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Seeing that the golden light was about to penetrate Zhao Yun's body, suddenly there was a red light coming first, which could block the extreme killing and smash the golden ball. The group of heroes found out that it was Master Lingsu who punished Zhao Yun himself.

Quan Guanqing said coldly, "Master Qiao and Mr. Murong are really good friends." He called Qiao Feng "Qiao Ye" instead of "Qiao Gang Leader", so he no longer recognized him as the gang leader, but said that he and Murong Childe were really good friends, which was very powerful. The Beggars' Sect suspects that Qiao Feng borrowed a knife from Murong Fu to kill Ma Dayuan. Qiao Feng has always denied knowing Murong Fu. Today, the two of them came to Tianning Temple together, talking and laughing, looking quite affectionate, obviously not the first time they met. Chu thought to himself that these people were all old friends of Qiao Feng, and that if the time was a little longer, they would surely see the flaws. He said, "It's not too late to discuss the important things in the gang. I'll go and see those vicious dogs of the Western Xia." Then he went to the hall. Duan Yu then followed. When they arrived at the hall, they heard Helian Tieshu shouting abuse at the top of his voice: "Find out for me quickly. What is the name of this bastard Xixia man? Go back to raid his house and kill all the men, women and children in his house.". Damn it, he was from the Western Xia. How could he help an outsider and steal my'Sad Crisp Breeze 'to release it at random? Duan Yu was stunned. "Which Xixia man did he scold?" He asked. Just listen to Helian tree scold a sentence, Nu Erhai then promised a sentence. Helian Tieshu added, "He wrote these eight words on the wall. Isn't that a clear mockery of us?" When Duan Yu and Ah Chu looked up, they saw four lines of words written like dragons and snakes flying on the pink wall, each line of four words: "In the other's way, return to the other, charming the poisonous wind, and return to you." The ink was dripping, but it was not dry. It was obvious that the writer had left soon. "Ah," said Duan Yu, "this.. Ah. Is this written by Mr. Murong? "Don't forget you're Mr. Murong," said Ah Chu in a low voice. My son can write all kinds of fonts. I can't tell whether he wrote these words or not. Duan Yu asked Nu Erhai, "Who wrote this?" Nu Erhai did not answer, but secretly worried that he did not know how the Beggars' Sect would deal with them. After they captured the heroes of the Beggars' Sect, they would torture and insult them in every possible way. They only had to "do the same to the others in their own way." That would be very difficult. When Ah Chu saw the heroes of the Beggars' Sect coming to the main hall one after another,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, he said in a low voice, "It's all over. Let's go." "I have something important to do," he shouted. "I must go with Mr. Murong. I'll see you later." Said quickly out of the temple. Elder Wu and others shouted, "Take care, Sect Leader! Take care, Sect Leader!" Zhu dared to stop more, but he and Duan Yu walked faster and faster. The heroes of the Beggars' Sect have always been in awe of Qiao Feng, and no one dares to stop him. The two of them walked out. Ah Chu said with a smile, "Mr. Duan, what a coincidence! That ugly disciple of yours just asked you to audition for Lingbo Weibu. He said you were better than his master." Duan Yu gave a "hmm". Chu added, "I don't know who put the ecstasy in secret."? The general of the Western Xia kept saying that he was a traitor. I think most of the people of the Western Xia did it themselves. Duan Yu suddenly remembered a man and said, "Is it Li Yanzong?"? Is that the Xixia warrior we met in the mill? Chu had never seen Li Yen-tsung and could not answer. "Let's talk to Miss Wang," he said, "and ask her to look into it." Just as he was walking, the sound of a horse's hooves came galloping along the main road. Duan Yu saw Qiao Feng in the distance and exulted, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Oxide powder, "It's Brother Qiao!" Just as he was about to say hello, Ah Chu tugged at his sleeve and said, "Don't shout. The Lord is coming." Turned around. Duan Yu came to his senses and said, "Ah Chu pretended to be Brother Qiao. It's not good for him to see him." Not long after, Qiao Feng was riding close. Duan Yu did not dare to confront him. He thought to himself, "When Brother Qiao meets the heroes of the Beggars' Sect, the truth will come out. I wonder if he will blame Ah Chu for playing such a prank?" After Qiao Feng saved Ah Zhu and Ah Bi, he learned that the brothers of the Beggars' Sect had been captured by the Xixia people. He was anxious and searched everywhere. But the countryside in the south of the Yangtze River is full of rice fields, mulberry fields, waterways and land roads, which are not as simple as the roads in the north. Qiao Feng searched for most of the day, and finally bumped into the two little novices in Tianning Temple. He asked for directions and then rushed to Tianning Temple. Seeing that Duan Yu was in high spirits and handsome, he thought to himself, "This young man and my brother Duan Yu are bright for a while." Chu turned his back early, but he didn't pay attention. With the Beggars' Sect brothers in mind, he galloped past. Outside the Tianning Temple, more than ten disciples of the Beggars' Sect were seen tying up the Western Xia warriors and escorting them out of the temple. Qiao Feng was overjoyed: "The brothers of the Beggars' Sect have turned defeat into victory.". When the beggars saw that Qiao Feng had gone and returned, they greeted him one after another and said, "Master, please show me how to deal with these bandits." "I'm no longer a member of the Beggars' Sect," said Qiao Feng. "I'll never mention the word'Sect Leader 'again. Is there any damage to everyone? When Elder Xu and others in the temple got the report, they all walked out quickly. When they saw Qiao Feng, they were either ashamed or happy. Elder Song shouted, "Sect Leader, yesterday in the apricot forest, the spies of our gang in the Western Xia sent an urgent military situation. Elder Xu took the initiative and forbade you to look at it. What is that?"? Elder Xu, show it to the Sect Leader quickly. The words have been quite impolite. With a look of shame on his face, Elder Xu took out the small paper ball that had been hidden in the wax pill and sighed, "I was wrong." Pass it to Qiao Feng. Qiao Feng shook his head. Elder Song grabbed it, spread out the thin crumpled paper, and read aloud: Report to the Sect Leader: My subordinates have found out that General Helian Tieshu of the Western Xia Dynasty, together with a large number of good players of Yipintang, have come to the Central Plains to deal with our Sect. They have the same powerful poison gas, which has no breath when it is released, so that people can not move unconsciously. When you meet them, be sure to plug your nostrils first, or knock down their brains first, and grab the stinking antidote, otherwise it will be extremely dangerous. Yes, yes. Yi Dabiao, a subordinate of Daxin Rudder, reported urgently. Chapter 18 Hu Han's Enmity Must Pour Tears of Heroes (3) After reading it, Elder Song, together with Elder Wu and Elder Xi, glared at Elder Xu. Bai Shijing said, "Brother Yi Dabiao was in a hurry to report this, but he arrived in time. It's a pity that we didn't open it in time.". Fortunately, the brothers only suffered a bird gas,Magnesium Oxide powder, but no one was hurt. Master, we all have to apologize to you. You are a man of great benevolence and righteousness. Alas, you really have nothing to say. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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