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A young man in plain clothes jumped down from the snow-white horse and carried out two babies in swaddling clothes before the rough cottage was blown by the strong wind. In his arms, two small apple-like faces were red, pink fists were clenched desperately, and tears burst out.

Zhu Mei said with a smile, "Tianlong Daxia has considered this for a long time. He knows that among the five schools, only Kongtong has the most miscellaneous character. If something goes wrong, it must be Kongtong. So he transcribed another copy of Kongtong's sword style and kept it separately by us. Even without you, this sword array can be used." Anonymous Scanning, Big Eyes OCR, Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization : 43\ 024 Chapter 24 bad news spread frequently. Qi Haitang was stunned. Chen Yang said with a smile, "Master Qi, don't be fooled by him. If there is such a thing, why should they come to you?" Zhu Mei said, "Tianlong Daxia is honest and generous. Although he knows that Kongtong is not reliable, he can't bear to throw them out of the door because they are still in the same line of Wulin. He just secretly made a preparation and waited for their misdeeds to be obvious before dealing with them. That's why we have to find Qi Haitang first." Wudang Songyue Zhenren said, "And the Dragon Warrior also expected that you would use poison to murder us. Otherwise, how could he reserve the antidote in the steel pill?" As expected, Qi Haitang's expression changed greatly. Zhu Mei said with a smile, "If you don't believe me, I can also report two moves of the sword style reserved by Tianlong Daxia. Those are the Kongtong part of the Wumei Sword Array. Those are'Flowing Clouds Crossing the Gorge 'and'Thousand Peaks Recently', right?" Qi Haitang was so frightened that his face turned pale and he looked straight at Chen Yang. "Go!" Said Chen Yang coldly! Let's talk about it when we see the Patriarch. Qi Haitang hurriedly beckoned his men to retreat. Songyue Zhenren said, "Qi Haitang, you killed six women here, because they are not the official disciples of Wudang. Standing on the treaty of our previous alliance, it can't be regarded as a direct conflict. So I won't make it difficult for you.." Yu Zhenzi couldn't help saying, "Elder Martial Brother,cattle weight tape, did these people die in vain?" "No," said Song Yuezhen, "but I have to follow the rules. These six people died for Wudang. I want to preside over their burial. I want to publicly announce that they are Wudang's disciples. After giving them names and seniority, I will invite them to gather together to avenge them." Yu Zhenzi was silent. But Chen Yang said with a sneer, "You're just saying nice things. If you have no scruples, how can you stop so easily?" Songyue Zhenren smiled and said, "If you really think I'm afraid you're making trouble elsewhere, that's a mistake. Our decent families are all loyal and unyielding people. Even if you kill the four of us, you can only increase their hatred and will never yield. Besides, our four families have a deep foundation, and there are so many masters in the family. It's a fool's dream to subdue them with the strength of one or two people!" "Would you like to have a try?" Asked Chen Yang proudly. "It's up to you to try or not," said Songyue Zhenren. "But we have to pay attention to the rules. You can take the Kongtong people with you." With a sneer, Wheel tape measure ,Fiberglass tape measure, Chen Yang and Qi Haitang roared away. Yu Zhenzi ordered Xiao Hong to have the bodies on the ground cleaned up. At the same time, she invited Zhang Zixin and the other three to sit down in the inner room. Zhu Mei sighed, "Fortunately, Brother Zhang defeated the fanatic today. Otherwise, it would be unthinkable." "Brother Zhang," said Yan Qing, "I really admire you. I bragged for you earlier. It was a bluff to frighten people. I didn't expect you to be really good at it." Zhang Zixin said, "My grandfather had a hidden blade at the bottom of his sleeve. It was originally a right-handed style. He had to throw away the sword in his hand before he used it. I changed it to my left hand. I knew I could bluff people once, but I couldn't do it next time." Zhu Mei said with a sigh, "This young man surnamed Chen is only the third disciple of the devil. Even though he is already so powerful, the second disciple must be even more brilliant. Although the current difficulties have passed, there is a long way to go. I really don't know how to deal with them." "Don't you all have a Wumei Sword Array?" Asked Zhang Zixin. Zhu Mei shook her head and said with a wry smile, "Without Kongtong, I can't practice the sword array. I was just talking big on purpose to scare them." "How can the master report the sword style?" Asked Yan Qingqi. Zhu Mei said, "Those two moves are the moves used in the combination of combos. According to the needs of the four swords, we judge that they are indispensable. But in the end, when the five swords are used together, each of them is a secret sword. We have no way to know." Zhang Zixin was very disappointed. "Can you replace it with another sword style?" Asked Yang Qingqing. "I'm afraid it's not easy for us to consider this problem," said Zhu Mei. "The Dragon Warrior is a pedant. How can the sword array he created be easier than others?" Yan Qing smiled and said, "I have a saying that I don't know how to advance or retreat. I want to say that although the learning of Tianlong's predecessors is high and deep, it must be so high that no one can match it. As far as Tianlong's 25 forms are concerned, Younger Martial Sister Yang and I have broken one form each." "That's true," said Zhang Zixin. "Brother Yan's teacher is also a peerless master. I don't think he will be much worse than my grandfather. Sister Yang and I are not better than him." Zhu Mei nodded and said, "Yes, you can crack one or two styles by your own cleverness, but it's not easy to get a complete set of swordsmanship. The three talents are all enough, but the heat is still not up to the state of washing and refining.." "I don't want it to be easier for us.." said Yang Qingqing. Zhu Mei said, "All four of us can only specialize in a part of ourselves, and under the influence of what we have learned, we can never change other people's swordsmanship." "Where are the four fellow elders?" Asked Yang Qingqing. "It's all the same," said Lingxu Shangren, "because the way we have learned has been limited to death. Unless we want to find another master of the older generation, maybe there is something to consider." "That's what I'm thinking," said Yang Qingqing. "Brother Yan, can you think of a way to invite your master to discuss it?" Yan Qing said, "My teacher Lingyou is uncertain, and he never appears in Jianghu in public. I really can't guarantee that." Yang Qingqing said, "I think it concerns the safety of the world. Is he embarrassed to sit idly by?" "I can try, but I'm not sure,Horse weight lbs," said Yan Qing. "And I don't know where to look for it. Every time he comes to me on his own initiative." "Can Master Zhu spread the news?" Asked Yang Qingqing. "We can't do this openly," said Zhu Mei. "The only way is for the four of us and Yan Laodi to publicly pass on the invitation to all the Wulin Taoists in the world to discuss how to deal with Qi Tian Jiao Zu. Perhaps we can take this opportunity to alarm his respected teacher." Yan Qing hurriedly said, "How dare you sign a joint signature with all the leaders in the evening?" 。 tapemeasure.net

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