Legend of the Golden Melon

Just from the laughter he had just given out, he knew that the old beggar's martial

Just from the laughter he had just given out, he knew that the old beggar's martial arts had been perfected. He grinned, showed a mouthful of rhubarb teeth, and giggled at the people present. By this time, Zhang Xiaoshuang and Zhang Xiaoxue, the two daughters of Tianmo, had already moved their feet and were deeply blessed by the old beggar. They said in unison, "Foolish sisters, see Elder Xu." When Shui Xiaohua heard this, he thought to himself, "Is this man Xu Fei, the God of the universe mentioned by the master?"? The old beggar laughed and said, "Why are the two girls fighting with others here in their boy's clothes?"? Is your father here, too? Zhang Xiaoshuang said, "The foolish sisters came out with my second uncle. Yesterday I was told by my second uncle to track down a young girl in purple. I didn't want to meet them here." The old beggar looked at Ji Tianyun and then at Shui Xiaohua. "What's your name?" He asked. Shui Xiaohua hurriedly put the sword into the scabbard, grabbed the first half step, gave a deep salute, and said respectfully, "The younger generation is called Shui Xiaohua." Shui Xiaohua was about to ask him if he was Xu Fei, the God of the universe, when he was interrupted by the strange action of the old beggar. The old beggar said, "Are you Shui Xiaohua?"? Old man Jiao Yimin has a good eye. He hesitated a little, his face suddenly changed, and he shouted, "Well!"! Boy, leave your master seriously ill, but come here to fight with others. I'll beat your ass first. As he spoke, he jumped up and swung his bamboo stick. Really hit Shui Xiaohua's ass. This is where to start. Shui Xiaohua never dreamed that the old beggar would suddenly change his face and attack him. He felt that his bamboo stick was so powerful that it didn't seem to be a joke. He jumped up hurriedly and slanted out more than ten feet, saying, "Elder, please calm down for the time being. It's not too late to fight when the younger generation has explained." Lao Jiaohua was willing to listen. As soon as he saw Shui Xiaohua dodging,ultrasonic dispersion machine, he seemed to get even angrier. The bamboo stick followed him little by little. Then another stick swept him out and he shouted, "Hurrah!"! If you dare to escape, add twenty sticks to your ass. Shui Xiaohua was very respectful to his elders. Unexpectedly, he met this unreasonable old beggar today. He was angry and said that he was not. In addition, Zhang Xiaoxue was giggled by his strange movements. This made Shui Xiaohua even more embarrassed. He begged: "Elder, please stop first.." The following words have not been said, the bamboo stick has been swept to the side, hurriedly stopped talking and stepped back three steps. At this time, Shui Xiaohua has retreated to Ji Tianyun's side. Ji Tianyun told him in a low voice, "This is Xu Fei, the God of the universe. The old man has a strange temper. He fights with four elephants." When he had finished speaking, he immediately turned aside. The old beggar was possessed like a ghost, and the bamboo stick was pressed on his head again. Shui Xiaohua listened to Ji Tianyun's words and stopped dodging. As soon as he moved, he took a four-elephant serial step and deceived himself. Then, with his middle and index fingers, he pointed straight at the right arm of the old beggar holding the stick. This one action is fast unusual, ultrasonic molten metal ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, old beggar is startled, it is too late to avoid, urgent outstanding left hand, the right wrist that buckles water Xiaohua instead. Shui Xiaohua didn't want to fight with him, so he hurried to stop. The man had already flashed behind the old beggar and reached out to his side. Two people go back and forth, it is very lively. As soon as the old beggar saw his wonderful moves, he was so mysterious that he dared to be careless, so he quickly started the unique skill of the Beggars' Sect, the thirty-six dog-beating stick method, and fought with Shui Xiaohua. The old beggar is Xu Fei, who is famous in Wulin as a monster in the universe. In the woods, he saw the young man fighting with the two girls with strange footwork and strange moves, as if he had never seen them in Jianghu before. He could not help but wonder to himself and stopped to take a closer look. With such an experienced and experienced man, he could not see what way he came from and who he came from? After he appeared, he was even more surprised to hear that this young man was exactly the Shui Xiaohua he was looking for. He thought to himself, "Could it be that Jiao Yimin, who has lived in seclusion for more than ten years, has become a master again?"? A moment of childlike innocence, which forced Shui Xiaohua to make a move. Cosmic God Xu Fei's martial arts have reached the state of perfection, and the thirty-six types of dog-beating stick method is a unique skill in Wulin. When you see the shadow of the stick, the wind is blowing. Although he did not do his best, he had already made Shui Xiaohua feel that the wind of the stick was pressing. Thanks to the endless changes in the four-elephant footwork, he reluctantly took over Xu Fei's 36-style dog-beating stick. When he had finished his trick, the God of the Universe jumped back. Then he burst out laughing and said, "It's true that the waves behind the Yangtze River drive on the waves before. The old beggar just saw the rare learning today. Who taught you this?" Water Xiaohua a listen, originally the old beggar to try his martial arts, hurriedly grabbed the first step, deep gift, respectful tunnel: "It was the younger brother Ji Tianyun who taught me." As he spoke, he turned to Ji Tianyun and said, "Brother Ji, I've come to see Elder Xu." When Ji Tianyun heard this, he came over with a smile. He gave his hand to the God of the universe and said, "The little old man has never been bound by the law of etiquette. I hope you won't take it amiss if you don't know how to behave." As soon as Xu Fei, the God of the universe, heard this, he knew that although he was of the same generation as Shui Xiaohua, he did not want to lower his status. He concluded that this man must have never learned anything. With this set of footwork he taught Shui Xiaohua, he had never seen it before. He could not help looking at the hunchback carefully. Thought: Look at his age, not much younger than their own, how can never see this person? Although Xu Fei murmured to himself, he laughed and said, "The old beggar has met a bosom friend today. What I'm afraid of is politeness. With the words of your hunchback, the old beggar will make friends with you." Ji Tianyun burst out laughing and said, "You really live up to your reputation. The old beggar speaks quickly. If the old man can make such a straightforward friend as you, he will have to live at least ten more years." As soon as Shui Xiaohua saw the two strange old people meet, they looked like old friends for many years. They laughed and joked, and they couldn't help wondering. But he had always been used to being rigorous, and he didn't dare to be presumptuous at all. "Just now," he said respectfully,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, "the elder Xu seems to know the whereabouts of the family teacher. The younger generation doesn't know where the family teacher lives now. Please tell the elder." A well-behaved appearance. The God of the universe frowned and said to Ji Tianyun, "You see, such a lively and clever child has been taught to be a bookworm by that old man Jiao Yimin. What a pity!" 。 fycgsonic.com


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