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Original Title: Basic Knowledge of Boring Machine (I) Classification and Structure of Drill Rods Drill rod is a tool connecting drill bit and rock

Threatening the survival of nearly two million people in Shaxian, Wufo and other three counties. Anyway, at present, the situation in the northwest provinces is almost the same, not as good as that in the south, where there is too much money to spend, and the economy has already been on the fast track. Northwest economy still is in start level 7 although everybody is talking about development 7 talk about leap; actually the situation is clear in his heart only. If we can keep the good situation of eating and maintaining stability and unity, it is very good. As for development, we are waiting for the state to give preference and support, but these seven things seem to be far away from the river. Although the large-scale development of the western region has been put forward for several years, what can be developed under the realistic predicament of no funds and no resources? She can endure these difficulties, but what really upset Zhou Yichan is the political environment in Heyang. Before she came, she had heard of the disharmony between Qiangwei and Deputy Secretary Qiao Guodong, but the province said that it would be adjusted immediately, and Zhou Yichan did not dare to talk about any suggestions on this matter. After all, she was a new daughter-in-law who had just planned to get on the sedan chair, and she could not talk about the length of her husband's family too early. In Heyang, the province did not break its promise, so that a big tree in Heyang,Warehouse storage racks, Song Laozi, chairman of the National People's Congress, retired from the second line, and Qiao Guodong moved to the National People's Congress, which was a more reasonable adjustment of the structure of the team. Zhou Yichan was secretly glad that the province had set up a good stage for her. Although there was friction between Qiangwei and Qiao Guodong, now that one was in the National People's Congress and the other was in the Municipal Committee, the original contradictions were naturally weak,radio shuttle racking, and she was fresh. Blood, it should be able to act as a lubricant for them. Who knows that two years have passed, the situation is far from what she thought. Heyang is complicated, a hundred times more complicated than she thought. A woman is sandwiched between two men. The opera of Heyang is hard to sing. Think of this, Monday's heart is a little dark, a little anxious, if the situation can not be opened, she is likely to be desolate to Heyang, trapped to Heyang, even more frustrating than the difficulties encountered by Qiangwei. Wang's investment in Northwest China is a golden opportunity and a light given to her by God in the darkness. I Lin Company is a leader in the field of international biological products, and is also the first giant in the biological products industry to enter the Chinese market. In recent years, it has expanded in the electronic information industry. It first invested in frontier cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou in China, and after gaining successful experience, it expanded in Shenzhen and Zhuhai. Its market has expanded to more than half of China, Pallet rack upright ,heavy duty racking system, and the only blank is the northwest. As soon as the strategic decision of the central government to develop the western region was made, Reiter Company moved and extended its tentacles to the northwest where no one was interested. At the very beginning, Reiter set its investment target in a neighboring province, but after nearly a year of talks, the two sides failed to reach an agreement. Heard the information, Heyang side go all out, after With the efforts of the province and the city, the company decided to shift its target to Heyang. After the initial contact, Zhou Yichan's heart ignited a fire, although she was not very clear! The Strategic Motivation of Peng Company to Invest in Northwest China However, it can attract several hundred million yuan of investment, and for the mayor of this backward area, it can not but be said to be a beautiful temptation. Now as a mayor, what is the most difficult job? Economy! What is the central task of the government? Or the economy! Looking at the whole province and the whole country, where is not the investment promotion as a major event to sing? In terms of political significance alone, it is extraordinary for a multinational enterprise like Reiter to settle in Heyang. With attractive investment, internationally leading cutting-edge technology, brand-new business philosophy, and super-first-class management, it is undoubtedly an epoch-making challenge for a traditional agricultural city like Heyang. It will bring unprecedented impact and good news to Heyang. Thinking about it, Zhou Yichan was intoxicated. It was as if the blueprint she had sketched in her mind had been realized. ... It's exasperating At such a critical moment, the villagers of Hongshawo Village will be Qin. Xiyue and Qiangwei are stuck in the sand nest! The two key figures could not be present, and the scheduled welcoming meeting was cancelled on Monday. The heads of the departments and bureaus who had been tied up for a long time were sent back to their units to obey orders. He personally arranged for Ouyang and his wife to live well, and specially asked them to take a bath first and have a rest; the rest of the agenda began later. Then she slipped into the guest room she occupied on the second floor of the hotel to prepare for the negotiations that began at 3. Ouyang came this time to conduct substantive negotiations on the first phase of cooperation projects between the two sides on behalf of the board of directors of the company. The negotiations included 12 major items and 38 minor items, such as land acquisition, labor security, mutually beneficial policies and environmental protection. The negotiation outline has been finalized by the working groups of both sides in advance and has been sent to the delegates. Of course, as far as Ouyang's posture is concerned, he did not bring a negotiator, and if he did, it was only one foot of Miss Mai Rui. Miss Mai Rui herself is the leader of the working group of the other party, and almost all the preliminary work is done by her and several of her assistants. Heyang is different. In order to show solemnity, the municipal government has set up a special project group and transferred 21 comrades from seven departments. This is not to mention that because Heyang lacks experience in negotiating and cooperating with international enterprises, many things do not know how to start. During the exhibition, the provincial government specially selected six experts to help Heyang formulate a plan, and was responsible for the whole process of consulting and answering questions. The first material that Zhou Yichan took out was a memorandum handed to her by an expert in the provincial capital, which was about environmental protection. Nowadays, environmental protection is the first factor in investing in factories, especially in Heyang, which is located in the Populus euphratica River Basin. As Chou Yi-can was watching intently, Tseng, the director of the reception office, slipped in quietly and said in a low voice,Narrow aisle rack, "Mayor Chou, Miss Chin is losing her temper. She's clamoring to see her father and wants to tell her the truth."? 11 Zhou Yichan raised his head and his eyes showed his dissatisfaction with Director Zeng. As the director of the reception office, the main undertaker of this reception task is Director Zeng Jin. Tian's performance made her very dissatisfied. But she refrained from letting her emotions out.


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