Doomsday commander

Things are never as simple as they imagined. When they came between the 13th and 14th floors, an uninvited guest appeared in front of them.

Things are never as simple as they imagined. When they came between the 13th and 14th floors, an uninvited guest appeared in front of them. Long Ying, who saw the crawler for the first time, panicked and followed Lingyun closely. Lingyun guessed that Long Ying might not have seen the crawler. She said a little gently, "The crawler is an evolutionary species of zombies. Most people are afraid of him. They are fast, have medium strength, and their eyes degenerate. They distinguish things according to the thermal system.". I could easily kill him. Lingyun's words are very simple, but also very reassuring. The flashlight on Lingyun's gun shone on the climber on the stairs, and his tongue stretched very fast, indicating that he was in a state of excitement. It smelled the smell of fresh humans and sensed that the two men were under it. From its experience of hunting humans, humans are very fragile and easy to kill, and there is nothing to take into account. The crawler was gathering strength, intending to swoop on the two humans in front of him. At the moment of its jump, Lingyun's gun fired, and the dragon next to it took the eagle of death, aimed at the crawler, and fired four shots in a row. The crawler in midair is like the meat of the chopping board, which is cut by Lingyun and Longying. The bullet's lethality knocked the crawler's flesh off piece by piece, and he was shot no less than five times in the head. The huge momentum of the bullet also bounced it back to its original position, falling to the ground and pumping, motionless for a while. When the two men were ready to continue walking,stesweet stevia, there was a slight sound of footsteps upstairs. Looking at the top, it was Lingyun's eight men who came. Fully equipped to come to Lingyun in front of a unanimous salute. Ling Yun says: "You pour good, I finish a thing to just come, reaction how slow." The special forces did not retort, and they were full of self-reproach. Lingyun himself knew why it was so late. M4B2 added a silencer, the gunfire was very low, not far away,jujube seed powder, and the special forces were on the roof, so they could not hear it. If it wasn't for Long Ying Ying's death eagle shooting. They really didn't know that Lingyun had gone to save people. Lingyun's voice softened and said, "Next time, pay attention to it. Bring up the rear for two people. The others are ready to pack up their things and set out immediately.". The location will be discussed later. "Yes." The special forces answered neatly. Chapter 28 the secret base of the Dragon Family. Updated July 28, 2011 11:50:37 Words: 3262 The Dragon Family, the largest family in the country, is above the black and white families, and its status is unshakable. The history of the Dragon Family has been recorded since the Xia and Shang Dynasties, and the rise and fall of countless Dynasties have the shadow of the Dragon Family. They have mysterious internal skills, which is the main reason why they control the rise and fall of the Dynasty! After the zombie incident, the number of the dragon family to its 40%. Huge family, suddenly shrank a lot, after all, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. There are a lot of people who have escaped to the secret base. More than 1000 backbone and collateral members of the Longjia family died, leaving more than 600 people to escape successfully. The family's loyal guard is to 13000, carnosic acid price ,fenugreek saponins, many people came to the secret base, there are many military and political officials, as well as all kinds of scientists, scholars, engineers. So many people in the secret base is not crowded at all, but also seems a little sparse. How big do you want to be? Isn't it very difficult to build such a huge base? It's easy to find? If the base is on the surface of the earth, it is easy to find. It is wonderful because it is built underground. This secret base was built, processed and expanded by the ancestors of the Dragon family. Every generation of Longjia people will perfect the base and reach the highest level of contemporary science and technology. Therefore, the internal facilities of the secret base are super first-class, self-sufficient living materials, and the military industry is almost complete. It is rich in materials and advanced weapons and equipment. This secret base is in the town of Xiaolan. National economic capacity among the small towns, with a number of listed companies, the well-known Lanju mosquito incense will be the source here, the 2008 Olympic torch production here. The town is close to the coastal area, the temperature is suitable and the environment is good. Local people love to help others, per capita GDP exceeds the per capita GDP of Guangdong Province, achieving a well-off life in an all-round way, and initially implementing 12-year compulsory education. Far away in Chengdu, a Black Hawk helicopter flew toward Xiaolan Town. The people on the plane are not Lingyun. Who else are they? After boarding the plane, the first thing Long Yingying did was to beg Lingyun to send her to her family's secret base. Lingyun looked at Long Yingying a pitiful look, resistance greatly reduced, nodded yes. In fact, Lingyun wants to know where the secret base of the dragon family is. He had heard of the dragon family for a long time, but he did not expect that the dragon was a member of the dragon family. From her words, we can see that her father and mother's family status is not low, and her grandfather is the head of the family. This is strange, Lingyun asked Long Yingying curiously: "Your position in the family should not be low?"? "Your family called more than 10 guards to rescue you is a question asked from time to time, why not to rescue you?" This question brought tears to Long Yingying's eyes. With tears in her eyes, she said, "The family is very realistic. Those who can't practice internal skills are useless. The family looks down on them. Although I am the granddaughter of the head of the family, I can't practice internal skills because of my physical problems.". Family status fell again and again, do not want to see their eyes, I came out alone to make a living. The family's Council of Elders restricted Grandpa from letting anyone come to rescue me. Whoo, whoo.. With that, Long Ying cried even more sadly. Lingyun was so helpless that he took out a tissue from his pocket and passed it to Long Ying. Her tears got worse. A moment of dumbfounded Lingyun did not know how to do, looked up at the special forces around. Found that this group of dead boys look at heaven and earth, when can not see. When a girl is sad, it is a good idea for a boy to give her a strong shoulder. This law of chasing girls is used by Lingyun. I saw Lingyun's big hand lying on his own shoulder, Long Ying Ying felt a strong smell of men, warm shoulders to give the heart a sense of security. This is a sense of security that I haven't felt for so many years. Long Yingying, who was physically and mentally tired, was sleeping soundly on Lingyun's right shoulder. Lingyun's right hand also hugged the shoulder of the dragon, felt the weak skin, made Lingyun a burst of desire, but fortunately controlled. All the people on the plane, except the pilot,turmeric extract powder, fell asleep. The special soldier fell asleep next to the cabin with his clothes on his body and his gun on his hand. Lingyun squints his eyes to conserve energy, he can not sleep, it can be said that there is no sleepiness.


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