Cannon fodder wants to live.

Seeing that the golden light was about to penetrate Zhao Yun's body, suddenly there was a red light coming first, which could block the extreme killing and smash the golden ball. The group of heroes found out that it was Master Lingsu who punished Zhao Yun himself.

The village chief glanced at him and looked back at Zhang Yin'er, who had been dragged away by the village chief's daughter-in-law. Then he said, "Yin'er has been spoiled by me. In front of everyone, I sincerely apologize to Mr. Qi.". What happened today was purely a quarrel between Yin'er and me. She was talking nonsense about having a pregnant wife. You watched her grow up, too. How could she do these things, right? The village head's face still has a lot of people willing to give, Wen Yan immediately a few people echoed, said Zhang Yiner is a clever and sensible, is also a know courtesy, righteousness, honesty and shame, seduce a married man's things certainly will not do, must be her brain left nonsense, as a joke to listen to it. Seeing the village head like this, Baoqin couldn't bear it. The village head could be said to be very fair, with little selfishness. It could be seen from the tax grain collected a few days ago that the tax grain was only piled up in the shed at the entrance of the village from beginning to end, and he didn't take it back at all. In fact, if more than ten pounds, in order to hand in smoothly, no one will care about him. Although ten catties is not much, if every family has ten catties, the village head's family has a year's rations. Such a magnanimous person, now only for her daughter's fault in front of everyone sincerely thank, so many years he has never been sorry for anyone in the village. Tigress turned her eyes to Gu Yuelin and said, "Miss Gu, what happened today is really not right. You have a lot of.." Gu Yuelin is shy,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, Wen Yan waved his hand, "I'm not angry." The dramatic end of a forced marriage. Wait for the crowd to disperse, Gu family members continue to walk to the west of the village, Zhang Caixuan is a little anxious, delay such a long time, the food has long been cold, Qin Su Lin should be hungry. Zhang Caixuan tugged at Qin Sulin's sleeve and said, "Let's hurry up." Several people had no objection and went directly over Gu's family. I'd like to know what you said twice with Miss Zhang on the Xishan Trail. The voice of Gu Yuejing's questioning. Zhang Caixuan frowned and quickened her pace. Qi Han's voice then came, "the first time she said she picked up Yuelin's personal belongings, I naturally want to see her.". Who knows,potassium sulphate fertilizer, as soon as we met, she didn't know what it meant. She showed me her heart, and I immediately refused. Later that time, she deliberately stole my jade pendant, I just thought it was lost, but I didn't think she kept it for so long. In order not to be misunderstood, of course, I have to get my things back, otherwise I will never see her. Brother, I don't know about Yuelin. Don't you know? The tone is sincere and full of affection. Zhang Caixuan is a little clear, perhaps it is really possible that Qi Han said so, he again attracted bees and butterflies, also will not take a fancy to Zhang Yiner. It's not that Zhang Yiner is not good, but that the girls who grew up in the village are always a little worse in temperament and conversation. Rich childe from the capital, if really is a romantic, what kind of beauty has not seen. Not to mention anything else, only care about Yuelin and Zhang Yiner two people, the fool all know to choose Gu Yuelin. The most important thing is that Qi Han was able to settle down successfully because he married Gu Yuelin. These things only crossed in her heart, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Sulphate price, and did not pay attention to, at present for her, the most important thing is to hurry home, Qin Su must be hungry, and the sun, has not been breast-feeding for a long time. The scorching sun was now four months old, and Zhang Caixuan secretly planned to feed the chickens in the backyard well, and when he was older, she could give him egg custard. After saying goodbye to Baoqin, Zhang Caixuan hurried home and heated the meal with Qin Sulin. Thinking that she had been invited to the entrance of the village when she came back from the Western Hills today, she also sent some to Hu Che. Hu Che is more diligent now, before Qin Su Lin treated him cold, then Zhang Caixuan after giving birth to a child, Qin Su Lin will also let him do some chores, such as feeding horses and chickens, of course, after feeding these delayed time, he did not have to go to the Western Hills to cut firewood, just do odd jobs at home, such as cleaning the opposite Zhang Caixuan yard, sharpening a knife or something, not as tired as cutting firewood. But there is no free time. As soon as Zhang Maisheng went, there was no news at all, and the robbers had no news, so the villagers did not dare to go to the town at all. Lord Zhou's ban on Qingshan Village is actually of little use, because they don't go out. The weather is getting cooler and cooler, Qin Su Lin and Hu Che still go up the mountain to cut firewood, and they also have more Tu Liang and Jin Yi. Zhang Caixuan was a little surprised when Baoqin finally invited Jinyi. Because Jin Yi's leg is really lame. Nowadays, few people in the village will not care about his legs and ask him to work. This afternoon, the lazy sunshine fell on the yard. Zhang Caixuan was lying drowsily on the chair in the yard with her baby in her arms and a small quilt on her body. Hearing the knock on the door, she thought it was Tigress Niang. Recently, Tigress Niang often came to talk to her. It was nothing more than the village's guess about Zhang Maisheng's safety and the brocade Niang's body and worries. When she saw Gu Yuelin, who didn't even bring a servant girl at the door, Zhang Caixuan was surprised, "Miss Gu." What are you doing here? Finish saying, Zhang Caixuan feels too straightforward, get along with Qin Su Lin, do not need to conceal at all, want to say what to say, the day is long, she also used to. Gu Yuelin looked as if she hadn't been married before. "Caixuan, can I come in?" She said with a smile. "Of course." Zhang Caixuan asked her to come in. On the chair in the courtyard, the scorching sun was sleeping soundly. Zhang Caixuan went to the kitchen to get tea and poured it for her. Then she asked, "What's the matter with Miss Gu?" It was really too obvious that Gu Yuelin wanted to speak and stopped. I Gu Yuelin bit her lip and said, "I want to ask you. Miss Zhang said the other day that you saw her talking to Qi Han." Zhang Caixuan looked at her eyebrows and eyes perturbed, once again recalled the situation of seeing them twice, in addition to a man and a woman alone, this is a bit ambiguous. In fact, there is nothing else, and she did hear Qi Han unceremoniously refused Zhang Yiner, saying that he already had a fiancee. Of course, hearing what others say, even if she has no intention, is always bad. Zhang Caixuan said with a smile, "I have seen it twice." Things have developed to the present, she is more inclined to Zhang Yiner deliberately calculated, deliberately let her see,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and then in front of the village people say, when her reputation is destroyed on Qi Han, then she can only marry Qi Han a way to go.

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