Wesleyan Forgery 04 (Madman's Dream)

The woman turned into the living room and said to him, "Shall we go inside and talk?"

The woman turned into the living room and said to him, "Shall we go inside and talk?" She was referring to a small room next to it, which looked like a study, but with a small bed, it was very crowded. Xiaoguo is familiar with such a room, which can be seen in any country in the world. It belongs to those who live in poverty. Perhaps, when they first set up their families, they had a study, but with the birth of their children, their living conditions have not been fundamentally improved, so the study is still there. But a large part of it has to be given to children. It was such a family that made him relax his vigilance. The woman asked him to sit on the only sofa inside, which was close to the wall. He sat down with his back against the wall. This was the biggest mistake he made. He never thought that there was a secret door in the wall behind him. What the woman said to him was so attractive to him that he did not notice the subtle changes behind him. The change was that a small hole behind him was opened secretly, and then a needle with anesthetic effect was shot at him. Within a tenth of a second, he fainted. When he woke up, he was locked up in a place that looked like a prison. After that, he never left the prison room. Some people interrogated him every day, but he didn't say anything. One day,Calacatta Quartz Slab, Sunres came to the prison room. Xiaoguo is talking about Sunres coming to the prison room, and Xiaona has already arrived. "Are you ready, Wesley? If you are, we will go now," he said to me as soon as he came in. Xiaoguo sees me stand up, he also stood up: "I also go." Nelson glanced at him and said, "Hurry up,Agate Slabs Countertops, or we'll miss the main group." As we were about to walk out, Dima stood up and said, "Gentlemen, do you think this is too disrespectful to ladies?" We were surprised at the same time. Although Xiao Na did not say what we were going to do, we had an idea in mind that this kind of thing should not have been a lady's interest. Besides, she is now the king of a country. There are many things waiting for her to deal with. It seems that she can't have time to go with us, so we didn't think about her. Xiao Na is stunned, he and we think differently, for us, Dima is just a woman, but for Xiao Na, the princess represents a country, Carrara Marble Slab ,grey marble slab, this is a major event, perhaps he did not have the right to agree. The princess seemed to know his difficulties and said, "I can send a fighter group to cooperate with you." Xiao Na did not speak, but looked at me with his eyes. I thought about it and said to Xiao Na, "I can help her make up so that others can't recognize her at all." The princess seemed to realize that there was something wrong with it, so she said, "Forget it. You should go quickly. I'm waiting for your good news." The three of us went downstairs together, took Xiao Na's car, rushed to the airport, and took a small plane. On the plane, Xiao Na told us that they had identified the command center in the desert, and that the attack would begin at dawn today, with the joint military forces of seven countries participating in the joint operation. Xiao Na named the seven countries separately, and I was surprised to hear that they were the seven Axis powers belonging to the two major military camps, and at the same time, they could also be said to be the military powers in the world. With such a United force, what kind of enemy cannot be destroyed? These two military camps have always been in a state of hostility, and they have done many subversive and anti-subversive activities with each other. This time, they have actually come together. The news will surely shock the whole world. I asked, "How will you deal with world opinion?" Xiao Na took out a press release and handed it to me and said, "Later today, this press release will appear in newspapers all over the world. Do you have anything to add?" I looked at it. The press release said that the two military camps had jointly conducted this military exercise in order to resist possible extraterrestrial military aggression. It also revealed that the preparation process of this military exercise had gone through a long time. As early as in several meetings between the highest authorities of the two military camps, it had been mentioned many times. Finally, it was confirmed in a secret meeting of military officials from several countries not long ago. In the future, such military exercises will be held irregularly. Doing such gobbledygook is a piece of cake for the organization of Xiao Na and Mrs. Gere. I don't know how many shocking events in the world have passed through their special. After dealing with it, it all becomes a trivial matter that is not noticeable. As for the outcome of this action, it will soon be known, and I do not need to pay special attention to it. What I'm concerned about is, after this desert command center is destroyed, what's the next move? As soon as I thought of this question, Xiao Na had already raised it: "Wei, I believe the dawn action is foolproof. The question now is what to do next?"? We don't know who the madman is, whether we can defeat him completely in this operation, and more importantly, we don't know where his plan has gone. Do you have any suggestions for the clones we already know about? I said, "Not yet.". I also think this is the most difficult problem. If they are ordinary people, I believe you must have a way, but their identity is not ordinary after all. If this matter is made public, it will certainly cause chaos in the world. Xiao Na said: "I have discussed this issue with Mrs. Gere many times. We even reported to the highest authorities separately. Their attitude was very ambiguous. They only instructed us to be cautious, but did not say how to deal with it." I don't think it's time to take that step yet,Calacatta Nano Glass, and it's no use rushing. There are many things in the world that can only be taken one step at a time. After taking the first step, we can see how to take the second step. The first step has not been taken yet, and it's too advanced to think about the third and fourth steps now. forustone.com

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