Kuo, who was also Shen Xingzhi's big disciple. Shen Xingzhi has the intention to help him, but his Gandan skill and Su Kuo can not be compared, if two people play together to sing a Kunqu opera, I am afraid Xiao Yao was crushed slag is not left. Shen Xingzhi, in order to take care of his closed disciples and his own face, reduced the difficulty for them and arranged a folk ditty for them. You don't have to sing Kunqu Opera or dress up as a woman, just put on a robe and sing a traditional ditty with his brother. Chapter 22 Between songs and operas, ditties are in line with their identities and are not very difficult. Xiao Yao was very grateful to Shen Xingzhi for his thoughtfulness. This ditty is a popular folk ditty in old Beijing. Strictly speaking, it is a narrative song. It tells a love story in the late Qing Dynasty. There are many versions, including pure ditties, crosstalk performers and folk versions. Shen Xingzhi, as a master of pear garden, shoulders the responsibility of excavating and protecting traditional folk art. Naturally, he prefers the original version, but some of the lyrics of the original version are slightly out of line. Later, many people's cover songs follow another fresh version. Considering that the performance is held by the government, he finally decided to choose the new version. Only in the content of the performance, he chose the full version to reproduce. It contains all the contents of "Five Watch Days" and slightly modifies the tune to make it soft and beautiful, which is more in line with their identity of Gan Dan. I asked your brother to sing it first and send it to your mailbox. You can listen to it first and learn it. After learning it, you can sing it again and send me a sample. Shen Xingzhi said. Xiao Yao nodded: "Good." Xiao Yao has an advantage, that is, docile and obedient, regardless of whether he does well or not, but if you ask for anything, he will usually say "good". Shen Xingzhi also liked him very much. He said, "Also, you can't fall behind in the classes of the Art Institute. I heard Mr. Zhang say that you work very hard. I'm very gratified to hear that. In our line of work,brass tube fitting, we are not afraid of poor kungfu, but we are afraid of not working hard.". Look at your elder brother. His aptitude is average. Now he has become the leader of the younger generation. He relies on diligence. One minute on the stage, ten years off the stage. That's not a joke. 。


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