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Original Title: Basic Knowledge of Boring Machine (I) Classification and Structure of Drill Rods Drill rod is a tool connecting drill bit and rock

The wine pool and meat forest are not big, and they are estimated to be several times smaller than the previous three maps. There are only two kinds of monsters, one is the blood in the wine pool, called virgin blood, which is immune to physical attacks and has a strong corrosive ability, and the other is the meat on the meat forest, called vampire zombies, which is immune to magic attacks and can break the defense. These are two extreme monsters, which may be a bit of a headache for players to fight alone, but they are not worth mentioning in front of a well-equipped team. Tank in the front, output in the back, there is control and treatment, not long, they will clean up all the monsters in the wine pool meat forest, killed in front of BOSS, and then all the people froze, and exclaimed: "I rely on!"! This game designer is either an artist or a psycho! Chapter 358 being obsessed with sex. At the end of the wine pool and meat forest, there is a gorgeous big bed. Lying on the big bed is a woman with white skin, beautiful appearance, long breasts and thighs. The woman inside is covered with a gauze, and her perfect figure is looming. It is reasonable to say that the wine pool and meat forest are linked to extravagance and dissipation. There is nothing wrong with putting a girl on a bed here, but the wine pool and meat forest here is full of corpses and blood, which is very spooky. In such a ferocious environment, put a beautiful girl, more beautiful and uglier, giving people a strong sense of visual impact. Everyone was stunned by the comparison. When they reached the vicinity of the big bed, the woman on the bed opened her eyes slightly, and her beautiful eyes were simply fascinating. Bloody Countess, Lilith (?) (Dark Gold BOSS) (Elite) HP:600000。 MP:200000。 Skills: feeding on blood, drinking blood wine, arousing desire, and singing with drunkenness. Background: Originally the leader of the blood clan, he was good at brewing wine with blood. After the dark came, he took refuge in the sixth apostle and became his right-hand man. Looking at Lilith's flawless body, Mowgli cried, "I like this game …" It would be better if there were more such BOSS. "Yes, yes." Ji Ao nodded his head again and again. "What do you like about her?" Ming Dujian asked Ji Ao. "Big breasts." Ji Ao is already obsessed with sex. "It's really a child," said Chunxiang contemptuously. Uncle tells you that women have to look at their waists and farts. "Alas!" Before Chunxiang had finished speaking, a crossbow arrow shot directly at Chunxiang's head, interrupting the words behind Chunxiang. Chunxiang looked up and saw Yang Na fiddling with the crossbow in her hand not far away, stringing it. Seeing this, Chunxiang was so frightened that he was clever all over. If we discuss this topic of disrespect for women again, I will open the killing mode next time! Yang Na fiercely rushed to the four people. Team mode has system protection, but killing mode is indiscriminate attack. With Yang Na's ability, if this arrow opens the killing mode, Chunxiang estimates that even if he doesn't die, he will have to lose his skin. Mowgli and others knew that Yang Na did what she said. Hearing this, they quickly shut up. Chunxiang shook his head with a straight face and said, "How can I? I respect women most. Sister, Pallet rack beams , look at my honest eyes!" No one knows whether Chunxiang is upright or not. Anyway, the arrow dangling on her forehead is quite obscene. Hum Yang Na snorted coldly and ignored them. At this time, the BOSS on the bed also sat up, moved his body, and said to Mowgli with his fingers: "Handsome boy, would you like to have a drink?" "To.." "Yes." By the bloody countess such a tease, Mowgli eyes immediately turned into a heart shape, drooling to walk past. Pow! Yang Na raised her hand and shot at the back of Mowgli's head, but Mowgli was unconscious and still walked forward mechanically. This time everyone saw something was wrong. No, Mowgli fell for it! With a cry of surprise, Ji Ao, who was closest to Mowgli, rushed to the back of Mowgli and was about to pull him. Who knew that Mowggi turned his head and swung a staff on Ji Ao's face. -224! There is no harm, and sure enough, Mowgli is under control. If it's not controlled, it won't hurt to fight bayonets with each other in the same team. Ji Ao was beaten in a daze and immediately reacted, so he stretched his hands forward and pulled Mowgli with his knees. -881! -1241! -1245! Three damage hit out, Mowgli not only did not die, but waved the staff to Ji Ao body set a forbidden speech, then grabbed the staff and Ji Ao hand-to-hand combat. Mowgli was helpless at this time, and even if he was beaten, he dared not really kill Mowgli, so he had to run back. Before she could take two steps, Lilith said, "Little brother, would you like to have a drink with your sister?" "Good.." OK Hearing Lilith's voice, his proud eyes suddenly became exactly the same as Mowgli's, and his body involuntarily turned around and went to Lilith's bed. Damn it Seeing that the two masters of Quanzhen Sect lost their virginity and thieves one after another, the others hurriedly retreated several meters in horror. There is a saying that it is the tomb of heroes in the gentle countryside. In the traditional Chinese concept, it is not shameful to be killed, but it is shameful to die on the belly. Of course, life is not important in the game, if there is such treatment, regardless of customs clearance, try it, but similar to this situation, shameless system will never let players die on the belly of BOSS, only may die in the hands of their teammates. What now? Watching Mowgli and Ji Ao getting closer and closer to the bloody queen, Wang Yu asked the others. At ordinary times, Wang Yu must have rushed up to pull people, but to see the fate of Ji Ao, Wang Yu immediately lived in his own ideas, the Wang family is an ancient family, Wang Yu was instilled with traditional ideas from childhood, although he will not be so extreme, but if he is obsessed with sex, it is better to kill him. At this time, Ming Du said: "Chun elder brother, control them, can drag a second is a second!" " Mingdu's train of thought is correct, if two people really climb on the BOSS bed, it is bound to be ominous, the battle in the game, a second of time may reverse the war situation, really want to drag on a few seconds, maybe really can come up with a way to get them back. omracking.com


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