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Seeing that the golden light was about to penetrate Zhao Yun's body, suddenly there was a red light coming first, which could block the extreme killing and smash the golden ball. The group of heroes found out that it was Master Lingsu who punished Zhao Yun himself.

"Beep ~ beep ~!" The exciting bugle sounded suddenly, and then the dust was flying ahead. A tiger troops quickly toward cai close to come over, the distance is slightly closer, the front of the team of a light blue flag on the words can be identified-a big "" word. Cai has never been so eager to see good! Reinforcements have arrived! …… Although the dissatisfaction of cai, but good after all still can't rest assured that more than twenty thousand military forces. As a last resort, Liang left a thousand people stationed in Xichang, also carried the division in the direction of the new direction. At the same time, Liang also sent an emissary to Zhang Fei's army and invited him to March together. Leading as the vanguard of the text, suddenly found the dust flying ahead, seems to have a large group of military forces rushed over, hurry to good report. Liang felt that the situation was not good. On the one hand, he ordered the army to postpone the March and prepare to fight in array, and on the other hand, he followed Wen Pin to the vanguard to observe the situation. The man in front seems to be Cai Du, and there are a large group of people chasing them behind him. Wen Pin was sharp-eyed, saw the situation on the opposite side, and hurriedly reported to the good. What Conscience suddenly sank, vaguely guessing what had happened. But some can't believe it-just one day, cai will not be a quick defeat! "Zhong Ye, Cai, how many people are left?"? How many rear pursuers are there? Liang asked in a hurry. Although Liang is well versed in military affairs, he has never experienced much real fighting. Cai Du has at most a thousand people around him! Wen Pin carefully observed the degree of dust flying and said in a deep voice, "I'm afraid there are no less than 3000 pursuers in the rear!" Good angry almost want to vomit blood-more than twenty thousand troops with cai,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, unexpectedly left less than one thousand people. Good really think impassability, what did cai do, would defeat so thoroughly! …… "Brother, help me!"! Brother, save me. Cai no longer care about the past discord, like grasping a life-saving straw. One side of the horse toward the good army rushed past. While screaming for help. Cai behind 6, 700 Jingzhou soldiers also seemed to go crazy toward the reinforcements. By this time, the pursuers were less than a hundred paces away from them! "Zi Ming,calcium nitrate sol, the opportunity to defeat the enemy is now.". As long as cai remnants of the army will be good army array, we take advantage of the situation, Jingzhou army is bound to bomb camp, our army is expected to win. "Zhu ran hurriedly said to Lv Meng." All right, attack! "Lv Meng looked equally excited and answered in a loud voice." The army of the viceroy is about to arrive, our army will win today! Zhu ran raised his broadsword and roared, "All the soldiers, follow me to break the enemy!" "Break the enemy and rush into battle." Lv Meng raised his broadsword three times. He shouted three times in a row and then rushed forward. Beep ~ beep ~! The horn bugle sounded, inspired the foot soldiers of the Sun army to charge the enemy. "That's not good!" Wen Pin quickly met the intention of the enemy, said in a hurry, "Ren Cai Du's people rushed over, our army array will be scattered, if the enemy seize the opportunity to attack, I'm afraid it's hard to resist.". The rear formation has not yet been deployed. Once the forward is frustrated and retreats, "it is bound to bomb the camp!"! So our army will be in danger! “……” Good slightly a thought, flatly shouted way, caustic calcined magnesite ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, "quickly make cai retreat to both sides, don't want to collide with the army!" Front row foot soldiers under the leadership of the hired, shout loudly, let cai and others don't want to come straight. But cai how to listen to go on, the rear pursuers are getting closer and closer, a little hesitation will fall into the enemy. Command the archers to prepare to kill the enemy, not to mention the enemy! "The army must not be disorderly," Liang ordered cruelly. However, it was too late at the moment, Cai and his party were within 50 paces, and the archers of the good army did not dare to attack "Vice Viceroy Cai" even if they took the arrow to the string. Come on, escort the viceroy back quickly! Wen Pin knew that the melee was inevitable, so he urgently ordered people to take Liang to a safe place, "beat the drum, sound the bugle, and engage!" "Kill!" Lv Meng, Zhu ran led almost after the cai tail, rushed into the good army. The melee begins! …… Lv Meng, Zhu ran brave tiger, led his foot soldiers in Jingzhou army in the middle of the east and west, fighting like crazy. Lv Meng, Zhu Ran these 5, 6000 people, is the most elite foot soldiers carefully selected from the remaining Sun Jun. Moreover, before the war, Ge Qu, Tun Duwei, and Jun Sima had already said to these foot soldiers, "This battle is the only hope of winning. If you want to live, you have to fight to the death to defeat the enemy!" These foot soldiers also broke out unprecedented fighting power, brandishing their weapons, entangled with the enemy soldiers. As Wen Pin was worried about, the entry of the remnant army of Cai immediately brought chaos to the army. The original complete formation was quickly disrupted, and what was more serious was that the mood of defeat was brought into the army by these lost soldiers. Defeated retreat, lead to other foot soldiers also want to retreat. The Jingzhou will roar again and again, want to clean up the mess. Wen Pin is an example, led hundreds of foot soldiers to fight with the enemy. In the chaos of the war, blood spattered up and stained the soldiers' armor and the earth. Mutilated bodies were flying everywhere, shouting and wailing. Wen Pin was entangled by Lv Meng for the first time, and the two men's blades were flying, and they fought so hard that it was too close to call. Zhu ran took the opportunity to lead a direct conflict in the depths of the Jingzhou army, intending to completely defeat the enemy. Although the number of Sun Jun foot soldiers was small, they took advantage of the chaos of the other side and were able to fight into an inextricable situation. As soon as Liang was escorted to Zhongjun, he ordered him to beat drums and sound trumpets to stabilize the morale of the troops. The thunderous sound of war drums and the impassioned sound of war bugles echoed in the sky. With the efforts of Liang and other generals, the chaos of the Jingzhou Army was gradually cleaned up, and the battlefield situation began to change in favor of the Jingzhou Army. Just then, Lv Meng, who had fallen behind, and Zhou Yu, who had fallen behind Zhu Ran, also led the army to the battlefield. Break the enemy! Zhou Yu pointed to the front of the flag in his hand and shouted in a slightly hoarse voice. With Zhou Yu's eyes,dap diammonium phosphate, it is easy to see that the war situation has reached a critical point, and the participation of his troops will directly determine the final victory or defeat. Kill! Waltman roar, when the first rushed into the mixed battlefield.

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