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I, on the other hand, can only drag my wounds to watch the battle that I personally participated in but could not talk to others.

I, on the other hand, can only drag my wounds to watch the battle that I personally participated in but could not talk to others. My God, you don't look well today. Are you all right? Ou Ya on the left obviously noticed that my face was a little pale at this time, and asked politely. It's all right. I've had some bad stomachs recently. I'll be fine after two days'rest. I can only continue to answer with the reasons I made up during the day. I said, how can you pretend to be ill when you have such a sense of collective honor? Captain, you can see clearly that his face is definitely not faked now. Ricci heard my conversation with Ou Ya and looked at me, then grabbed my injured left arm and said to Ling Xue next to me. Richie's little hand didn't work hard, but it just caught the wound during the day, which made me sweat on my forehead, but I couldn't cry out the pain, otherwise it would be hard to explain if they saw the wound. Report, I have a stomachache. I have to leave for five minutes. To get rid of Ricci's left arm, I said loudly, then got up and ran outside with my stomach in my hands. A few minutes later, when I came back here again, the screen had begun to play, and the black body of my battle video during the day was splitting the body of the blood dragon in half. Although the team members saw this move during the day, they were still excited to clap their hands at this time. About ten minutes later, the video of the battle was over, and then the picture on the big screen turned and two men appeared,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, a young combatant and a hero in everyone's eyes today, Major Jason. Damn old man, Now he is wearing my bloodstained combat uniform, and his left arm has a big bandage, which is a return from injury during the day. Let's invite the hero of the battle, Major Jason, the glory of the Crimson Empire, to explain his feelings at that time. Major Jason was injured in the battle. For a mecha driver,saw palmetto extract, arms and eyes are the most important. However, for today's temporary program, he gave up the injury and postponed the treatment. Let's wish Major Jason a speedy recovery. The war correspondent looked at the old major with an adoring look on his face. I am a mecha soldier of the Crimson Empire. For a soldier, the greatest honor is to fight on the battlefield. Although my left arm is injured today, "the old major said, slowly lifting his bandaged left arm and pausing," I will never give up my enthusiasm for fighting. When my wound is healed, I will go to the battlefield again. For the glory of the Crimson Empire. Major Jason, why did you run alone into thousands of enemy troops? Aren't you afraid of death? Asked the war correspondent on the screen. Afraid, I am afraid of death, but my personal life and death and the victory of the whole battle is not important, at that time our morale, and my position is the nearest to the enemy, as a battle-tested general, ghana seed extract ,ghana seed extract, of course, to be the first to fight into the enemy. At that time, I had given up my life and death, and all I could think about was the victory of the whole battlefield. The old major on the screen answered with a righteous face. Members of squad 16 listen, Major Jason is a model for us to learn from. Hearing Major Jason's words on the screen, Captain Ling Xue was obviously touched and immediately said to our team members. Jason is definitely a mecha hero. If he were thirty years younger, no, twenty years younger, I would definitely consider marrying him. After watching the live broadcast, Ou Ya beside him also said like a nymphomaniac. Shameless old guy, I go all out during the day, at night, he actually wrapped a bandage, said a few words in the base program, and became everyone's hero. I sighed in my heart, but considering my own safety, I didn't dare to tell the truth. Chapter 59 Virtual Training Three days later, at noon, in the scarlet base. The wretched old major Jason walked in front with an upright face and a straight back. I followed him. The male soldiers and senior officers passing by all cast respectful eyes on the old major who had just defeated the Black Dragon Empire and the strongest mecha warrior Blood Dragon of Hades. Many female soldiers passing by all looked at the old soldier of the Crimson Empire with a strong military breath. With a look of enjoyment, the old major took me to an advanced mecha training room with military steps. When the door of the training room was closed and only the old major and I were left in the whole advanced training room, the righteousness on the old major's face turned into wretchedness in an instant, and his back bowed down. Boy, I'll teach you right now. Don't stare at me with that kind of eyes. It's scary. I have a bad heart. In fact, let you pretend to be me to fight against the blood dragon, but also to help you hide your identity, you should thank me, do not be blinded by superficial phenomena. Come on, we immediately carry out the mecha simulation training, choose to fight against the body, I and you a team, against the enemy set out by the program, I first look at your long-range mecha control strength, and then in the mecha simulation trainer, while teaching, while training you. Old man, I am great. My father taught me that way, my grandfather taught my father that way, and I taught my son that way. Remember what you promised me, old man, to teach me long-range mecha. By the way, is your whole family mecha fighters? I heard the old man's words and asked curiously, thinking that it seemed that mecha training really needed to be taught to learn some special skills. Of course, my family has excellent genes. My grandfather is a super long-range sniper mecha pilot. Of course, he died long ago. My father was a good fighter pilot, and he was killed. I'm an excellent melee, submersible airframe pilot. My son is also an excellent submersible airframe pilot, but when it comes to my granddaughter Feng Xiner,turmeric extract powder, our family's glorious war history is stuck. Therefore, I have decided to let Xiner marry a mecha master and continue our family's mecha myth. After the wretched old man finished speaking, he put on a big POSS and began to be narcissistic again. I grabbed the old man by the collar and put him into the egg-shaped virtual controller.


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