I am pickled cabbage and you are fish.

To tell you the truth, Guan Guan, after I send this, there are only a few words left in the manuscript. There are a lot of things about the paper these two days.

To tell you the truth, Guan Guan, after I send this, there are only a few words left in the manuscript. There are a lot of things about the paper these two days. You can wait for me for four or five days. Let me do my own thing while coding out the plot in my mind, OK? Cover your face and leave. 1 Section 19 "What?" Zhu Meng's mellow voice rose an octave, his eyes were so sharp that he seemed to be a new person. He trembled so much that Ye Peipei shrank. "Miss Ye, make things clear. Why did Xie Yingzi fight with someone?" Ye Peipei and Liu Lan looked at each other, trembling to say probably, but did not point out the name of the heroine, smart people look, know that Liu Lan is crying swollen eyes. But hazy, it is more appropriate than to uncover that layer of gauze, but now the situation is that Xie Yingzi usurps the heroine's part in the play and comes out of the political arena again to prepare for a big killing. Zhu Meng's lips were tight, and his eyes seemed to be brewing a terrible wave. God knows what kind of trouble this woman, who only has strength but not brain cells, would make. A little worried, he threw the document into Ye Peipei's hand, "You get off work.". No one is allowed to say anything about it. With that, he walked out of the office quickly with a sullen face. When the tough woman rushed to the website department on the fifth floor, only a few people were left in the refrigerator office, and a fat man with his legs crossed was holding the phone and swearing. Where is Zheng Nuanyang? Off duty? The female hooligan is full of arrogance. Small. Miss, who is it? The fat man put down the phone and was shocked by the fierce woman who fell from the sky and stared at her. I do justice for heaven. Came forward, "Pa" patted the table,cosmetic plastic tube, patted the fat man's face shaking, "said, where is Zheng? Home address? Report it all to me. 'Him. He should be across the street at Burson Coffee. Okay. It seems that someone said to wait for him there. Xie Yingzi mercilessly stared at the trembling fat man and dropped a sentence, "You are sensible," and left like the wind. In the endless stream of people after work, behind the tall girl who strode, followed by the small girl who trotted all the way. Zhu Meng, who had long hands and feet,empty cosmetic tubes, asked an obviously frightened fat man in the website department, and knew that Xie Yingzi had just left, and immediately walked quickly towards Boya Coffee. Stepping into the elegant and westernized Boya coffee, the aroma of coffee lingers on the tip of the nose, the music of Shuya saxophone permeates every corner, and there is a familiar and loud woman's voice in the middle, which is not like the soft drizzle of other women, nor the flattery he often hears. At this moment, this woman is so real that it is a little nerve-racking. Quietly approaching, hidden behind the artificial shrubs with huge leaves, his hands were full, and he could not see his expression in the shadows. The waitress who passed by saw an elegant and handsome man standing in the corner. Just as he was about to make a sound, he smiled and raised his index finger to his mouth to make a "shush" sound. The charm shocked the little girl. She was so ashamed that she smiled and nodded away. 。 "The man surnamed Zheng is dressed like a man. Oh, he drinks coffee. It's so strange. Even his heart is black." "Miss, do I know you?" The voice of the refrigerator, like the person, polyfoil tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, is calm and polite. Oh, I don't have the honor to meet you, Engineer Zheng. You are a busy man. You have to date at work, date after work, and even date overtime. To deal with so many women, you should take care of yourself. Be careful to overuse it now, and be in a hurry to change your kidney when you are old. Miss, I don't know you. I think you misunderstood something. If there is nothing else, please leave. At this time, a waiter came forward to persuade Yingzi to leave, and Lala's shrill voice appeared and disappeared, but was swallowed up by a loud voice. "I'm here to consume, too. Why should I go?"? Go, give me two blue mountain coffee, let's also learn from some people, drink the intestines and hearts black and harm the world. Go, go, go. Can't you see? I'm also a cultural person. I don't fight. "What is the name of this young lady?" The woman sitting opposite the refrigerator opened her mouth delicately. "I won't change my name, I won't change my name." "Sister Yingzi, let's go." What are you going to do? I haven't had my coffee yet. What's the hurry. Zheng, you usually pretend to be Joan of Arc, so that's what you are. I advise you to read more about the Three Obediences and Four Virtues and learn from the ancients from one to the end. Tough women have confused gender, one "Lao Niang", but the core idea is expressed clearly. "And this young lady, we are all female compatriots, I will be kind to you.". The man sitting opposite you, at best, has a better skin. These days, good-looking men are all human bombs, and there is no discussion about bombing you. Only when a man is ugly can he be reliable, just like buying life-long insurance and never worrying about it. All right, I'll stop here. I won't bother you two. Goodbye. "Thank you for your advice, young lady. I'll think about it." Xie Yingzi, a small village girl, nodded with satisfaction, stared at Zheng Nuanyang, who was silent and black-faced, and pulled Lala to the cash register with great momentum. Just as she was elated, the pure aroma of coffee in the air reminded her and asked casually, "Lala, do you have any money?" Yang Lala's fluffy head shook into a rattle. No, did you bring it? "I don't have a dime on me." “。” "Sister Yingzi, why don't you speak? We'll be thrown out." Lala glanced nervously. What are you arguing about? It's a big deal. At the worst, you go back to get the money, and I'll be a hostage here. The posture is high profile, and the arrogance has been reduced by half. They walked to the cash register with a smile. Xie Yingzi raised her head and held out her chest. She put her hands in her pockets. With a guilty conscience, she used to put her hands in her pockets. The waitress knew that the woman who had just finished the scene must not be offended. With a professional and elegant smile, she first opened her mouth, "Two young ladies, a gentleman has paid the bill for you,aluminium laminated tube, and the coffee has been taken away by him." "Where is he?" "The gentleman has just left." Yingzi and Lala looked at each other in confusion. Sister Yingzi, did a man suddenly fall in love with you when you were angry just now? A quick, ruthless and accurate fried chestnut hit her so hard that she cried out in pain. Xie Yingzi made her white. "Go back and burn all your love novels. You have poisoned people to such an extent." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com


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