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'Roar- 'Each ice dragon is mixed with a thunderous momentum, and the roar makes the thousands of feet of fire clouds on the Flaming Mountain have a tendency to loosen, the power of five dragons.

'Roar- 'Each ice dragon is mixed with a thunderous momentum, and the roar makes the thousands of feet of fire clouds on the Flaming Mountain have a tendency to loosen, the power of five dragons. The force is so! No matter how powerful Bijia Ziyi is. It's impossible to escape the five dragons this time, you know. It was originally ground by us for most of the day, and then fought a fierce battle with the ghost, and the ice dragon was born with the "nature" to overcome it, if the green armor purple is not dead, it is really the legendary immortal body. Seeing the five ice dragons facing their own rush, Bijia Purple seems to be stunned, even silly that does not dodge, see the ice dragon is about to rush to its front, is it scared silly, or resigned? Impossible, such a one, how can be captured without a fight, my heart immediately flashed a bad idea, but do not know what is wrong. The five ice dragons were all attacking with the determination to win, but the result was not expected at all. The five ice dragons all seemed to hit the air. They immediately turned around and looked around,lycopene for skin, only to find that the green armor purple had just flashed under them for a moment, where they were making a sarcastic look at the ice dragon. The ice dragon originally is the heart arrogant fellow, there allows the green armor purple to tease like this, immediately aimed at it to rush past! "Not good!" From the ghost suddenly shouted: "Boy, hurry up, hurry up to call you those guys to stop, quickly!" " I had some doubts in my heart,tannic acid astringent, and when I heard the ghost say so, I hurriedly urged the order to make the ice dragons obey my orders, but it didn't work at all. Ice dragons are just forcibly summoned by dragon blades. They just have basic wisdom. They can't understand the difficult wisdom commands at all. Besides, they are all angry by Bijia Purple. Naturally, they can't obey my orders. See the green armor purple one jump, unexpectedly straight toward the heart of the earth in the eyes of the fire into. I don't need to leave the ghost to explain. I also know that the problem is troublesome. The eye of fire in the center of the earth is the most prosperous place in the world. When the ice dragon enters, what kind of harm it will cause is beyond people's imagination. It's over! The ghost shouted hysterically. It's a pity that no one cares about it now. Besides, even if we have the heart, we don't have any ability! In an instant, the first ice dragon aimed at the eye of fire in the heart of the earth and rushed in. Although the power of the ice dragon is very huge, but to the heart of the fire eye, or a little too weak, the ice dragon rushed down and was quickly melted. It's as if it never happened. But through such a medium as the land of the ice dragon, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,phycocyanin spirulina, the golden "color" light of the eye of fire in the center of the earth flourished in an instant, more than doubling the original radius of only Zhang Xu. Ice dragons are not afraid, they can not have fear genes in their bones except arrogance, so the first ice dragon was instantly melted, and the next four did not make any pause or retreat, but all plunged in. 'Click. Click.. ' Of course, there is no doubt that the ice dragon was melted by the eye of fire in the center of the earth, but it also caused damage to the pattern here. Even if the ice dragon is ten times more powerful, it is impossible to damage the eye of fire in the center of the earth, because the eye of fire in the center of the earth is also transformed by the Southern Heaven and Earth Vein, unless it reaches the realm of Sun Wukong, it is possible to destroy here. But the ice dragon can't destroy the eye of fire in the center of the earth. But they can destroy the surrounding veins! You should know that the eye of fire in the center of the earth is the vein of the earth, and the temper is not very good. The reason why it has not broken out here for so many years is mainly because it is surrounded by the mountains next to it. So that it can only vent in that square and round place. And such a big square and round atmosphere makes the whole flame mountain terrain change, and also makes it produce a thousand feet of fire clouds. Now the earth vein near the eye of fire has been completely destroyed, and the surging atmosphere that has been accumulated for thousands of years is about to burst out in an instant. Run fast From the face of the ghost "color" has changed, although it is the southern fire God beast, but the power of the lava in the center of the earth is so great that even it can not guarantee whether it can escape completely when it erupts. We are not fools. How can we not see that the state is not right. Originally, the eye of fire in the center of the earth had turned into a circle nearly one acre in size, and looking at the flowing golden light above, it seemed that it would erupt all the time. From the ghost this guy directly spread his wings to the thousand feet of fire cloud flew past, now really burst out of the south fire rosefinch that is known as the speed of the world, the blink of an eye disappeared. Shit! This bastard, it is running fast, what should we do, you know, it must be too late to run out of the cave now. "Let's pay attention.". Don't miss it! On top of the ruins. Bai Yidu is directing all the subordinates of the'Second Heaven 'to sort out these'chaotic' stones. The landslide last time caused the Second Heaven to lose a lot of strength. More than half of the players dropped out. The most important thing is not to drop the level, but to drop the equipment. Like these guys in the second heaven, the general level is only between 50 and 60. If you drop one level and work hard for two or three days, you will come back. It's no big deal. But the equipment is not the same, the eastern continent of heaven and earth have been open for several years, to this time there are only fifty or sixty guys, are generally some of the owners of little money, one or two pieces of the best equipment for them, much more important than the level. Last time the second heaven was to kill B, so all the members put on good equipment. At that time, so many people died before they had time to clean up the battlefield, they were all crushed to death by the landslide. As a result, thousands of pieces of equipment were burst out. What is the concept of thousands of pieces of equipment for such a popular society as the Second Heaven? It is even more shocking than hanging a nuclear weapon in front of your house! However, the initiator, the second young man, ran away after he was resurrected. I can't find him now. If I see him now, he will tear up the second young man. No way,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, the people who ran away could not be caught back, but the second heaven would continue to operate, so I had to send all the people in the gang to the Valley of Ten Thousand Snakes.


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