Poison Queen of the Reborn General

But Luo Sui's letter told her to stay in Mingqi. First, after Luo Tan came back, he could not help much, and perhaps he would be involved, but it was not good.

But Luo Sui's letter told her to stay in Mingqi. First, after Luo Tan came back, he could not help much, and perhaps he would be involved, but it was not good. Second, Shen Miao wants to stay in Longye, with Luotan with her, there is always a care. Can't return to Ming Qi, also really can't do to leave Shen Miao a person in Longye. Luotan can only stay here. Watching Gao Yang begin to pack up his things, he packed some medical skills and medicines into boxes and let people carry them out one by one. Luo Tan sat in a chair and watched his every move in silence. After Gao Yang tidied up, he looked up and saw Luo Tan staring at him without blinking. Some are indescribable, with respect to way: "ferial is not always noisy, so quiet today, the mood is not good?" "You're leaving tomorrow." "Be sure to protect the prince on the way," said Luo Tan. Gao Yang choked and said, "Shall I protect him?"? He protects me almost. "You work for him." "Of course," said Luo Tan awkwardly, "you should pay more attention yourself." Gao Yang was stunned, and when he heard what she was saying, he smiled. Luo Tan all day long to Gao Yang is not bullying is bullying, it is true that Gao Yang is also very fond of bullying her. These two people get together to fight all day long, and it is very difficult to speak well. Luo Tan's temperament is careless,euro plastic pallet, it is difficult to tell others the details of things, today can say a good word to Gao Yang, has been very rare. Gao Yang approached her and deliberately asked, "Pay more attention. What should you pay more attention to?" He was born handsome, and he was always gentle and gentle on weekdays. When he approached, his smile was a little narrow. Luo Tan blushed for no reason. He pushed him away and said angrily, "What else can you pay attention to? Of course, pay attention not to die." "Don't you think it's good that I'm dead?" Gao Yang shook his fan and said,spill plastic pallet, "You can occupy the whole Gaofu.". The servants are at your disposal, the gold, silver and jewels are at your disposal, and the shops and grands.. "Wait a minute," Luo Tan listens to him to say more and more excessive more strange, hasten interrupts his word, way: "Who wants you these things? Our Luo family is not short of it, okay? Besides, you think I'm a fool. These are all your Gao family's things. What does it have to do with me? If you die, how can these things belong to me? You're crazy. "What does it have to do with you?" Asked Gao Yang? Don't you know? "Know what?" Doubtful, Luo Tan then asked tentatively, "Is it possible.." Did my father give this to you? Actually, you're my father's man? She covered her mouth and said in horror, "My father sent you to spy on me?" Gao Yang: "…" After a while, he resigned and sighed. He knocked on Luotan's forehead and said, plastic pallet supplier ,wholesale plastic pallet, "You look smart on weekdays. Why are you so stupid now?" "Hey, make it clear first," said Luo Tan. Gao Yang suddenly put a finger on Luotan's mouth, made a "shush" action, Luotan was stunned, only to feel that the place touched by Gao Yang's finger slowly started to burn, gradually burned to the face. What is my relationship with you? Take your time to think about it. Let me know when I get back. Gao Yang put a book of medical skills on Luo Tan's head: "Now, help me sort this out first." Then he turned around and packed himself up. Luo Tan looked at his back, but unexpectedly did not explode. He curled his lips and tidied up obediently. "Are you all right?" "Almost done. Almost done." "Hiss, it hurts." "One last thing.". Don't be afraid, I'll be gentle. Outside the door, from Yang Moqing and Awakening of Insects Guyu both blushed. "Ah," said the Awakening of Insects, "I remember my clothes haven't been aired yet. I'll go and air them first." "I'm going to help, too," said Gu Yu. "I'm going to air the quilt, too," said Cong Yang. Mo Qingmeng nodded. The four of them scattered like birds and beasts in a twinkling. Only the iron clothes squatting on the tree are towering and immovable. In the room, Xie Jingxing had no choice but to hold his forehead. Shen Miao finally strung the last rope and patted his hand with satisfaction: "All right!" Xie Jingxing looked at a series of red ropes on his wrist, which was really a headache. What's he doing with the rope that so many women wear. Still holding her cheek, Shen Miao said with a smile, "There's so much. It won't break the light." Before he could speak, Shen Miao had already stood up with a "bang" and sat on his lap with a "thump", which startled Xie Jingxing. The wine jars in the room were empty, and the room smelled of wine. Shen Miao's face was red, delicate and beautiful as flowers, and his smile was rare and sweet. He held his face in both hands and kissed him on the face. Xie Jingxing has been calm, from Shen Miao drunk to now, she may have kissed him dozens of times. As long as Shen Miao is drunk, oh, basically, she can see a completely different woman. How to say, like a disciple who molests a young lady. Prince Rui has lived at such an old age that he has flirted with countless women intentionally or unintentionally, but there is only one woman who has been flirted with, and she is a cruel woman who refuses to admit it when she wakes up. This noodle is really good for the first time. "You can be a flower queen," said Shen Miao. Xie Jingxing stared at her with an expressionless face for a long time before saying, "Thank you for your appreciation, madam." Shen Miao was satisfied again and said, "I'll give you some silver to buy clothes." She felt something out of her sleeve and threw it into Xie Jingxing's hand. But it was the jade tablet that Xie Jingxing gave her at the time of Ming Qi. Before Xie Jingxing could see it clearly, Shen Miao waved his hand again and again and said, "No, no, no. I took it by mistake. My husband gave it to me." He quickly took it back. Husband? He raised his eyebrows. "You remember you have a husband." Shen Miao looked at him and said, "Yes, my husband looks better than you." Xie Jingxing: ".." "But he's going to war." She buried her head on Xie Jingxing's shoulder again, found a comfortable position to nest up, yawned, seemed to be a little sleepy, and opened her mouth in a daze: "So I was drunk,collapsible pallet box, so when he left, I was still drunk and didn't wake up, so I couldn't see it." "Why don't you want to see him?" Xie Jingxing frowned. cnplasticpallet.com


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