Thunderbolt Rose

Huo Xiuyun shook her head and said with a smile, "I don't know, but I see that every morning Lu Yuru must kneel down to the wax figure of the'Wind and Dust Madman 'and kowtow four times respectfully.

Huo Xiuyun shook her head and said with a smile, "I don't know, but I see that every morning Lu Yuru must kneel down to the wax figure of the'Wind and Dust Madman 'and kowtow four times respectfully. Then she stands up and curses the wax figure in a low voice with a ferocious expression and gnashing of teeth." When Xia Tianxiang heard this, he had already concluded that the two old men with long hair in yellow clothes were eager to meet Li Qingkuang, but he could not guess what kind of enmity they had? By this time, Yuchi Qiao, the "three-handed Lu Ban," had finished his work. As soon as he woke up, he opened his eyes slightly and saw Xia Tianxiang and Huo Xiuyun walking slowly side by side. He shouted with a smile, "Miss Huo, why did you stay so long in the Jiangxue Cave? It almost made your brother Xiang very anxious! When Huo Xiuyun heard this, she took an affectionate look at Xia Tianxiang and kept silent with a smile. Xia Tianxiang thought that his first priority at present was to immediately go to the place where the "Wushan Fairy" flowers were like snow on Chaoyun Peak of Wushan Mountain to find Zhongsun Feiqiong to explain the misunderstanding, otherwise the longer the time, the more effort it would take. But if you want to explain the misunderstanding to Zhongsun Feiqiong, you must separate from Huo Xiuyun, and you can't be together again. Huo Xiuyun is innocent and graceful. How can you make her happy to return to Emei alone, so as not to make up with that one, which has already caused this one's sad jealousy. Wei Chi happened to see Xia Tianxiang suddenly furrowed his eyebrows and bowed his head thoughtfully. He was surprised and asked, "Why does Xia Laodi have a sad face? Is it possible that Miss Huo is in the Jiangxue Cave and has something to do with her heart?" Xia Tianxiang looked slightly at Huo Xiuyun and said with a smile, "She is so popular. She lived in the Jiangxue Cave for three days. Not only did she receive the hospitality of the two old men with long hair in yellow clothes, but she also became good friends with Lu Yuru. She ate a lot of elixirs and learned three magic swordsmanship. It was too late to be happy. How could there be such a thing?" Wei Chiqiao said with a smile,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, "Brother Xia, you looked so pale just now. You clearly had something on your mind." Xia Tianxiang answered casually, "I was thinking about how we should go in the future." Yuchi Qiao nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, yes, yes, we have a lot of responsibilities on our shoulders. We should inform the three factions of Luofu,jujube seed powder, Shaolin and Wudang, as well as other prominent Wulin figures.." At this point, Xia Tianxiang paused and said with a smile, "My brother, I respect my teacher, the sorceress Huangfu of Beiming. You'd better tell her. If the sorceress Huangfu can drive Qilian on February 16 next year, she will surely destroy a lot of demons." Xia Tianxiang was inspired by Yuchi Qiao, so he winked at him and said with a smile, "We have a lot of roads to run. In order to gain time, it seems that we have to split up before we have time." Yuchi Qiaoping had the most tricks, and he was a very clever person. When he saw Xia Tianxiang winking at him, he guessed that he was going to find Zhongsun Feiqiong alone. He nodded knowingly and said with a smile, "Brother Xia is right. This announcement of the world's martial arts figures really has to be done separately. I've already thought about how to do it." From Yuchi Qiao's mysterious smile, Xia Tianxiang saw that the elf-like elder had already guessed his own thoughts and must have made appropriate arrangements. He asked with a smile, "What do you think of the elder?" Yuchi Qiaoguai rolled her eyes slightly and grinned at Xia Tianxiang and said, akba boswellic acid ,lutein eye complex, "Miss Huo and I will go back to Emei first to see what her master Diancang saw during his trip, and report everything about Qilian to Xuan Xuan Xianmu.". If you can meet with Sai Lao Monster and'Lingbo Jade Girl 'Chai Wugou, you will go to the southeast together and inform the two factions of Luofu and Shaolin, as well as the Wulin figures along the way. Xia Tianxiang saw that Yuchi Qiaoguo had already understood his mind. "What about me?" He asked with a grateful smile. Yuchi said with a smile, "There are many of us, and we have a heavy responsibility. You are only single. You are only responsible for informing the Wudang Sect and your master, the sorceress Huangfu. The rest can act as an expedient." Xia Tianxiang nodded to himself with a smile, but Huo Xiuyun said with a smile, "Elder Yuchi, can you make a slight change to this plan?" Wei Chiqiao said with a smile, "How does Miss Huo want to change the law?" Huo Xiuyun looked at Xia Tianxiang with deep affection and said with a smile, "The elder went to Emei alone. Tell my master, and I will go with my brother Xiang." Hearing these words, Xia Tianxiang felt both warm and nerve-racking. He could not help staring at Huo Xiuyun, frowning and smiling bitterly. Seeing this, Yuchi Qiao hurried to Xia Tianxiang's rescue. "Miss Huo," she said with a smile, "your brother Xiang's master, 'The Sorceress of Beiming,' Huangfu Cui, has a very strange temper. If you let him see his master alone and tell him euphemistically about becoming brother and sister with you, he won't be scolded." Huo Xiuyun pursed her lips and said, "My master allowed me to recognize him as his elder brother, but why didn't his master recognize me as his younger sister?" Wei Chiqiao really felt that Huo Xiuyun was so naive and lovely that she said with a smile, "Otherwise, how could Huangfu Cui, the'sorceress of Beiming ', be recognized as the most difficult person in the martial arts world?" The wording of this sentence was so wonderful that Huo Xiuyun heard it until her eyes were slightly red. She said sadly to Xia Tianxiang with tears in her eyes, "Brother Xiang, so we must be separated." When Xia Tianxiang saw Huo Xiuyun's sad expression, he couldn't help but feel ecstatic in his heart. But because he had never taken her to Wushan Mountain and Yunfeng to look for Zhongsun Feiqiong, he had to say with a smile, "a little farewell. Why is Yun Mei so sad?"? We shall be together again on the sixteenth of February next year at the latest, or we may even be together, and perhaps we shall meet in advance. When Huo Xiuyun heard this, she smiled sadly, and her expression was extremely charming. She saw Xia Tianxiang, the charming little swordsman, frowning with his sword eyebrows, and she loved him very much in her heart. Seeing this, Yuchi Qiao laughed and said, "If you want to get together, leave first. If you don't leave, don't get together.". Miss Huo, let your brother Xiang go back to Beiming to visit the sorceress Huangfu, and ask her to deal with the two long-haired old people in yellow clothes,naringenin price, which may save a catastrophe in Wulin. We should also rush back to Emei and report everything to your master. Huo Xiuyun had no choice but to wave to Xia Tianxiang with tears in her eyes, and left sadly with Wei Chiqiao, the "third-handed Lu Ban".


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