The Legend of the Cold World Ling Qi

This stay is a thousand years, a thousand years of time is enough to let life pass away

This stay is a thousand years, a thousand years of time is enough to let life pass away, those who loved him, loved him, protected him but pushed him into hell have died, no one in the new blood simply remember, or do not want to remember that he once brought glory itself is a great shame. Hate, hidden for thousands of years, rushed out one night, with all his roars, unwilling to go straight to nine days away, perhaps the hate was too strong, so it alarmed a sleeping God. At the cost of the soul, he gained the supreme power, which can compete with the God Emperor. Since then, Beitang Jing has died, the weak and small Beitang Jing completely disappeared, the arrival of a new soul, is a soul full of evil. He is gentle and considerate to Biluo, as if he really fell in love with her. He has not changed for hundreds of millions of years. There is only Biluo in his world, and there has never been only him in Biluo's world. He soon breathed the fresh air outside, smelled the selfish souls, felt the power growing, and the evil tree devoured the last trace of conscience in his dark heart. The name of the evil emperor left an indelible mark in his life. It turned out that he was the legendary evil emperor. Beitang Jing smiled, cold and ruthless, bloodthirsty and enchanting. From then on, he was the evil emperor that everyone feared, not Beitang Jing that everyone could bully. He practiced crazily, desperately,artificial plant wall panels, and then made a puppet to find trouble with the God Emperor. He knew that now his power was impossible for the God Emperor, so he would drag him down a little bit. The power of the God Emperor had gathered for thousands of years, and the puppet evil emperor was just right. He was waiting, waiting for a chance to accumulate a lot. He wanted to make Biluo defeated, or even turn over again. That's the only reason he's alive. He doesn't even know what's the point of living without hate. For hundreds of millions of years, they fought in the dark for hundreds of millions of years. Beitang Jing began to go crazy and began to really embark on the road of evil emperors. It seems that there are two independent Beitang Jing living in his heart, one is Beitang Jing who speaks happily to Biluo in the daytime, and the other is the evil emperor who is drowned by hatred in the dark. The two thoughts have been entangled for hundreds of millions of years. In the end, it seems that even he himself can't tell which is heavier and which is lighter? Until at that time, he had achieved great success and imprisoned the God Emperor in the former dungeon. His identity and status were changed. He looked at the powerless Biluo and felt a throbbing pain in his heart. He did not understand why Biluo hurt him so deeply, but now he felt heartache for him. Because he did not understand, because of anger, he doubled the torture of Biluo, he once wanted to live like this, imprisoned him, silk ficus tree ,large artificial blossom trees, tied him up, so live, no longer care about what evil emperor, no longer care about what God emperor, no matter how much he hated, so live. When his thoughts just came out, those hateful people found him, and when he watched the silver light come silently in midair, he seemed not afraid at all, as if he was very familiar with the silver light, but also with a deadly threat. He could not dodge, because his power was inherited from the silver light, and he could not dodge what his master wanted to take back. But why did he want to rush over? Why did he want to stand in front of him? Obviously he hated him so much, but he still rushed over and stood in front of him. The shallow smile was fixed on his cold face, as if they hugged each other in a certain month of a certain year and looked at the silver moon on the horizon when he smiled happily. That feeling made Beitang Jingxin cry blood. The anger in his heart rose to the sky, and no matter what power it was, there was only one word in his mind, kill. Turning into a streamer, his nirvana skill rushed to the murderer who killed Biluo, but what he didn't expect was that he was always inferior to the emperor of the underworld. When he was in harmony with the emperor of the underworld, he seemed to feel the warm feeling of Biluo holding himself in the temple, and closed his eyes and melted into the warm embrace. Biluo, in the end, I lost. [67] Chapter One Hundred Extra Chapter Four. Text # 32; Chapter One Hundred # 32; Extra Detail IV Qin Shaoyun # 32; # 32; "Miss, the doctor has come to see you." At that time, the little maid jumped up and down to lead the way for himself, and he thought that this simple little maid was really unlucky to follow such a master as Lin Ruoxi. But after a while he was amused by the idea that such a man had been blind to see it. Cuixin, go and change a book for me. It was the first thing the woman he had always looked down on said when they entered the door, without looking at him who came in behind the little maid, and his indifferent expression seemed to be innate, which made people feel her alienation at first sight. Qin Shaoyun can not help but Leng Leng, surprised at her change, some of the brain short circuit standing there. He saw that the little maid could not be afraid, cheerful and lively, and for a moment he even wondered if he had gone to the wrong room. The Lin Ruoxi in his memory was barbaric and violent. Once a civilian bumped into her and she ordered him to break his legs alive. That was the beginning of his disgust for her. Then he followed his master to the Lin family to treat him. When Lin Ruoxi saw himself, his shining eyes deepened his disgust for her. Because he refused to eat her, stubbornly refused to cross paths with her, that night she actually put an aphrodisiac in his tea, if he hadn't had a strong resistance to the aphrodisiac since he was a child, she would have succeeded long ago. As a miracle doctor, he was drugged by a woman and laughed at for a long time. After this incident, he refused to go to the Lin family again. He was afraid that he could not control himself and wanted to strangle the woman. That time I heard that she was beaten by the young master of the Nangong family in the street and had only half a life left. The old master of the Lin family put down his old face and begged him. He didn't want to, but he was a miraculous doctor. The master taught him to treat every life equally. So he went. Although he saved her, he added a medicine to her medicine, which made the medicine extremely smelly. This was also a small punishment for her. But that day he stood in front of her hospital bed, listening to her indifferent tone, looking at her cold expression, for a moment he felt that she was different,silk olive tree, as to what was different, he did not notice, but in his heart he vaguely felt that he did not seem to hate her so much.


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