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Ding Xian explained in a low voice: "No, no, no, it's not what you think.

Ding Xian explained in a low voice: "No, no, no, it's not what you think. It's just very common to come out to watch a movie and have a meal." Xu Ke smiled more deeply: "Why don't I have such an ordinary friend of the opposite sex?" Ding Xian is unable to argue, knowing that they are not like that, the heart is anxious and blocked, "really not." Xu Ke smiled and stopped teasing her. "What's the hurry? Even if it is, I will help you keep secret with Aunt Ye.". I know that boy. He lowered his voice and approached her. "Is Zhou Siyue right?" Ding Xian is stupefied, "how do you know?" Xu Ke shook his head and smiled, "Our math teacher's favorite student, ah, his competitions are all brought by our teacher, junior high school to participate in the math league won a lot of prizes, Tsinghua University and Peking University Miaozi." No wonder he sometimes sees some papers of Senior Two and Senior Three on his desk. Hey. Why did you sit at the same table with him? Ding Xian bowed his head and regretted it infinitely. If she hadn't been late at the beginning, it was estimated that there would be no such thing behind. "Coincidence, it will be changed soon." The little girl lowered her head and her hairy head drooped. Xu Ke reached out his hand and patted her on the head. Ding Xian suddenly looked up. Xu Ke was looking at her with a smile: "What are you depressed about? You are not bad either. You are so good at drawing. By the way, I brought the book. I was going to your house to find you today. It happened that I gave it to you directly." Xu Ke said that he pulled out a copy of Li Yang Crazy English from the bag behind him and handed it to her,pietra gray marble, as well as a tape. This is pronunciation training. You can take it back and listen to it. If I don't need it, I'll give it to you. Ding Xian: "How can I be ashamed? I will return it to you after I use it." Xu Ke's economic condition is not good. It is estimated that he spent a lot of money to buy these books. How dare Ding Xian accept them. When Xu Ke's friend came back after ordering, Ding Xian collected the book and returned to his original position. The roast duck on the plate is empty. Ding Xian watched Zhou Siyue eat the last piece slowly, and really didn't leave a piece for her. Whoever is your girlfriend will be in great trouble for eight lifetimes. On the way back, Ding Xian was still thinking angrily about Zhou Siyue's cruelty and evil deeds. The two of them walked on the sidewalk one after the other, and this time,Marble Projects, on the other hand, Ding Xian hurried ahead, while Master Zhou, who was full of wine and food, walked slowly behind him with his pocket in his pocket. Hello Ding Xian pretended not to hear and quickened his pace. She had to cross the street, but unfortunately it was a red light, so she could only stand on the sidewalk with her book in her arms. Zhou Siyue had long hands and feet, and caught up with him in two or three steps. He stepped down the sidewalk and stood in front of Ding Xian. He glanced at the book she held tightly in front of her chest and chuckled disdainfully: "Li Yang Crazy English?"? He gave it to you? Ding Xian: "I want you to take care of it." Zhou Siyue sneered and put one foot on the curb of the sidewalk. "What are you angry about?" Yes. What's she mad about? It's just a roast duck. Are you angry that I didn't keep the roast duck for you? He laughed again, "When you saw Xu Ke, you jumped on him like you saw your own father and left me out. I haven't settled accounts with you yet." Ding Xian was stunned: "How do you know he is Xu Ke?" Zhou Siyue raised the corners of his mouth sarcastically: "Will you know anyone other than him in this school?" You have a lot of friends. Did you go to see Xu Ke that afternoon? Ding Xian nodded. If you want to learn spoken English, why don't you tell me that there is a big living person sitting next to you, and you are still far away? “…… The seats will be changed soon, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Porcelain Marble Slabs, we may not be deskmates, and I can't rely on you for everything. I will take the exam next week. Who knows whether your new deskmate is Zhang Cuicui, Li Yingying or Wang Yanyan after the exam? Can you still remember me then? I've always seen new people laugh, but I've never heard old people cry. The dark clouds finally dispersed, and the sky was clear and magnificent blue. Listen to young young fluttering one sentence: "Stupid, find out the real situation to take an examination of just, when the time comes to take an examination of same good?"? You don't have to go to another class to take the exam anyway. Chapter 17 When he turned to leave, I thought of Zhang Guorong. Diary of a Little Monster The groping test is not divided into classes, but in their own classes, just pull the table open. Students in key classes are arrogant and do not need the supervision of teachers at all. They consciously cover their papers while doing exercises. How. How to take the exam together? Ding Xian bowed his head and said. The opposite red light changes, the yellow light is flashing, someone has already started, but Zhou Siyue did not move, one foot is still leisurely stepping on the curb of the sidewalk, calmly spit out two words: "cheating." Act, act, act.. Cheat?! Ding Xian was stunned. He suddenly looked up and bumped into his smiling eyes. The deer in his heart began to bang again. She had never cheated since she was a child. If she was caught, according to Liu Jiang's character, she would definitely call her parents. Nope It's not good. She said in a low voice. Zhou Siyue looked back, green light, one hand in her pocket, one hand to pull the hat behind her, looked at the traffic, directly dragged away, lazy back: "What's wrong with it?" Is this the attitude of a straight A student? "Why do you." Think Share the table with me. Ding Xian listened attentively. Come on, praise me. Zhou Siyue glanced at her, raised his lips slightly, and smiled: "Because you are stupid." “……” "Excuse me, I'm going home." With that, Ding Xian walked quickly forward with the book in his arms. As soon as Zhou Siyue stretched out his long hand and grabbed the hat behind her, Ding Xian turned into standing still. The girl was so angry that she jumped up and down and shouted at him with her name: "Zhou Siyue!" Zhou Siyue dragged her back. His hat made Ding Xian's eyes turn red. He pressed her head with his big palm and fixed it in front of him. He looked down at her and smiled. "I can only say that there is no pressure to sit at the same table with you." Ding Xian was stunned. Zhou Siyue let go of his hand, stood up straight again, glanced straight ahead, and put his hand in his pocket: "You won't ask me how many points I got in the exam, you won't beat around the Bush and ask me what time I learned in the evening, you won't use questions to test where I learned, and you won't tell me that it's a waste of time to participate in the competition." At the end, he laughed at himself. Because you don't care about me,Marble Granite Price, I feel very relaxed. No, no, no. You mustn't say that.

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