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In fact, she is not very old, a woman of twenty-four or twenty-five years old. It is the time

In fact, she is not very old, a woman of twenty-four or twenty-five years old. It is the time when women are most charming. However, she already has fine lines at the corners of her eyes, and without makeup, she can't even cover them. Of course, the long reversal of life day and night, coupled with insomnia and melancholy, she has thousands of reasons to go early. Although, that's not what she wants. Yuhong. Someone called her so softly. She turned and looked at the man. It was not the man she was waiting for, but a woman. A beautiful, tall woman with a gentle smile. White night? She asked. It's me The woman is still smiling. Her eyes are both familiar and strange. But certainly very distant gentle, "you can also call me Bai Xiao." Lin Yuhong wants to find the white night, the reason is very simple. Because she wanted to emigrate to New Zealand, she talked with her classmates at that time, so she sighed and wanted to see White Night again. She did not expect to see the white night that had disappeared for many years, and to see that the young man had become a beautiful woman. It's you! She whispered. It's always been me. There are many rumors. But few believe it. Lin Yuhong calmed down and sighed, "I don't want to believe it all the time, but after watching White Epiphyllum, I think it's true." "What does it matter whether it is or not?" Bai Xiao is wearing a sleeveless shirt with a slanting front. Cropped narrow trousers,smart board for conference room, round-toed flat heels, simple and generous, are clear and beautiful. She turned her head slightly sideways and blinked, "Five years, Yuhong.". How many things can happen.. Who I became. What does it matter? Lin Yuhong's plain hands are just like those of that year. Gently stroking the hair on the temples, the head is slightly slanting, the eyes are flowing, but it is charming. Bai Xiao is very familiar with this action. But what she remembered more was actually Lin Yuhong's shy smile when she bowed her head in her white dress. Even Yuhong's smile is not as good as it used to be,75 smart board, so what does it matter whether she is a white night or not? "It doesn't matter." Lin Yuhong murmured and repeated, then shook her head and said, "Don't you ask about the past few years?" Bai Xiao laughed and said, "The movie is about to start. Shall we go in and watch it, or shall we continue here?" The woman in the black dress lowered her head and was silent for a long time. Then she raised her head again and laughed at herself. "You are standing here. What are you looking at?". I will never watch White Epiphyllum again. "In fact, I know what has happened over the years." Bai Xiao gently stepped forward and took Lin Yuhong's hand, "You have your dream, I have my dream, long ago different road, you were in that year, don't you understand?" "Maybe.." The older a person is, the more likely he is to miss the past, but when he has it, he is unwilling to cherish it. It's just that no one can go back. No one can go back. Lin Yuhong held Bai Xiao's hand instead, 65 inch smart board ,digital touch screen board, tightened it, and then loosened it. "I'm always unwilling to see you without my own eyes." "Now you see it." Lin Yuhong lowered her head and stopped making a sound. At this time, Bai Xiaodi's cell phone rang. She smiled apologetically at Lin Yuhong and pressed the button to answer. A little book? "Nothing, I'm fine." "You can rest assured that when you marry your fifth brother, I will wrap a big red envelope." "I.." Don't worry, hehe, OK, bye. Lin Yuhong raised her head again and called out softly, "Bai Xiao." "Mmm." Bai Xiao answered and was about to say something when the mobile phone rang again. What? Someone reported BUG? Is it serious? You're looking for me? "The open question of the secret world?"? Okay, I'll be right back. Bai Xiao hung up the phone and rubbed the corners of his eyes habitually. He said helplessly, "Yuhong, the company has something to do. I'm sorry. I have to go and deal with it right away." "Lianzhong Jianghu, the technical director of China, right?" Lin Yuhong smiled faintly, and her expression began to cool down. Yes "Do you remember Xinyu?" Lin Yuhong suddenly changed the subject. Of course I remember Xiaoyu. Do you know him, too? Bai Xiao frowned. He's your deputy? "He is in charge of sales, and he is not in the same system with me." Bai Xiao remembered the phone call and felt a little anxious, "Yuhong, shall we talk another day?" "No, I'm relieved." Lin Yuhong smiled, "you go." 'Good. "Bai Xiao paused, then no longer hesitated, turned and strode to the parking area.". Behind him came Lin Yuhong's subtle words: "I don't know, how do you choose?" "I have already chosen." Bai Xiao whispered to himself, smiled, then took out his cell phone and pressed a shortcut dial. Shen Cuo. "I'm in a meeting, Bai Xiao." "Can I have a minute?" "All right, you say." "Do you remember that five years ago you promised to owe me a punishment?" "I remember, you said." I'll punish you. Pay me.. A lifetime. There seemed to be the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground, but Bai Xiao smiled and hung up the phone. End of Book Postscript I have thought for a long time, a story, how to be complete? Xiao Mo is a very difficult person to accept the tragedy, of course, you can say, I am too young, too immature, so I can not see the cruelty of reality, so the ability to bear is not enough. In fact, because the reality is too cruel, I still want to keep a little beautiful "delusion" in the book. Call it a "delusion." In fact, if you want to believe it, it can become a reality. Of course, I don't want to go straight to who lived happily with whom from now on, and who had what kind of ending with whom. In fact, the story is endless,digital interactive whiteboard, and I don't want to write until the reader can't see it and think about it. That's, uh, too boring. hsdsmartboard.com


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