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The question that had been buried in his heart for a long time was finally spoken out, and Lu Meng raised his lips, feeling that his mood had become wonderful.

The question that had been buried in his heart for a long time was finally spoken out, and Lu Meng raised his lips, feeling that his mood had become wonderful. After a while, Ji Heng sent a photo, fixed his eyes on it, and Lu Meng noticed that this was the place where Ji Heng worked. A computer and a microphone. It was somewhat similar to the scene she had imagined. Can I visit your house next time? With anticipation, Lu Meng sent out this sentence. The next second, Ji Heng came back. [OK] Of course, I'm all yours. What a fantastic sentence, in an instant, some messy things appeared in Lu Meng's mind. Blushing and shaking her head, she typed a line of words and sent it to Ji Heng. Hooligan [Goodbye], don't say, the baby is going to sleep. Soon, he came back with two words. Good night Five minutes later, he did not receive any more news from Lu. He quit WeChat and put his mobile phone in his pocket. Ji Heng turned around and walked out. Out of the studio, he went to the balcony and leaned against the railing to light a cigarette. The broken lighter has been thrown away by him. Now this is a new one. If you press it with your finger, sparks will come out immediately. He lit a cigarette, put it between his lips,stainless steel squatting pan, and smoked without a puff. When he drew the second one, his cell phone rang suddenly. He took it out and found that it was Shen Chao who called. Walking to the side of the rattan chair and sitting down, Ji Heng connected the phone and turned on the speakerphone: "What's the matter?"? Do you have anything to do with me in the middle of the night? "It's nothing. I just called to talk to you." With his usual cheeky tone, Shen Chao asked him, "Have you gone home?"? Still floating outside all the time. In Shen Chao's view, Ji Heng's job is floating, floating from here to there, floating all the time. Ji Heng answered truthfully: "I just returned in the morning." "Then your sister." "Came over,Stainless Steel Toilet China, had a fight, and left." Before he knew it, the cigarette had burned out, leaving only the butt. He threw the butt on the ground and stamped it out with his foot. Ji Heng was ready to take another one. However, as soon as the finger touched the cigarette case, Shen Chao's words of persuasion suddenly reached his ears. "Smoke less," he said. "It's not good for your health. You'll suffer in the future." Hearing this, Ji Heng stopped and his fingers stayed on the cigarette case for a long time. After a moment, he suddenly stepped back. Your girlfriend is very young, she is so young, you should take good care of your body, do not when people are in great demand, but you can not, Time Delay Faucet ,Manual Flush Valve, kidney deficiency. .” "Shut up!" "Hey.." What I said is the reality. .” "It's nothing. I'll hang up first. Goodbye." “…… .” At ten o'clock in the morning, Lu Meng rubbed her eyes and slowly got up from the bed. After washing and changing her clothes, she went to the kitchen to look for food. There were no leftovers, the milk had been drunk, and the only boiled egg that could be eaten was not enough to fill Lu Meng's stomach. I suddenly remembered the days when I had a meal on the mountain a few days ago. I sighed and missed it in my heart. Downstairs there is a small shop selling breakfast, after buying steamed buns and Beancurd Jelly, Lu Meng turned to go home. Suddenly there was a familiar voice in her ear, and she turned around and found that Ji Heng was coming towards her. There was a special feeling in my heart. I trotted up to meet him. Lu Meng looked up at him. "Why is it so sudden? You didn't tell me before you came." "I want to surprise you." Smiling over Lu Meng, Ji Heng took her out. "I didn't have breakfast either. Let's go and eat outside with me." In fact, this time, most of the breakfast shops have sold out, came to a small restaurant outside, after looking at the menu, Ji Heng ordered a table of stir-fried dishes. Think of it as lunch. Handing the chopsticks to Lu Meng, Ji Heng lowered his eyes and turned over his mobile phone. "The program has been sent, and the response is good." "Of course, every time it's updated, everyone's reaction is very intense." Every time, as long as an update, there will be a group of rice silk jump out immediately, changing ways to praise and express the season. Not long ago, Lu Meng was one of them, but now she feels she can quit. Instead of saying something in the comments section, it's better to just come forward and hold his face and kiss him passionately. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that this method was feasible. He hung his head and Lu Meng pulled his lips and giggled. Why? What do you think of? You're so happy. As he spoke, part of the meal was already served, and a chopstick of vegetables was put into Lu Meng's bowl. Ji Heng asked her to eat. Talk while you eat and share with me what you think is funny. "No, it's not funny." Shaking his head, Lu Meng lowered his head and began to eat. Are you kidding? How can you share this with him. She was totally thinking about him, and she was embarrassed to say it. Pretending that nothing had happened, Lu Meng was silent, concentrating on the food in front of him. Unexpectedly, Ji Heng also did not ask, has been giving her food, let her eat more. Eat more, and maybe your strength will get better. "Shut up!"! Why are you so annoying? Staring down at the food in the bowl, Lu Meng warned him in a low voice, "Speak well in public. If you do this again, I will ignore you later." Seeing that he didn't respond, she kicked him under the table. I'm talking to you! "I know." Holding back a smile, Ji Heng got up and sat down on the seat next to Lu Meng. He also transferred the bowls and chopsticks and came forward. His thin lips were attached to Lu Meng's ear. "I understand. In the future, it's better for us to discuss this kind of private problem in intimate time." Lu Meng: ".." After a meal, Lu Meng was absent-minded. In her mind, she kept circulating what Ji Heng had just said: "This is a more private question." . Discuss in intimate moments ……” Intimate time.. . Intimacy. "What's the matter?"? What are you thinking about? Seeing her in a trance,Time Delay Tap, Ji Heng spread out his palms and swayed in front of her eyes. When he came to his senses, he blushed slightly and Lu Meng shook his head. It's nothing.. Hey, didn't you sleep well yesterday? 。


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