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Original Title: Introduction to Disposable medical protective suit PE Breathable Film [List of Manufacturers Attached] Since the fight against the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, with the gradual resumption of work in enterprises, the shortage of medical protective products has been alleviated, but there is still a gap. Especially as the "battle gown" protective suit of medical staff, it is usually replaced every four hours, and the demand is huge. Figure Disposable protective suit Disposable medical protective suit materials need to meet the requirements of "three repellency and one resistance" (water repellency, blood repellency, alcohol repellency and antistatic). The composite material can be compounded by different materials, such as polyethylene/polypropylene spunbonded nonwoven cloth compounded with a breathable microporous film or other nonwoven cloth, or spunlaced nonwoven cloth compounded with a breathable microporous film, or wood pulp compounded spunlaced nonwoven cloth. In addition, some membrane materials made of polytetrafluoroethylene can be used to make high-end protective suit fabrics. Among these materials, breathable microporous films are particularly important. The so-called breathable film is a kind of functional inorganic product which is evenly mixed into the polyolefin raw material, so that the product can produce pores due to high stretching in the film forming process, thus having the functions of ventilation and moisture conduction; the functions of the breathable film are briefly described as water insulation and ventilation (moisture), taking the most commonly used PE breathable film as an example. 1. The principle of ventilation The principle is very simple: inorganic substance + stretching = micropores. In fact, the operation is very particular. Only the micropores with appropriate size and uniform distribution are effective, as shown in Figure 1: Expand the full text Figure 1: Effective pore size of a breathable film As shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3 below, insufficient stretching and too small pore diameter, insufficient stretching and no pore diameter, poor stretching and micropores with insufficient size can only be waste products. Figure 2: Comparison of pore size of breathable film 2. Basic film-forming principle of breathable film Film-forming principle of breathable film: PE + CaCO3 (masterbatch) film-forming stretched breathable film PE breathable film is made by blending LDPE/LLDPE polyethylene resin carrier with about 50% special calcium carbonate, extruding into film and directionally stretching to a certain ratio. As that polyethylene resin is a thermoplastic plastic material, the polyethylene resin can be stretch and crystallized unde certain conditions, the interface between the polymer and the calcium carbonate particles is peeled off dure stretching, winding pores or channels which are communicated with each other are formed around the calcium carbonate particles, and the pores and the channels endow the film with a ventilation (moisture) function, so that the environments on both sides of the film are communicated. 3. Action mechanism of gas permeable membrane A humidity gradient pressure difference is formed when the water vapor concentration on one side of the membrane is greater than the environment on the other side of the membrane. This provides the basic condition for gas (vapor) convection, and the humidity environment on both sides of the film tends to be relatively balanced due to the formation of convection. The breathable membrane is used as a water barrier membrane, which has a barrier effect on liquid. Because there are many paths in the membrane, the "length-diameter ratio" (L/D) value of the tortuous channel formed by the membrane is very large, which can be understood as capillary. Therefore, in the case of the same liquid (such as water) and the same pressure, as long as the liquid column height of the capillary is less than the length of the capillary, it can ensure that the liquid will not leak out. Protective suit Breathable Film Raw Material Manufacturer PE breathable film raw material manufacturers are Golden Hair Technology, Honghe, Gaia, etc., many breathable film manufacturers also have their own modified granulation, the following is part of the protective suit PE breathable composite film raw materials and processing manufacturers, for reference, if there are errors or omissions can be added to the message; 1. Blonde technology In order to ensure the production and supply of emergency materials, Golden Hair Technology urgently started work ahead of schedule to produce PE breathable film special materials for protective clothing, and is the first drafting unit of the national standard for PE breathable film special