Xiao Xiaoyue, Lu Shao's Sweet Wife with Special Power

Xiao Jingxi nodded. "What do you want to do?" He paused and said gently, "I'll help you." Ren Yaoqi came to Xiao Jingxi today to ask him for help, but she still felt a throb when she heard Xiao Jingxi's words. Ren Yaoqi lowered his head and said softly,

After hanging up the video phone, Xiao Qianyu's mood suddenly deteriorated, can not tell what the reason is, may be thinking of her childhood experience, may also be suddenly heard Xiao Xinghe's name hit the heart uncomfortable! "Baozi, they will solve the problems between parents by themselves.". We have to trust them. To a red light intersection, the car stopped, Lu Yixiu stretched out his arm to embrace Xiao Qianyu, softly comforting her. He knew that his steamed stuffed bun hated Xiao Xinghe from the bottom of his heart, but he hated what he should face. But all this is Xiao Mosheng and Nalan like Er should worry about, his steamed stuffed bun should be happy to wait to be his bride, those bad things to let others to solve. On the other side, Xiao Mosheng, who was helping Nalan to knead the dough, received a phone call from Xiao Entai. Master, the second master that guy suddenly shrewd once, unexpectedly got rid of the young master arrangement,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, came to the imperial capital. I guess he's not far from the villa by now. You and your wife should be prepared. After Xiao Mosheng hung up the phone, he was in a terrible mood. As soon as he got his wife back, the bad guy came over again. He doesn't want to see them. For the sake of his uncle, he put up with it for so many years, and this time he won't put up with it again. He's right here waiting for him. Nalan was about to ask Xiao Mosheng what had happened when suddenly a voice message came to her cell phone. Seeing that it was from Xiao Qianyu, he quickly washed his hands and opened them. Mom, Xiao Xinghe is coming. You and Dad should be careful. That man is a madman. If not,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, tie him up and throw him on the plane, and let her live and die in the primeval forest of Africa! Before Nalan had recovered from the shock of Xiao Xinghe, he heard the bad idea of Xiao Qianyu behind him, and suddenly there was a warm feeling in his heart. She had always thought that Xiao Qianyu would blame her for Xiao Xinghe, but she did not blame her, but also came up with such a way for her. She is now sure that her daughter has fully accepted her. The idea that good granddaughter thinks is good, the fellow that does not have climate, throw to feed savage in primeval forest best. Chapter 877. 877 had a car accident. "Dad!" Hearing Xiao Tengyun's voice, Xiao Mosheng and Nalan turned to look at the kitchen door at the same time, looking serious and not like Xiao Tengyun who was joking. You two are so big that you are not as thorough as a teenager. It was not once or twice that Xiao Mosheng was taught a lesson by Xiao Tengyun pointing at his nose, but this time it was in front of Nalan. Also taught both of them a lesson, or took their daughter to educate their parents, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, immediately embarrassed face do not know where to put. Nalan was no better. She had always known that Xiao Tengyun had a problem with her faking her death and leaving. Now she was like scolding a child to teach them a lesson. She was so shy that she wanted to find a hole in the ground. Even though Xiao Mosheng was scolded by his father, he still had to take care of his wife. Seeing that Nalan's head was almost hanging down on the felt board, he quickly changed the subject: "Dad, the baby will be here soon. We have to prepare dinner, or you will be distressed if she is hungry." Sure enough, as soon as Xiao Mosheng mentioned Xiao Qianyu, Xiao Tengyun looked gentle and glanced at them with his hands behind his back, as solemnly as if he had given an order: "Then you have to make a big dinner, but you can't starve my baby granddaughter.". As for Xiao Xinghe that bastard thing, if he dares to find here, Lao Tzu must break his dog leg. Then he staggered away from the kitchen door. Xiao Mosheng and Nalan looked at the back of Xiao Tengyun's departure, smiled at each other, and breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. And sitting in the car Xiao Qianyu, after sending a voice message, has been waiting for Nalan's reply, but has not waited. Just when she was upset, there was a loud bang in her ear. Lu Yixiu suddenly stepped on the brake and the car came to an emergency stop. Xiao Qianyu inertia to hit forward, Lu Yixiu eye disease hand quickly stretched out a long arm, a grab Xiao Qianyu clothes, can be pulled back to her seat. Still in shock, Xiao Qianyu looked out of the car window. "What's the matter?" After hearing the car owner behind the emergency brake, exasperated scolding, Xiao Qianyu could not help frowning: "The quality of these people is too poor, and we did not deliberately stop the car." Lu Yixiu held Xiao Qianyu's hand and asked her not to be angry. Said a pile of truth, looking at the girl with bulging cheeks and red face, Lu Yixiu could not help pinching her little face. I think his steamed stuffed buns are so cute. A few minutes later, I heard the whistle of the police car, and all the car owners around me poked their heads out to talk. I heard that there was a traffic accident at the intersection ahead. A Porsche crashed into a big truck. The front of the Porsche was deformed and one of the doors was knocked off. A person was killed on the spot. The other one is still in the car, and now that the police have gone to check, it is estimated that the other person in the car, the possibility of living is zero. "I heard that the Porsche went on a rampage, ignoring the traffic, and the big truck went straight into it, scaring the truck driver." "There are few people who are not afraid of death these days, and the owner of the Porsche looks like he's in a hurry to be reincarnated, and the speed is scary." "There are people like this these days, and you should be careful when driving in a hurry.". Now that something has happened, it's too late to regret. "Who says it's not? If something like this happens, it's estimated that we can't go on this road for the time being.". I'm still in a hurry to send fish to my mother-in-law's home. "Wait for the traffic police behind to clear the road, let's go back and take another road!" "That's the only way." “……” Knowing that there was a traffic accident in front of the road,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, many car owners around were busy changing their routes and reversing their cars. The road that was blocked for a while was noisy. Xiao Qianyu looked out of the window anxious to find a way out of the car owners, for a time do not know how to describe the mood at this time. She knew that Lu Yixiu would not be as anxious as they were, but she did not want to sit in the car and wait. sxthsteel.com

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