Yue Fan-Overlord Fu Hu

Though their hearts are terrified, they cannot but advance. They are going to kill the less with the more! So, they swept to Wang Ye together.

Though their hearts are terrified, they cannot but advance. They are going to kill the less with the more! So, they swept to Wang Ye together. As soon as they got close to the six corpses, they did their best. Because they want to block Wang Ye's fist. That know, Wang Ye but stay put. Because, Wang Ye does not want to waste the skill to display the hundred step magic fist. He gathered all his strength in his palms and prepared to use the nine palms of Guiyuan. Jiu Jue and Shi Ying, however, tightened every nerve and swept to Wang Ye. Nineteen faces stiffened. Thirty-eight eyes were fixed on Wang Ye. Wang Ye could not help sneering secretly! He immediately became a bully! So he deliberately raised his palms and pretended to split. As a result, the nine and ten eagles flashed to both sides to avoid it. Wang Ye then split six palms to the nine people on the right side. In the explosion, Jiujue has already screamed and flew out. Bloody swords! The ten eagles retreated in horror! In the midst of the banging, as soon as Jiujue fell to the ground, he vomited blood and twitched. General Niu Ma is ready to arrest his soul! Shaquan is full of horror and anger! "Ten eagles shoulder to shoulder!" He roared. "Yes!" The ten eagles had to pounce on Wang Ye together. Wang Ye succeeded in deceiving the enemy, and he was very happy. As soon as he saw the ten eagles coming together and waiting for him, he immediately split a palm,plastic laminated tube, and when he saw the ten eagles nervous at the same time, each split a double palm. Wang Ye did not wait for the palm force to meet solid, then Teng swept up. In the roar, a big pit appeared on the ground. As soon as Wang Ye turned over, he split two hands. The ten eagles knew something was wrong,cosmetic tube, so they flashed out first. Bear the brunt of the six people will raise their hands to split. In the explosion, a big pit appeared on the ground fork. The six eagles screamed and fell into the pit. The six faces immediately bled from seven holes! The ground trembled! The other four eagles fled into the forest! Wang Ye fell to the ground with a smile. "Go to the right army!" He roared. "Yes!" Immediately see the carriage on the right side of more than five hundred people rushed up. The twenty people in front of him even had to bite the bullet and grab their fists. Wang Ye suddenly pounded out a hundred-step magic fist, and the twenty people in front of him hid out in horror, and the crowd behind them immediately revealed the empty door. The explosion was like thunder! Screaming! 127 dead souls were taken away immediately! The rest of you are hiding! There was immediate chaos at the scene! Wang Ye took the opportunity to flash forward, then split double palm unceasingly! He kills people like the north wind blows the leaves! In the midst of the screams, 247 people crossed into the underworld to report. The rest fled into the forest. Wang Ye took the opportunity to split into the forest! In the explosion, trees fall and people fly! Eight bad men were killed by tree trunks on the spot! The evil fist is even more terrible! He thought to himself that he was no longer Wang Ye's enemy! He knew that if he didn't kill Wang Ye today, it would be difficult for him to be safe in the future! He immediately shouted, "Go to the left army!" "Yes!" The remaining six hundred people immediately went out. However, they were not only slow, plastic packing tube ,eye cream packing tube, but also deviated from Wang Ye. Because no one wants to be the first batch of meat buns to beat the dog! Seeing this, Wang Ye went after the remaining eighty instead. He forked into the forest for more than twenty Zhangs, and then crossed over these people. He knew that Shaquan wanted to consume his power and then deal with him with ease, so he would not let Shaquan be satisfied! As soon as he saw the group of people entering the forest, he looked around and walked slowly. He came striding at once. As soon as the more than six hundred people saw the tragic situation in the forest, they were even more shocked! As soon as they saw Wang Yexing coming, they were even more shocked! The more than fifty people in front of him retreated intuitively. The rest of the people tacitly retreated together. Seeing this, Shaquan immediately shouted, "Zhu Qin!"! You dare to retreat! Kill! "Yes!"! Brothers! Kill it! See a big fellow has rate of nearly a hundred people to Wang ye. Wang Ye first split out six palms. As soon as Zhu Qin gritted his teeth, he roared to kill. At that time, the people near him flashed to both sides in horror. With a bang, Zhu Qin has been split into flesh and blood! More than a hundred people who wanted to escape were split by the other five hands! People fly and trees break, the scene is chaotic and horrible! The rest of the men flashed to either side. Wang Ye then split to the right side of more than two hundred people. The group of people had to rush out. After an explosion, more than two hundred people were on the train of death. Nearly three hundred other people could not help but withdraw from the forest in fright. Shaquan roared to kill, then get off directly. When Wang Yeyao saw a burly old man getting out of the car, he immediately strode over. His palms had gathered enough strength. He decided to start a firefight! "Zhou Long!" He roared! Kill! Immediately saw a big fellow roar to kill the rate of people rushed to Wang Ye. "Wang Tai!" He roared! Kill! Another big fellow had to rate the rest of the people. As soon as they swept out, there was a symphony of explosions and screams in front of them, and the flesh and blood were accompanied by the bodies flying, and they were shocked and weak! They braked suddenly. Wang Ye then went all out to come. Wang Tai was so frightened that he fled to the right front in a hurry. The rest of the people see the wise and think alike and want to go with them. "Be bold!" He roared. With a bang, he had killed eight people who had fled. Wang Tai fled to the depths of the forest without looking back. The rest of the nearly hundred people can not help but hesitate. Seeing this, Wang Ye immediately split two palms at Shaquan. Guo Jian Sha Quan nervously withdrew from the forest. Wang Ye immediately dodged. A palm force rolls to the evil palm first. As soon as he fell into the trap, he could not help feeling ashamed and angry! He immediately moved to the right. Wang Ye followed closely and split out two palms. Shazhang knew that he could not avoid it, so he pounded his fists vigorously. With a bang, the evil palm breathed. He couldn't help taking two big steps back. Wang Ye, however, did not retreat, but instead advanced to split two hands. The evil fist hurriedly pounded a punch, then flashed to the outside. With a bang, he was retreating. Wang Ye then even split unceasingly. The skill of the mountain will cover the disease unceasingly! As soon as the evil fist saw that it could not be avoided, it split with one fist. With a bang, the energy rolled out. Wang Ye's upper body is shaking! But the evil fist has been stuffy hum even retreat. With a bang, he crashed into the carriage and immediately bled from the corners of his mouth. Wang Ye then took the opportunity to split unceasingly! Shaquan dodged three more strokes, then the fork was forced to block a palm,pump tube, only to hear a bang, he screamed, and then flew to the rear like a broken kite. The blood will reflect the rainbow with the sunshine. He fell on his back as soon as he hit the ground with a bang. emptycosmetictubes.com


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