Harem Ruyi Zhuan (all 6 volumes). End + side story .by flowing purple

Xiao Jingxi nodded. "What do you want to do?" He paused and said gently, "I'll help you." Ren Yaoqi came to Xiao Jingxi today to ask him for help, but she still felt a throb when she heard Xiao Jingxi's words. Ren Yaoqi lowered his head and said softly,

The thin chest of the moon rose and fell violently, as if it could no longer bear the words of the emperor, and the tears could not stop rolling down, as if the flood burst the dike, scouring the powder on his face out of a gully. She sobbed, "So that's how the emperor treats his concubines?" "When I was young," said the emperor faintly, "I just wanted to be a prince who would please the emperor Ama and not be looked down upon. Later, when the queen mother raised me, I wanted to be a prince safely. Still later, the children of the late emperor became increasingly scarce, and only I and my fifth brother Hongzhou were left as adults. I thought, I must. Stand out and become the master of the world. People's desires are never restrained and controlled, but will grow day by day and can not be reduced. Now I only hope to have a legitimate son to inherit the throne, other children, can be born naturally good, if there can not be born, it is just as well. Yueyue listened to these words word by word, as if a nail was drilled into the bottom of the ear, to pierce the depths of the brain. The emperor looked at her crying makeup and slowly closed his eyes: "You are tired, too. Have a good rest.". After your death, I will make a good arrangement and give you a good posthumous title. A good result will not waste your many years with me. Yueyue raised her tearful eyes in despair and said with a silly smile, "posthumous title?"? Did the emperor even think about the posthumous title for his concubine? Then let me say a word to myself. My whole life was like a crazy dream,mirror stainless steel sheet, and it was too late to regret. I only hoped that I would not fall into the imperial family in my next life and marry someone quietly. "If you teach your son, you can be a virtuous and kind person." The emperor stood up and walked out slowly with his hands on his back. "This is your last request, and I will not refuse it.". I will take the word'Xian 'as the expectation of your next life and give you a posthumous title. With tears in her eyes, the moon gazed at the back of the emperor as he left. She laboriously collapsed on the edge of the couch and shed tears with a sneer. "Your Majesty, even if you refuse to recognize me, I still hate you very much." She stroked the mattress on which the emperor had sat and the goose feather cushion on which he had leaned, and said with a silly smile, "Then, let my concubine." One more little plot against you,brushed stainless steel sheet, just this one time. She fell to the ground and coughed violently until blood gushed from the corners of her lips. She let the blood gush from her throat, stroked it slowly, and just smiled. Hearing this, Mo Xin rushed in to have a look. She was almost scared out of her wits and said, "Little Lord, what's wrong with you?" Yueyue opened her eyes wide and grabbed her skirt and said, "Mo Xin, you have been serving me the longest. I have only one word to tell you.". Don't, don't forget what the queen did to me! Mo Xin saw that her mercury-black eyes were almost out of her eyes. She was scared out of her wits. She cried and said, "The little Lord is like this. Why are you still thinking about this?"? After all, your own body is important! The blue veins on the back of the moon's hand burst out and twisted like a green snake about to jump up. "I can't do it," she hissed. "But if you're still alive for a day and still remember my kindness to you, you must remember how the queen treated me!"! She thought she had told Suxin to tell me everything, and I was in front of her. I asked her one or two questions and she pretended to be confused, so I didn't know she ordered me to do it! It was she who hurt me all my life! With tears in her eyes, Mo Xin said, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, "The little master has shown great kindness to the maidservant, and the maidservant will never forget it until she dies.". Little Lord, the maidservant should help you to rest on the bed. Yueyue stretched out her hand as hard as she could, pointing to the mattress on which the emperor had sat and the goose feather cushion on which he had leaned. "Go, go and burn it," she said hoarsely. Dirty things can't be left behind. Chapter 10 Huixian The emperor sat on the chariot, looking at the dim moonlight, remembering what the moon had just said, only to feel that the past was boundless, and that there was a sense of loss of both flowers and people. Li Yushan observed what the emperor was thinking and said, "The emperor hasn't turned over the sign yet. Where do you want to go now?" The emperor's eyes did not know where to look, but felt that his body was as light as a feather. He asked wearily, "Li Yu, did I love Concubine Hui very much in the past?" Not knowing what the emperor was referring to, Li Yu smiled and said, "Yes.". But the emperor also dotes on Shu Pin, dotes on Jia Fei, and all the rain and dew in the six palaces. The emperor suddenly interrupted him: "You have served me for many years. Do you feel that I have spoiled people who should not be spoiled?" Li Yu was startled, but he didn't dare not answer. He had to say, "Whether you can be favored or not is the ability and blessing of the young masters. As for whether the emperor is favored or not, and how to be favored, there is no right or wrong!"! "The emperor is kind and kind, and the emperor has never snubbed anyone in the harem, nor has he particularly favored anyone." He has a wall As he spoke, he was afraid that if he answered carelessly, the emperor would be displeased, and he would tremble more and more. The emperor was only shallow, and the flowing moonlight poured down on his handsome and clear face, which made him look more and more brilliant, but had a cold feeling that could not be approached. There is infinite loneliness in the tone of the emperor: "Perhaps, I know how to spoil them, but I don't know how to love them, so I end up like this today." The field. Li Yu had served the emperor for many years. He knew very well that his mind was elusive, and he did not dare to speak casually. He had to grimace and said, "Your Majesty, how can a slave understand this?". You and the slave say this, is not casting pearls before swine. The slave is the cow. He said, with a little "Moo". The emperor couldn't help laughing and ordered, "Look at your monkey appearance.". Just go to the Yikun Palace. When the emperor came in, Ruyi was changing into a jade-colored lake-patterned bedclothes. When he saw the emperor coming in from the mirror, he said, "It's late at night. Why is the emperor still coming?" The emperor took her by the hand and said, "You are calming here. I'll come and sit down." His fingers touched the lotus bracelet on Ruyi's wrist, and his eyes flashed a trace of deep hatred. He reached out his hand and pulled it off her wrist and threw it out of the door, saying, "This bracelet is old in style. I don't need to wear it anymore.". Ming I asked Li Yu to pick out some of the best Cui from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to send you, and then asked the Imperial Physician to give you a few tonic prescriptions to benefit your body. Without any doubt, Ruyi said meekly, "Yes." She sat down with the emperor on her arm. "Has the emperor been to see Concubine Hui?" The emperor sat down with his head propped up. She said a lot of things to me. Ruyi took a little jasmine mint water from the dressing table and gently rubbed his temple for the emperor, saying, "When a man is dying,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, his words are good. It's hard to avoid talking too much." The emperor held her hand and stroked her hair like a cloud. "Ruyi," he said in a low voice, "will one day you calculate others?" 。 sxthsteel.com

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