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"The letter, still at the scene of the murder, I also saw, to the effect of greeting Meng Taishou, asking him to be more careful on the way, and waiting for him in Xiaobihu.." Chui Ming ignored Master Qifa's modesty.

Seeing that Song Haotian did not move his bowls and chopsticks after sitting down, Ye Tian simply stood up and said, "Grandpa, let's go. I promised to accompany my daughter-in-law for a walk in the evening. Don't delay my business." "Smelly boy, you are poor!" Song Haotian was said to be dumbfounding by his grandson, not to mention ordinary people, is the provincial feudal officials, want to see these people at the same time is not easy, Ye Tian showed this reluctant look, even Song Haotian heart gave birth to the impulse to kick him a few feet. I am a layman, thinking about the life of my wife and children on the hot Kang. Grandpa, fame and power are all floating clouds for me! After walking out of the restaurant, Ye Tian made a ha-ha, but it seemed inappropriate to say such a thing at his age. The masters of Zhongnanhai, led by Chang Hao, looked at Ye Tian at this time, as if they were looking at a madman. They could not imagine how such a person was worth putting down the busy things in their hands to meet him? "You're good at Kung Fu, but you've been pampered for a long time, and you're much less murderous." Passing by Chang Hao, Ye Tian suddenly smiled and said, "Your aptitude is also good. You could have made further progress in martial arts. Even if you surpass Yang Luchan and Dong Haichuan,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, it's not impossible. It's just that you changed to play with guns on the way. Your mind is inevitably mixed. Without that thought, you can only stop here!" Ye Tian saw through Chang Hao's kung fu at a glance. Apart from several brothers and Lei Zhentian, he was the only one Ye Tian could see. He could achieve the goal of cultivating strength in his early forties. His talent was better than that of Ye Tian's brothers. But to Ye Tian's regret, this person who had hoped to enter the congenital world finally went astray. He simply did not know that when the potential of the human body was developed to the extreme, it was far from being comparable to the tiny trails of firearms. Loose talk. What do you know at such a young age? Chang Hao was originally surprised by Ye Tian's words, but immediately reacted to come over, this should be Song Haotian just told him his origin in the restaurant,China spa factory, but not what Ye Tian himself saw. Ye Tian did not think much of Chang Hao's words. He shook his head and walked ahead. This man had no heart to the Tao, or had already been assimilated by the world of mortals. Ye Tian was not the Buddha, so naturally he did not enlighten his mind. At the entrance of the alley of the courtyard, three black cars had already been parked. Ye Tian was in the second car, and when he got on, the color of the window suddenly turned black, and he could no longer see the outside from inside, and a partition rose between the back row and the driver's seat, and the space where Ye Tian was immediately became dark. Mr. Ye, I'm sorry. It's necessary to keep secret. Please be more understanding! From a microphone in the back row came Chang Hao's voice, although the words were very polite, but the tone was slightly stiff, obviously some dissatisfaction with what Ye Tian had just said. It doesn't matter. I'll sleep and call me when I get there. Ye Tian waved his hand indifferently, yawned and actually lay down and went to sleep. This little trick had no meaning for him. As long as the divine consciousness was released, I'm afraid half of the capital was under his gaze. Is this boy really talented or stupid and bold? Ye Tian's actions, outdoor endless pool ,5 person hot tub, so that Chang Hao sitting in the front row can not see through, if it is his first time to see those people, will not be so relaxed. The car drove out of the inner city, all the way to the west, about an hour and a half, turned into the rolling Xishan Mountain Road. After entering here, Ye Tian's eyelids moved slightly, because he could feel that within tens of kilometers of his body, there was an invisible radio wave enveloping him, presumably to guard against satellite surveillance in the sky. Hey, didn't you think there was such a place in the capital? Ye Tian found that after driving four or five hundred meters on the mountain road, the car suddenly turned right, and on the right side of the rock wall, suddenly opened a gate, when the car entered, the gate closed silently. "The whole mountain has been hollowed out, which is really a big deal!" After entering here, Ye Tian also had to admit that sometimes what human beings can do, I am afraid that even immortals are difficult to accomplish. To be continued Chapter 863 explanation. Ye Tian is in this space, is a whole mountain of the mountainside to be completely hollowed out, in this huge space, not only parked hundreds of tanks and hundreds of artillery, but also the runway, a few fighter planes with silver luster, quietly parked at the end of the runway. After entering the mountainside, the car went straight to the depths of the mountainside, even after several electronic gates, it stopped, but then Ye Tian felt the car falling down with his own body, but the other side drove the car directly into the elevator. Mr. Ye, here we are! About thirty meters down, a bright light came in, and the door was pulled open from the outside. Stay in the dark for more than two hours, suddenly see the strong light, many people will not be used to, the usual performance is the eyes hurt tears, standing outside the car door Chang Hao with a smile on his face, obviously want to see how Ye Tian made a fool of himself. However, Ye Tian's performance disappointed Chang Hao. After stepping out of the car door, Chang Hao could not see any abnormality on Ye Tian's face. The strong light on his head had no effect on him at all. It's really hidden. I didn't expect Xishan to hide such a place. Is it used to evade nuclear weapons? Ye Tian looked around, these underground buildings are poured with concrete, the terrain is slightly higher, there are thick concrete pillars to support, even if a nuclear bomb falls on it, I believe there will be no harm here. All the walls in this underground building have been painted, and the ventilation performance is excellent,whirlpool hot tub, the fault is not Ye Tian, otherwise a person to come, I am afraid I never dreamed that he has been tens of meters underground.

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