Tales of Floating Life 2 (Book Edition)

A young man in plain clothes jumped down from the snow-white horse and carried out two babies in swaddling clothes before the rough cottage was blown by the strong wind. In his arms, two small apple-like faces were red, pink fists were clenched desperately, and tears burst out.

A young man in plain clothes jumped down from the snow-white horse and carried out two babies in swaddling clothes before the rough cottage was blown by the strong wind. In his arms, two small apple-like faces were red, pink fists were clenched desperately, and tears burst out. Such a movement, even the white horse turned his head to look. The rain seemed to be infected by them, and it was getting heavier and heavier. The man carried one baby on his back, held the other in his arms, jumped on the horse, took a look at the rubble behind the cottage, and rode away. The white horse was as fast as a gust of wind, and like its master, there was no rain on its body. The wind and rain all over the sky, like a mouse seeing a cat, avoided one after another, not daring to offend. It was not until the horse, which had turned into a white shadow, disappeared at the end of the mountain road that there was a rustling sound of her dress behind the rubble. The young woman sat down slowly with her back against the rubble, covering her mouth with one hand and trying not to cry. The vulgar Jingchai cloth skirt was no different from that of an ordinary village woman. Just that face, even without makeup, still makes people reluctant to move their eyes. Time is cut into vague fragments by the rain, so that people can not feel its existence. It was not until dusk fell that she stood up, wiped the tears from her face, took a deep breath, wiped away the sad look, replaced it with a shallow smile,Surveyors tape measure, straightened her thin body, and slowly hid in the dense forest. In the distance, the white horse galloped on the rugged road without people. Gradually, its four hooves left the ground and rushed into the highest sky against the strong wind and rain. It turned into a strong one-horned white dragon, carrying three people, one big and two small, heading east. 1. I've never drunk so much water in my life. Fortunately, there was no strange smell, and I didn't spit out my intestines and stomach. From opening my eyes to now,Adhesive fish ruler, my mind is still a little erratic, and the only thing I can see clearly is a palm dangling in front of my eyes. How many? Report the number! Jiu Jue's voice went into his ears. Opening his hand, I sat up and collected myself. "Can't you do something meaningful?" "Isn't it meaningful to give you artificial respiration?" Jiu Jue picked up his wet and messy hair like a blue jellyfish. "I'm the one who abandoned my hairstyle and only cared about saving you!" I immediately wiped my lips vigorously. "I'm going to brush my teeth a few more times today." "If you can be ungrateful, you have no problem." Jiu Jue turned to the tall figure standing next to us and said, "Thanks, man." It was the handsome uncle who had always disliked me who was thanked. Why thank him? I blurted out. Before giving you artificial respiration, they gave you a heart-saving pill. Jiu Jue turned to the uncle again and said, "Is it a heart-saving pill?" The uncle didn't even bother to turn his head. He folded his arms and looked ahead like enjoying the scenery. My more and more clear eyes spread across the uncle, around and around-the casino has disappeared, although my last memory is only a deep water, but now presented in front of me, is a ups and downs, vast and boundless apprentice. The land is black and brown with all kinds of plants that have never been seen before, and a flagstone road, obviously paved by man, is embedded in the lush vegetation, winding forward and blurring at the end. At this moment, tape measure clip ,Diameter tape measure, we are on a low hillside, with several piles of rocks and dense moss at our feet. I was soaked to the skin, but I didn't feel cold, and the light from the top, like the heating adjusted just right, baked all the drowned chickens comfortably. Looking up, a slowly flowing orange sky, no sun, no clouds, no wind, but it is bright and shining, no matter how long you look at it, you will not feel dazzling. The white horse staggered and flew in front of me, shaking the water and saying, "It's very warm here, the feeling of spring in March." He paused. "So, suspicious." My fingers stroked the warm skin-it was really a very comfortable temperature and environment, in which it was easy to think of vegetable greenhouses, absolutely forbidden, but far away from the wind and rain. At first glance, it looks like warm light, plants and warm land. Very good, can't fault it. However, as Bai Ju said, there is no fault to be found, but suspicious. This is not on the ground. I looked up at the sky. After the casino disappeared, we fell into the water. I remember clearly that I was dragged down by a force. The water was bottomless. ” "On the surface, we should be in a casino 99 stories above the ground. It was disappeared by the winged serpent, so we fell into the water." The white horse stopped on my shoulder. "But if this is true, if such a cabinet is out of the water and does not need magic to protect itself, all of us will be disabled even if we don't fall to death.". The question is, which of you feels' distance ''? "? Distance? Bai Ju woke me up. When I got into the elevator, everyone thought it was going up because of the hint of the floor light. Now, in retrospect, in the elevator, there was no feeling that the elevator was going up at all, just that we "felt" that it was going up. As for "water", my geographical knowledge is not good, but I also know that besides the rivers, lakes and seas on the surface, there are countless unknown underground waters under the surface. The only thing that can be explained is that the Zenith Hotel is an entrance to some underground water, and the elevator does not take passengers "above", but "underwater"! The casino is built by a magical force in the water, enough to blind people to see and hear the space. But this space is not a fantasy, but a 100% real existence, which surprises an old monster like me. There is indeed a "sky-making art" in the art, which can create something out of nothing through magic. It can be done as small as turning open space into houses, as large as turning plains into mountains. Whether immortals or monsters, as long as they have such skills, they can use it to provide benefits for themselves. However, no matter who built this underwater casino, this person is not a small thing that can be solved casually. And that strange voice, telling me to "go up", who's talking? Scattered memories slowly combined, after falling into the water. Dragon? Yes! I saw the shadow of a dragon and was saved by it. I saw the dragon! I suddenly turned around. "After I fell into the water,fish measuring tape, a dragon carried me on its back and helped me dispel the little monsters that were making trouble for me!"! You were in the water, too. Did you see the big dragon? Jiu Jue touched my forehead and said, "You were so confused that you thought you saw Ao Chi." 。 tapemeasure.net

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