White Feather of Hokage

"Is revenge the only thing you have to live for?" Kakashi exclaimed excitedly, "

"Is revenge the only thing you have to live for?" Kakashi exclaimed excitedly, "isn't there anything else important?"? Can you easily abandon us, your companions? “……” Fei Ying Zhen stood in the air, the breeze blowing, silver-blue hair was gently blown, "companion?"? If you are my companion, don't stop me! I don't want to kill you yet. "You!" Kakashi was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. Fei Yingzhen had an important position in his heart, almost the same as Uchiha and Lin. The two men had died, but the man in front of him went to the opposite side of himself for revenge. For the last time, come back with me! Qimu Kakashi stared at Fei Yingzhen tightly. Otherwise, I'll kill you! "You finally said it!" Fei Yingzhen looked at Kakashi with a cold face. "Then come on, let me see how much you have grown in the past two years!" Qimu Kakashi no longer spoke, his hands were stamped, his right hand was shining again, and the birds were singing again. Then, he rushed to Fei Ying Zhen very quickly. Fei Ying Zhen had already fallen on the lake at this time, but when he saw Qimu Kakashi rushing over,316 stainless steel plate, there was no other action. Kakashi's Chidori had already rushed to the front by this time, and Fei Yingzhen moved. With lightning wrapped around his left hand, he grabbed his opponent's right fist. Thorn it! The two bolts of lightning collided. It made a violent sound and burst into a bigger spark! The most important Chakra attribute of Qimu Kakashi and Fei Yingzhen is the thunder attribute. At this time, they collided together, which can be regarded as a chess match. But in terms of body skills, Qimu Kakashi is not as good as Fei Yingzhen. Throw your left hand outward,x56 line pipe, turn your body to the left, and turn your legs directly. He kicked Kakashi out at once. Sixty-one of the Bound Way. Six sticks of light prison! Fei Yingzhen pointed at Kakashi. Six rays of light nailed Kakashi firmly, and this time Kakashi didn't even have time to use the substitute. Feng Dun.. "Thirty of the Bound Way. Three flashes of the mouth!" As soon as Asma's ninjutsu was half performed, she was fixed on the rock wall with three light teeth. I'm not interested in you. Fei Yingzhen turned around and walked to Sanwei. "So don't bother me!" "Don't move!"! You have two hostages in our hands! He shook the two scrolls in his hand. The ability to seal the white moon is very powerful. It can also be done by sealing people in the scroll, so don't doubt it! "Ha ha, I'll watch them!" Shuiyue grinned and said, "Now the situation is just the opposite of just now!" He said to Qimu Kakashi. Chapter 25, seal three tails. "Is there a problem with the seal?" Fei Ying Zhen walked up to the white moon in the sealed boundary. It's a little difficult. The three-tailed chakra is very powerful. If I seal it myself, I'm afraid it's very difficult to seal it. The white moon of the boundary shook her head gently. We can seal it with four corners. The poisonous moon has no snow to speak rarely. It's a good idea. The four of us stand on the four corners and gather the strength of the four of us. There must be no problem! Huan also came over, and she put away the scroll that sealed Yamanaka Ino and Night Glass, with a cigarette in her mouth. It's really troublesome. Just kill it. Fei Ying Zhen catches three tails, just because he doesn't want to make Xiao feel better. If he can't seal it, uns c70600 ,347 stainless steel, he can kill it directly. Let's try it first. The white moon said, "My Lord, when the time comes, you will throw this scroll to the top of the three tails." She handed a large scroll to Fei Yingzhen. Fine Fei Ying Zhen took the scroll, "Let's start!" With her words, the remaining three women immediately occupied the other three of the four directions, except for the white moon. Fei Ying Zhen stood on the opposite side of the white moon. "All right, let's start!" With these words, she opened the huge scroll and threw it right above the three tails. With her movements, the four people quickly began to seal. Forbearance · Four Corners Sumeru Seal (Note 1)! The four men shouted at the same time, and a powerful chakra poured out of the four men and into the huge scroll above the three tails. The scroll that was falling down received the chakra and immediately stopped falling. The blank of the scroll went down and flashed a dark ball, like a black hole, sucking desperately inward. The huge body of the unconscious three tails began to rise slowly and began to get smaller. Finally, the black ball became bigger and bigger, and swallowed up the whole three tails. The light disappeared, and the scroll immediately fell to the surface of the water, but just after falling less than a meter, it was caught by Fei Yingzhen. "With a gentle flick, the reel is rolled up and then tied firmly with a thin wire." All right, the seal is over! She came to the front of the seal of the white moon, although the seal is said to require four people to cooperate with each other, but in general, it is still dominated by the seal of the white moon. Are you all right? "It's okay." The consumption of sealing the white moon is a little too much. She has just been fighting with the three tails for a long time, and now she is using this high-intensity seal, and her chakra is about to bottom out. Poison month without snow is also a tired face, but because her ninjutsu is the need to use poison powder, chakra's consumption is slightly less, so it is much better than the white moon. Ah, this three-tail is really strong. Huan is the most relaxed, smoking beautifully and laughing. I said, what about the ninjas of Konoha? “……” Fei Ying Zhen hesitated, after all, although she did not have any good feelings for the village of Konoha, but for these ninjas, there are still some feelings. If you're not afraid of leaks, let them go! Huan naturally knew that Fei Yingzhen was hesitating and said. It is impossible to hide the news. Fei Ying Zhen finally made up his mind, "but I don't want to be harassed any more, kill them!" "Hey, really?" Illusion of certain things,uns s31803 sheet, very sensitive, "not because of the impulse of the moment, and later regret oh!" " 。 lksteelpipe.com

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