Age of Light _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

Jiang Yan thought he was angry: "You have no patience with girls since you were a child.". Our ten elder brothers always do what they say.

With a sneer, Princess Qingli stood up and chanted a few incantations. Then she tapped her finger on the throne and heard a few dull machine sounds. The throne slid aside, revealing a square well more than ten feet deep and filled with cold air under the throne. Princess Qingli stepped back a few steps, and a transparent cold jade coffin slowly rose from the well. A girl who was exactly the same as Princess Qingli, but more delicate and lively, was lying quietly in the coffin. The girl's skin was as white as snow, and her delicate body was not picky at all. As soon as the ice coffin flew up, she slowly opened her eyes. A colorful light flashed through her pale blue eyes. A translucent palace skirt composed of countless heavy blue tulle had been put on her body. The lid of the coffin flew up, and the girl flew out of the ice coffin and clapped her hands gently between the eyebrows of Princess Qingli. Hearing a'click 'sound, Princess Qingli's body disintegrated into countless pieces of multicolored pearls and jade, and a wisp of blood as thin as hair flew up from the pearls and jade, and the thin blue blood twisted rapidly in the air like a snake. Finger flick, the girl's fingertips a wisp of fire burning, this wisp of blue blood burned into smoke drifting away. With a faint fragrance scattered with the smoke, the girl picked up the favor of the goddess of youth on the ground and put it on her chest with a blurred smile. A magical force seeped into the girl's body, and she felt the different manifestations of the body in an instant. The favor of the goddess of youth belongs to this palace, and no one can take it away! The girl Yingsheng laughed, listening to her tone, she is the real Princess Qingli, but in front of everyone, is a puppet whose flesh and blood are not flesh and blood? "King Dongshun is also of this palace, and of course all the benefits of his power should be enjoyed by this palace." "Founding Shrine, how can it be so easy for you to get blood from the Qin Empire through this palace?" "Hee hee,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, you shouldn't have taught me the art of casting spirits." It's not my fault to cast so many spirit puppets. How can I gradually pull the power of the spirit out of the body? Eventually led to the palace to wake up? Although this palace is still unable to get rid of your imprisonment, as long as this palace can practice the art of casting spirits to the highest level and create a puppet of this life, this palace can be completely liberated. With a chill on her pretty face, Princess Qingli said lazily, "Ying Shao, hum, no matter who you take refuge in, now this palace is using you as a cover.". Be polite, this palace gives you a little benefit, let you seal a prince what. If not obedient, then the palace can ignore the feelings of sister and brother. With a wave of his big sleeve, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, the colorful debris on the ground burned at the same time, the five-color divine light shone on the dark underground palace, and the animal statues on the surrounding walls were beating like living things. Princess Qingli waited until all the debris burned out, and then her figure flashed like a wisp of smoke out of the underground palace. Leaving the underground palace and going straight to the top floor of the tower, Princess Qingli stood at the window and looked quietly in the direction of the imperial city. The queen mother, and the queen, does the cloud want to kill you in advance? Unexpectedly peep at the artifact of this palace, how can this palace tolerate? "There is only a thousand days to be a thief, and there is no reason to guard against a thousand days. You are thinking about this thing in this palace all day long, and this palace is perturbed in your heart." With a few sighs, Princess Qingli shook her head and clapped her hands. Several palace maids quickly came up from the lower part of the tower and knelt respectfully in front of Princess Qingli. Princess Qingli looked at the direction of the imperial city and said in a low voice, "The King of Dongan has just arrived. I'm afraid he has no place to stay in the city. He can't live in the imperial city, can he?"? There are more than a dozen mansions under the name of this palace. Pick the best one and send the deed to it. Although King Dongshun is building a palace, it can't be completed without three or five years. We can't wait for the family to come and let them lodge outside. "In the mansion, there are those exotic foods from overseas, as well as local products from all over the country, all of which are selected and sent to the past.". ” "Let's just say this is a little token of the palace. By the way, select some well-behaved and obedient maids to send them over. I don't know how many servants the King of Dongan has brought this time. Even if they do, they are not familiar with the place. They can't find a place to buy some vegetables, melons and fruits. They can pick some experienced and steady housekeepers with clean hands and feet from the house to send them over.". Anyway, as soon as something happens, all of you have considered it properly for this palace. "When the king of Dongshun and the king of Dongan came out of the gate of the imperial city, they said that it was not easy to see them in this palace these days." "When the wedding ceremony is over in a few days, I will go to pay my respects to the King of Dongan." When several palace maids were ordered to retire, Princess Qingli clapped her hands on the window lattice and breathed heavily. Ben Gong. I'm really scared! (To be continued). Say 。 T! Xt-Paradise Chapter eight hundred and one wedding eve. Xuan Lan stayed in the imperial city, and Ying Zheng was very interested in him, so he raised a lot of death row prisoners from the heaven prison and the imperial edict prison to feed Xuan Lan. There is no doubt that Xuan Lan Lijian fell in love with the imperial city. Lin Qi could not walk around with a frost giant who was more than three hundred meters tall and gave off a pressing cold, which would definitely make the world chaotic, so Lin Qi was happy to let Xuan Lan stay here. Other dragons and ghosts, as well as the unique creatures of the abyss world, Linzi also let them stay in the imperial city. Anyway, Ying Zheng is not afraid of the risks that these abyssal creatures may bring, and Lin Qi doesn't need to worry about Ying Zheng, does he? How he likes to study these abyssal creatures is up to him. After a night of tossing and turning, it was the third day of the next day when Linqi and Blackbeard left the imperial city surrounded by a large group of eunuchs. There were a thousand eunuchs, and this was Ying Zheng's reward to the father and son for them to command. After all, Lin Qi and his son are now the princes of the Qin Empire, according to the imperial etiquette,Sex Enhancement Powder, they are qualified and must order eunuchs. A thousand eunuchs, according to Lin Qi's three second-grade provinces, he could easily raise a thousand times more eunuchs than this number.


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