Limit exchange space

Jiang Yan thought he was angry: "You have no patience with girls since you were a child.". Our ten elder brothers always do what they say.

'Shudao Dharma Crown + 3: The armor of Qingyun Gate in a game of the Earth, which is worn by the true immortals of level 75. True Qi increases by 274 points. Defense: 45 Special Attribute: Qi and blood increase by 268. After the refining was completed, Yi Chi put the mitre on his head. Fortunately, the mitre was not ugly. After Yi Chi put it on, instead of reducing his charm, he looked more refined. At this time, Yi Chi has worn the equipment, and the defense has increased to an astonishing 280 points, that is to say, the attack power below 560 points will not cause any damage to Yi Chi. If a Samsung Douzong doesn't use fighting skills to strike with all his strength, he won't hurt Yi Chi at all. Even if he uses fighting skills, the increased attack power won't cause any damage to Yi Chi. Don't forget, Yi Chi is a one-horned demon with strong natural defense. Think of here, Yi Chi can not help laughing, the big prince's calculation, in the present view, Yi Chi seems to be no need to worry about, even those nine-level Warcraft, their attack hit Yi Chi's body, the breakthrough equipment defense really hit Yi Chi's attack power, simply can not kill Yi Chi, will only make Yi Chi injured. This defense is really satisfied with Yi Chi, but the increase of True Qi makes Yi Chi very dissatisfied, 274 points of True Qi, just let Yi Chi feel a little more fighting spirit, there is not much improvement, it is a little disappointed with Yi Chi. Of course, the promotion is better than nothing, Yi Chi will no longer care about, after all, the defense has made him very satisfied, this little deficiency, Yi Chi think about it. After finishing all four pieces of equipment, Yi Chi collected the remaining seventeen upgrade stones again, and a dodge appeared in the woods. After looking around and making sure that no one was there, Yi Chi leisurely walked to the camp of the Xiangtian Empire. Now the exchange of equipment,coltan ore processing, the next step, Yi Chi is going to exchange some skills, with his current repair, should be able to exchange for better skills? Thinking of this, Yi Chi could not help but secretly excited. Up to now, Yi Chi still uses Shaoxia's skills. Of course, even Shaoxia's skills are still very strong, which helps Yi Chi a lot. Unfortunately, it is more and more useless now. It is time to upgrade. PS: The monthly ticket of Shenzhou fighters, thank you. Dou Shen Relics Chapter 253 has a lot of skills! Chapter 253 many skills! (Second Watch) Walk in the woods. Yi Chi thought quietly about what skills he should exchange. First of all, now that he had decided to take this route, he had to go until he died. For this reason, Yi Chi had specifically asked Yi Tang whether this route would be a dead end. When he got the answer, it was the most suitable one for Yi Chi in all skills. First of all, it can specialize in several skills, and will not be eliminated because of the increase of its own strength, because in the exchange space, such skills can be upgraded indefinitely, that is to say, Portable gold trommel ,tin beneficiation plant, as long as Yi Chi still has energy points, it can be enhanced all the time, and will not be eliminated at all. Moreover, this kind of skill is also a kind of existence that destroys the balance in this world, because many of it are designed according to other worlds, coupled with the strengthening of the exchange space, it is even more extreme, Yi Chi can be decent, there is no skill in it that is beyond the existence of divine arts, it is exaggerated to the extreme skill that can make mortals slaughter gods, of course. This is not to say that it is impossible to have such strength as soon as it is converted, but after strengthening and upgrading in the future, it will indeed be so strong, or even higher. Thinking about it, Yi Chi had returned to the camp unconsciously. Turning his head to look at the direction he came, Yi Chi could not help laughing. Back in the tent. Yi Chi first went to see Ruoxi. At this time, she just put the tableware on the table. When she saw Yi Chi come in, she immediately said happily, "Master, come back and pull." Yi Chi smiled at her, looked at the delicious food on the table, and immediately went to the table and said with a smile, "Ruoxi, your hands are very skillful." Said, Yi Chi picked up a piece of meat of some kind of Warcraft, put it into his mouth, and immediately felt the fragrance overflowing in his mouth. The taste is really good, "Yi Chi looked at Ruoxi and praised." It's good that Master likes it. Ruoxi said with a smile that she was also very happy to be able to make Yi Chi happy. Looking at her with a smile, Yi Chi sat down and looked at her and said, "Well, don't be busy, sit down and eat together." "Yes." With a nod, Ruoxi sat down beside Yi Chi and quickly picked up a few dishes for him. She looked at him and said with a smile, "Master, you can taste it. This is something I've just learned." With these words, she looked at Yi Chi expectantly. Smiling, Yi Chi picked it up and put it in his mouth. He nodded with satisfaction and looked at Ruoxi and said with a smile, "En is also delicious." "Really," Ruoxi said in surprise. How interesting Smiled and nodded, Yi Chi can not help but have the feeling of returning home, it seems that the autumn rain that little girl is also such a look. …… After a dinner, Yi Chi and Ruoxi returned to their rooms, of course, to their respective rooms. Closing the door, Yi Chi frowned again. Sometimes the opportunity to choose more, but it is a kind of trouble, Yi Chi personally, he is not like to see a love one, but can not hold, as a normal man, this is inevitable, not to mention they are peerless beauty, how can Yi Chi not move? But this is also the trouble of Yi Chi, he does not know if they can accept each other. It's not good if we break up on bad terms. Do not understand, let him let nature take its course, "Yi Chi thought silently in his heart.". After thinking about it, Yi Chi observed the room again and entered the exchange space again. Yi Tang, give me a list of skills. "As soon as Yi Chi came in,gold CIP machine, he shouted loudly.". Surprised to look at Yi Chi, Yi Tang looked a little curious, or according to Yi Chi's command to list the skills.


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