Shangguan Dinglie Swordsman

Jiang Yan thought he was angry: "You have no patience with girls since you were a child.". Our ten elder brothers always do what they say.

Some passers-by were surprised to see them and said, "Look at these two little beggars. They seem to be very happy." Dugu Qingsong missed his uncle in his heart and ignored him. Suddenly, just then, I heard a laugh and said, "Sister Perrin, you see that this man and woman are still so happy. What's the shame?" When Leng Yanrong heard this, she touched Dugu Qingsong with her elbow. Dugu Qingsong had already heard it and recognized who it was. She was angry and thought, "Brother You, hum!"! "I'll teach you both a lesson today." As soon as he thought about it, he pretended not to hear it. "Oh, don't be afraid," he said to Leng Zhaorong in a subdued voice. "If a dog bites a man on the street, that's great. I'm sure I'll kick him to death." Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the side of the street and saw three people standing at the door of an inn. They were Gongsun Peilin, the daughter of Lingxiao guest Gongsun Yan, and You Wenjun, the son of Cangming guest You Junsong. You Wenjun You Wenbin couldn't help laughing proudly when he heard this and said, "Sister Peilin, it sounds like Xiao Jiaohua hasn't eaten for three days and three nights. It's a big tone." Dugu Qingsong said to Leng Yanrong again, "Ah, did you hear the barking of the dog?" Leng Yanrong already understood and replied, "I seem to have heard it. Will it come out and bite people?" "I'm afraid they're two mangy dogs. They look scary and useless." Dugu Qingsong and Leng Yanrong sang and answered as if they had two dogs. Gongsun Pei-lin was more careful. She frowned and looked at the You brothers. "You're shameless for no reason. People say you're two mangy dogs." When the You brothers heard this, they couldn't help being furious. You Wenbin, in particular,gold cil machine, was impetuous. He shouted, "The little beggar who wants to die, stop. How dare you call me a dog? I want you to look good." Dugu Qingsong and Leng Yanrong did not look back, still pretending not to have heard. But Dugu Qingsong raised his voice and exclaimed: "Ah, Yanrong!"! I just thought they were two mangy dogs, but they turned out to be two mad dogs. It's terrible to bite people. Let's go quickly! As they spoke, the two of them quickened their pace and hurried toward the street. You Wenbin was not willing to give up. He shouted again, "Beggars,portable gold wash plant, if you don't stop, I'll tell you to die in the middle of the street at once." Dugu Qingsong also shouted, "Ah, mad dogs bite countless people. Let's run!" The two men took to their heels. You Wenbin then chased, you Wenjun and Gongsun Peilin also hurried to catch up. As Dugu Qingsong ran, he whispered to Leng Yanrong about the life experiences of the three people and the anger of the Youshi brothers when he was a child. Who would have thought that when you Wenbin saw that he couldn't catch up with the two of them for a while, he was so furious that he suddenly started to catch up with them regardless of the unique skill of the double flying guest in the martial arts world on the street. With a sneer, Dugu Qingsong suddenly grabbed Leng Yanrong's arm with one hand. When Youwenbin was within ten feet behind him, he also started to run wildly. However, he was still running wildly and did not show any traces of kungfu. Youwenbin was always several feet away from him, but he could not catch up with him. "The mad dog is coming! Run for your life!" Said Duguqing, with a loud cry. You Wenbin was so angry that the first Buddha came out and the second Buddha was born. He cursed loudly, saying, "If I don't tear your mouth, I will swear not to be a man!" Moments later, Dugu Qingsong ran out of Wushan County with Leng Yanrong. Before arriving at an earthen mountain, Dugu Qingsong saw no one everywhere. Suddenly, mineral flotation ,magnetic separator machine, his feet slipped and he turned around! You Wenbin felt a flash of a figure, "Pa Pa!" There were two heavy slaps on his cheeks, which made him dizzy, but he was calm, and the lonely green pine and the cold wild goose were still running ahead. "Who dares to plot against your young master?" He shouted in exasperation? But when there was no one around, he hesitated and said, "If someone hadn't plotted against you, wouldn't you be a beggar?" Although his heart moved, he was a little incredulous, but suddenly the words of Dugu Qingsong floated in his ears: "Well, Yanrong, the mad dog is frightened and dare not chase any more. Let's walk slowly!" You Wenbin listens, one sweeps the body to sweep forward fiercely, who knows at present one flower, "Pa Pa!" There were two sharp sounds, and two more slaps, which were heavier, and only made his cheeks swell up. You Wenbin looked at the two callers, but he still walked slowly forward. Suddenly he had a chance to kill, and when he was twenty feet away from the two of them, he slapped him with a heavy hand and hit him silently. Dugu Qingsong thought to himself, "What a vicious boy! You have lost your reputation as a double flying guest. I must teach you a good lesson today." Dugu Qingsong floated eight feet horizontally in the area of Leng Yanrong, and with the sound of "tent", Youwenbin had a heavy palm on the original stand, which made the dust fly. Dugu Qingsong thought to himself, "Sure enough, he has already entered the country, but he is still too far away." As soon as his ghostly figure became invisible, You Wenbin felt a flash of a figure, and he could not avoid it. "Pa Pa" had already slapped him twice, and this time he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, and had taken off two big teeth. Only then did he realize that he had met a master today, and that he was too far apart. He was stunned and shouted, "My friend, if you have the courage, show your name. Why.." When he finished speaking, Dugu Qingsong sneered and turned to him again. With a single palm, he swept a lot of hair over his head and immediately drifted away with the wind. At the same time, Dugu Qingsong said in a cold voice, "Mad dog, you bite again!" He twisted his nose again, which made you Wenbin burst into tears. Dugu Qingsong was also at this time. Remembering the oppression he had suffered in the White Horse Village, he felt resentful for a moment and slapped him twice, which had already changed you Wenbin beyond recognition. Leng Yanrong felt sorry and came forward to pull Dugu Qingsong back. Dugu Qingsong was still trembling with excitement. Just then, You Wenjun and Gongsun Peilin rushed to him. As soon as you Wenjun saw that his younger brother had been beaten like this by Dugu Qingsong, he gave a sad scream and turned around and pounced on Dugu Qingsong. Dugu Qingsong changed his voice and said in a cold voice, "If you don't believe me, I can still beat you like that!" How could you Wenjun listen to him? He raised his hand and fell down, and he shouted to him. As soon as Dugu Qingsong dodged, he did not want to use kungfu, but he saw through it. As soon as You Wenjun's palm fell through, Dugu Qingsong turned around and did the same. He slapped her in the face twice and said angrily,Carbon in Pulp, "If you don't know what's good for you again, hum, you take it!" 。


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