materials. On January 27, Golden Hair Technology successively received information from downstream customers that the corresponding countries called for urgent resumption of work, and put forward the demand for special materials for breathable films for medical protective clothing. On January 29, after receiving the customer's demand order, Kingfa Technology urgently shipped 24.8 tons to Wuhan for protective suit production; in addition, the company's extrusion workshop started four production lines one after another, and each production line produced about 25 tons of breathable film special materials per day. Not only is it a special material for breathable film, it is said that Golden Hair Technology has recently launched melt-blown PP material, which greatly alleviates the shortage of production capacity of melt-blown PP material for masks. For contact information, please see the comment section of the previous article. Guangzhou Hecheng Chemical Co., Ltd. Since 2003, Guangzhou Hecheng Chemical Co., Ltd. has been committed to the independent research and development of special materials for breathable films, and launched TOUCH series products in 2007 to meet the special requirements of medical protective suit, such as high water pressure resistance, high permeability and blood barrier. In order to ensure the supply of raw materials, workers'resumption of work, logistics and transportation, Hecheng Enterprise has set up a special epidemic rapid response team to shorten the logistics cycle from more than 7 days to less than 3 days. Up to now, more than 600 tons of special materials for medical protective clothing breathable film have been delivered, which can be used to produce more than 10 million sets of medical protective suit. 3: Changzhou Gaiya Material Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou Gaiya Material Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R D, production, sales and service of high-quality inorganic filling masterbatches (calcium carbonate, talcum powder and barium sulfate, etc.) and inorganic modified materials (calcium carbonate, talcum powder). Since 2013, it has introduced equipment to develop breathable colloidal particles for sanitary materials, construction and medical treatment. 4: Shanghai Xiner New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xiner New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company specializes in the production of various modified filling materials,Virus Prevention Mask 3 Ply with Earloop, such as polypropylene non-woven fabric filling modified materials, wiredrawing modified filling masterbatches, injection molding modified filling masterbatches, various film modified masterbatches, color masterbatch, desiccant, recycling economy recycled materials and so on. Protective suit breathable composite film production supplier 1: Hebei Haide Plastic Co., Ltd. "Haide Plastic Industry" held an emergency meeting to resume work and production. On January 28, the company officially resumed work and went all out to produce PE breathable composite film. It is reported that the PE breathable composite membrane produced by the company every day can be used to make 40000 medical protective suit. As of February 7, 110 tons of PE breathable composite membrane have been produced, which can be used to process more than 400000 pieces of medical protective suit. As of February 12, the company has been transported 130.8 tons of PE breathable composite film, which can produce 450000 pieces of medical protective suit. Supply raw materials to 4 national key epidemic prevention material enterprises. 2: Fosu Technology (SZ. 000973) The breathable film produced by Foshan Huahan Sanitary Material Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Foshan Plastic Technology, is one of the important materials for downstream manufacturers to produce medical protective suit. Jinwanda Company is a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province. It owns the Engineering Technology Development Center for Barrier Functional Products in Guangdong Province. It has a national standard "Nonwovens for Textile Barrier Clothing" (2016-0291T-FZ) and a group standard "Technical Specification for Grading and Performance of Medical Protective Clothing and Barrier Clothing" (T/CTES1013-2019). Fujian Qiaodong New Material Co., Ltd. On February 1, in the production workshop of Qiaodong New Materials Co., Ltd. in Xuefeng Development Zone, Nan'an City, 17 workers who returned to work ahead of schedule were working hard to produce protective suit, adult diapers, masks and other raw and auxiliary materials to ensure that the downstream manufacturers of protective suit, masks and diapers were provided with protective materials at the first time. It is reported that the company produces about 5 tons of protective suit breathable film per day, which