Love Song of the North Star

Original Title: Basic Knowledge of Boring Machine (I) Classification and Structure of Drill Rods Drill rod is a tool connecting drill bit and rock

"Then you.." Do you love me? Zhong He raised his head and asked what he cared about most in his heart. Silly question. Geng Ang whispered. Love is just a word, and he intends to spend his life with her, guarding her, how can that simple word compare with his heart? "So you don't love me?" Her heart hurts. Love is just a word, a simple sound, he is not even willing to say it? Even if she is cheated, she will be willing to be cheated. After we win Geng Yu, I will use that money to buy a beautiful island and live there with you. Maybe we will have children and play beach volleyball. He spoke to himself without answering her question. He is not suitable for fantasy, but such a picture clearly comes to mind, and the corners of his mouth also float with a smile. Zhong He froze for a moment and was surprised. You mean.. He has her in his plans for the future, and she is not only a tool for him to win five times his salary, but also to be with her for the rest of his life? Tears rushed into Zhong He's eyes again. With the rest of the money, maybe we can travel around the world, stay in the presidential suite of every five-star hotel, or go nowhere and laugh Geng Yu to death here. Zhong He tried to blink back the tears in her eyes, but the more he said, the more mist in her eyes. Both of these things are very gratifying,long span shelving, but the best thing is to be with you. Geng Ang said sweetly, this is really not suitable for the killer, but what's the harm, his heart is so sweet ah. I I thought I was just a tool for you to win the bet. Zhong He choked up again. No, you were never a tool. Geng Ang hugged her into his arms. The bet was a beginning, and that beginning made him understand his mind. Are you going to get rid of me after you win the money? Zhong He needs a positive answer. Unable He always keeps his promise. But you're a killer, and maybe one day you'll be killed. She broke down in tears at the thought of it. Why worry about that? There are only two people in the world who can kill him. One is dead and the other is not yet born. If you die,Steel racking system, I.. I don't know what to do. Zhong He didn't even dare to think about it. I'm not going to be killed, because I'm going to live with you until I'm white-haired and sit in a rocking chair and watch the sunset. He shook her gently. This silly girl is worried about this kind of thing? "Then.." Will we have time to win the bet? Zhong He asked shyly, and he understood the meaning. There are only a few days left before the one-month deadline. What do you mean.. Geng Ang couldn't help but want to hear her say it again. I say Zhong He blushed. "Do you still want to marry me?" The sound is as thin as a mosquito. Of course I want to marry you. I would have married you long ago. Nothing excites Geng Ang more than that. He wanted to marry her, no longer because of the bet, he wanted to see her wear white veil, want to see her as his bride, want to be with her forever. Really? Zhong He smiled shyly, and the uneasiness in his heart fell to the ground in an instant. We're going to be busy with the wedding. Do you think it's true or not? Geng Ang kissed her excitedly. It was the longest and most thrilling day of their lives, as well as the most surprising and memorable day. ※ ※ ※ The wedding was in full swing, and everyone was very busy. Remember to change the flowers here, the cloth curtain should also be changed, the pot of grass, Industrial pallet rack ,heavy duty warehouse rack, quickly take it away, "Geng Yu, who lost the bet, became the general manager of the wedding." Geng Yu, this is your bill. When he was so busy, Geng Ang handed a list to Geng Yu. What? So much? Geng Yu took the bill and saw that it listed Geng Ang's five times reward, which was even higher than he had estimated. That's interest. I hope you'll get ready soon, because when we're married, we'll ask you for the money. He and Zhong He are going to buy an island in the Pacific Ocean. I see Damn, in order to see Geng Ang's good play, he lost so much money. But it was worth the price of admission. The wedding started in a lively way, and the day was not only a good day for eating running water, but also a good day for asking for money. Ten million, ten million. People with long outstretched hands are everywhere. All right, all right. Unwilling people are everywhere. Tell me earlier. I will win. There is nothing in the world that you can't do. ” "Don't fart. If Lark wasn't too weak, I'm afraid Ang would have to go to the Palace of Hell to ask for a bride." "Even if you go to the Palace of the King of Hell, Ang will get the bride back." "At this point, I believe that Ang's ability can destroy dozens of hell and heaven." "Don't gossip. It's my wedding day. Say something nice." While he was talking, Geng Ang, who was in a stiff suit, handsome and handsome, came over with Zhong He, who was wearing a white gauze and was very shy. Of course, good words should be said. I wish you both good fortune. "Yes, yes, longevity is better than Nanshan." "Thank you. We'll save these two sentences for our birthday." Geng Ang shook his head and clinked glasses with them. Geng Ang did not expect to hear any good words from the mouths of the people of the Ghost Surprise Clan. It's not to wish you a happy birthday. What we mean is: happiness like the East China Sea, longevity like Nanshan, full of children and grandchildren, success in the exam, prosperity in the fifth generation, and the spring of an inch of grass.. "Enough.." Enough These men and dogs really can't spit ivory out of their mouths. No, what we mean is that if you want to live a long life, you will have a lot of children and grandchildren, and all of them will be successful in the exam, and you will be prosperous for five generations, and you will not worry about food and drink. It makes sense to put together these sentences that are not together. I see. Thank you for your kindness. But what I mean is that since you have won a lot of money, why don't you donate 10% to our honeymoon fund? Geng Ang is a businessman, how many good words, not as practical as money. What's more, these people will win money because of them. "Uh.." The crowd giggled. Since everyone seems reluctant,Drive in racking system, we won't get married. "May.." Yes, of course. Win nine million, better than lose ten million. Willing? Geng Ang raised his eyebrows.


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