can be used by downstream protective suit manufacturers to produce more than 5000 sets of protective suit. Hubei Tuoying New Materials Co., Ltd. Hubei Tuoying New Material Co.,CE Certificate KN95 Mask, Ltd., mainly produces breathable film protective fabrics for medical protective suit, has organized more than 20 people to process and produce since the first day of the New Year, providing high-quality fabrics for medical protective suit. Shandong Haiwei New Material Co., Ltd. Shandong Haiwei Sanitary New Materials Co., Ltd. mainly develops and produces SMS water-repellent non-woven fabrics, SS non-woven fabrics, hydrophilic non-woven fabrics and breathable films with international leading technology, and special resin for PBT optical fiber loose tubes. It has a number of internationally advanced manufacturing equipment, equipped with perfect testing and inspection facilities, protective suit fabrics, breathable composite membranes and spunbonded non-woven fabrics, with a daily output of 30 tons of composite membranes. 6: Shandong Kelaiya New Material Company Chongqing Shangkun Medical Devices Company and Shandong Coleya New Materials Company signed a supply agreement of 300000 protective suit 120 tons of breathable composite membranes. Shandong Hengpeng Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. Shandong Hengpeng Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of breathable film for high-end medical protection and personal hygiene care. An investment of 900 million yuan will be made in three years. It is planned to put into production 6 blown film production lines and 12 satellite flexographic printing machines, with an output of 36000 tons. The first phase of the project will introduce high-end blown film production lines and satellite flexographic printing machines from W H Company of Germany, as well as high-speed slitting machines from SOMA Company, with a total investment of more than 300 million yuan. At present, the company produces 30 tons of composite membrane per day, that is, it can supply 90000 sets of protective suit materials per day. During the epidemic prevention period, Chongqing Shangkun Medical Devices Co., Ltd. purchased 4 tons of breathable composite non-woven fabrics (medical protective clothing) from Shandong Hengpeng Sanitary Products Co., Ltd. 8: Jiangsu Rankin Technology Development Company Jiangsu Rankin Technology Development Co., Ltd. customized a production line of breathable film in 2010, using secondary stretching technology and imported raw materials to produce domestic top breathable film. The production of composite materials is an important raw material for the production of protective suit, 24 hours of continuous rotation. Every day, 10 tons of raw materials produced here will be continuously sent to downstream manufacturers, and 20000 pieces of protective suit can be produced and sent to the front line of epidemic prevention. 9: Tianjin Dengfeng Sanitary Products Material Co., Ltd. Zhang Qian, general manager of Tianjin Dengfeng Sanitary Products Materials Co., Ltd., said that since the resumption of work on February 6, four production lines have been running and 17 front-line employees are on duty. Zhang Qian introduced that the company has advanced production, testing equipment and technology, mainly producing medical protective suit raw materials breathable flow film, composite film and hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive. 10: Fujian Huiyimei Environmental Material Technology Co., Ltd. In order to help prevent and control the epidemic, Fujian Huiyimei Environmental Protection Material Technology Co., Ltd. urgently changed production, dispatched the assembly line from outside the province in three days, and completed the transformation of the production workshop, which is expected to meet the daily demand for raw materials for 5000 sets of protective suit. 11: Fujian Xinqi Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. Fujian Xinqi Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2016, producing and selling: breathable film, non-woven composite film, breathable particles, PE casting film, disposable medical mask, Quickly Delivery Disposable Protective Clothing ,KN95 Mask for Epidemic Prevention and Control, disposable protective suit, protective suit breathable composite film. 12: Zhejiang Yuehan Technology Breathable Material Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Yuehan Science and Technology Breathable Material Co., Ltd. is a Sino-Korean joint venture, which mainly develops and produces breathable films, breathable particles and breathable film/nonwoven composites with international technology. Among them, breathable particles are the first production in China, and the production technology of breathable film is at the international level. In addition, there are some protective suit related TPU membrane manufacturers. 13: Shishi Huayong New Material Technology Co Ltd In the fabric laminating workshop of Shishi Huayong New Material Technology Co., Ltd., emergency workers are laminating TPU non-porous high moisture permeable film on medical non-woven fabrics, and the two production lines are running at full capacity to step up production. According to Mr. Wang, the head of the company, as a production enterprise, after receiving the approval of the national unified allocation of materials for production, it immediately organized workers to resume work and work overtime. At present, the daily production capacity of protective suit fabrics can reach more than 50000 meters (1.5 meters wide). 14: China Textile New Material Technology Co., Ltd. China Textile New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is the production base of the National Engineering Research Center for Fiber Matrix Composites, mainly engaged in the research, development, production and processing of coated fabrics and high-performance textile materials. As early as the severe moment of national prevention and treatment of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in 2003, China Textile New Material Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which is controlled by China Textile Research Institute, developed medical protective suit composite fabrics on the basis of cooperating with American companies in the development of medical and sanitary materials. China Textile New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has domestic technical talents and technical equipment in the field of polyurethane (TPU) coating and extrusion coating, and has developed and produced various functional materials. After learning about the epidemic, China Textile Institute quickly set up an emergency working group on medical protective materials and products at the Chinese New Year's Eve and entered a "combat state". China Textile New Materials has started 24-hour uninterrupted production, and can produce 20,000 meters of disposable medical protective suit fabrics every day, which is equivalent to the consumption of nearly 10,000 sets of protective suit. The production plan of 1 million meters of medical protective suit fabrics has been completed, and the research and development of reusable new medical protective fabrics is accelerating. It is understood that China Textile Institute has also developed full-partition protective suit fabrics, multi-use surgical gowns and antiviral protective suit fabrics for the epidemic, and accelerated clinical trials in Tianjin. 15: Qingdao Jifa Group After several years of research, Qingdao Jifa Group has made a new breakthrough in the technology of PTFE membrane, and has become one of the few enterprises in the world that can produce PTFE membrane. At present, Jifa Group's production line with an annual output of 1.5 million meters has entered the final trial production stage after nearly a year of experiments. 16: Taiwan Dingji Chemistry Taiwan Dingji Chemical is the world's largest professional manufacturer of TPU film, and has a global leading position in the field of TPU film application. Its TPU film products mainly include: waterproof moisture-permeable film, micro-porous breathable film, TPU leather, hot melt adhesive film series, non-yellowing hot melt adhesive film, shoe material application series, non-yellowing series, medical grade moisture-permeable film, bulletproof glass film, TPU foam series, elastic band series, etc. 17: Dongguan Xionglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The TPU film produced by Dongguan Xionglin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly cast, with a number of TPU cast film production lines, and is the largest annual sales supplier of TPU cast film in Asia. The company has 8 series of more than 40 varieties of TPU film products, and has successfully developed a series of products with international and domestic leading level, such as "low melting point and high bonding strength TPU hot melt adhesive film", "medium and high permeability, waterproof and moisture permeable TPU film", "high resistance to yellowing, antibacterial and mildewproof TPU film". 18: Zhongshan Boruisi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2007, Zhongshan Boruisi focuses on product research and development. It has applied for and authorized 4 invention patents and 11 utility model patents. It has developed a series of products, such as high-elastic flame-retardant ultra-thin polyurethane film, waterproof and moisture-permeable film, multi-layer barrier film, multi-layer hot-melt adhesive film, flame-retardant film, antistatic film, conductive film, hydrolysis-resistant and UV-resistant film. The following are the manufacturers of some breathable membranes in Aibang Medical Fans for your reference; The company's main business Jinsheng non-woven mask, non-woven, protective suit breathable film Qiaodong Group non-woven fabric, breathable film Foshan Meinuo Sanitary Material Technology Co., Ltd. Breathable Film Foshan New Sanhe Plastic Film Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Breathable Film Breathable film of Fujian Xinqi Sanitary Material Co., Ltd. Hubei Tuoying New Material Co., Ltd. Breathable Film Composite Material Xinle Huabao Plastic Film Co., Ltd. Breathable Film Jiangsu Nantong Xitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Composite Material Hebei Haide Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. Composite Film Jinjiang Zhaohe Plastic Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Hengyao New Material Co., Ltd. Composite Membrane Shunchang Plastic (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Breathable Film Zhongshan Fengsheng breathable film PE breathable film of Chongqing Hetai Runjia Co., Ltd. Dongguan Yuhuang Industrial Co., Ltd. Waterproof Breathable Membrane Blue Rain Technology PTFE microporous membrane, composite membrane, waterproof and breathable membrane Huizhou Worui Technology Co., Ltd. Breathable valve EPTFE breathable film, conductive foam shielding material Quanzhou Octavia High-tech Material Technology Co., Ltd. PTFE microporous membrane, mask membrane, filter membrane, 5g electronic membrane, waterproof and breathable membrane for shoes and clothing Shenzhen Shenjiulong Technology Co., Ltd. Dust-proof net, waterproof sound permeable film/breathable film, thermal and conductive shielding products Dongguan Jingcai New Material Technology Co., Ltd. PEN waterproof breathable membrane Gore waterproof breathable membrane Hangzhou Anpulu Film Technology Co., Ltd. Waterproof Breathable Film, EPTFE Shicai Material Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Waterproof, breathable, breathable and sound-permeable film Shenzhen Shenchuang Material Co., Ltd. Waterproof Breathable Film Shanghai Xitian Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Breathable Film Porex waterproof and breathable PTFE membrane Chongqing Fuxin Strong Lamp Rubber Pad, Breathable Film Tianjin Rijin Technology Co., Ltd. Waterproof breathable film, nano waterproof Ampru Film Technology Co., Ltd. is a waterproof breathable film. Fudejiaxin Eisai Co., Ltd. Breathable film Guangdong Huaping Sanitary Materials Co., Ltd. Breathable Film Base Film Changsha Hexing Sanitary Products Material Co., Ltd. Breathable film, non-woven fabric Shenzhen Jinggong Yida Technology Co., Ltd. Waterproof sound permeable membrane, waterproof breathable membrane, waterproof breathable valve Shicai Material Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Waterproof Breathable Film Heat Conducting and Dissipating Material Chongqing Heqin Runjia Co., Ltd. Casting film, breathable film, breathable masterbatch Jiejia breathable film Waterproof and breathable film for Mingnuo Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Hefei Furui New Materials Co., Ltd. LSR injection molding liquid silica gel, waterproof breathable film Kunshan Renhexing Photoelectric Material Co., Ltd. Thermal Conductive Material, Waterproof and Breathable Film Jiangxi Liwen Chemical Co., Ltd. PTFE Shanghai zihua enterprise Co., Ltd. Pe cast permeable membrane Fosu TPE non-porous waterproof and breathable film Haiwei new material PE breathable film, composite film Zhejiang Henkel breathable film, printing film, composite film Hubei Yongcan New Material PE Breathable Film PE Breathable Film Composite Chongqing Victor Technology Co., Ltd. PTFE, breathable membrane, W non-woven fabric, filter Zhejiang Saixun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. produces PTFE laminated protective fabrics. Zhejiang Baihao Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Breathable protective suit materials, non-woven film materials Zhejiang Geertaisi PTFE Waterproof Pneumatic Peritoneum Jiangmen Jinshida Composite Materials Co., Ltd. Non-woven Film Zhejiang Maipula New Material Co., Ltd. Xiantao Jintai science and technology medical protective suit composite breathable film cloth Xiamen Meirun Nonwovens Co., Ltd. PPsss. SMSS, and non-woven fabrics for PE film Shandong Haiwei New Materials Co., Ltd. Breathable composite materials for the production of protective suit, surgical gowns, isolation clothing, surgical drapes and other protective supplies. Suzhou Yaochen New Material Functional protective suit Fabric, High Moisture Permeability High Barrier Antibacterial Coating Fabric and PTFE High Barrier High Filtration Composite Washing Resistant Protective Fabric Weihai Yunlong Composite Textile Material Co., Ltd. produces film-covered protective suit materials (military, medical, occupational protection) Xinle Huabao Medical Products Co., Ltd. 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