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"The letter, still at the scene of the murder, I also saw, to the effect of greeting Meng Taishou, asking him to be more careful on the way, and waiting for him in Xiaobihu.." Chui Ming ignored Master Qifa's modesty.

Frowning, Ying Ping said, "She is my wife, and I will always be by her side." Then the hand gently stroked Smilena's face, and Smilena's face became blurred in the eyes of outsiders. Women, especially beautiful women, are a problem everywhere. Originally a very warm, very touching words, but from the mouth of Yingping, it is a little uncomfortable, in the final analysis, it is the effect of his cold, non-human emotional voice. Yang Mingliang's smile was a little stiff, and he quietly stuck out his tongue at Xiao Tong and stopped talking. Several people went straight ahead and walked through two streets. As he walked, Ying Ping noticed that the civilization of this planet, both in terms of the process of civilization and cultural characteristics, was very much like the Tianlong Kingdom in the feudal era, and he was already sure that this planet must be related to Ningyun Star. The city of Miro had a large population, but all of them came and went in a hurry without saying much, in an atmosphere of uneasiness and tension. The street is still busy, and there are many vendors. There are many soldiers, almost every ten seconds, there will be a group of soldiers armed with pikes patrolling past, see Xiao Tong is slightly nodding, continue to move forward, do not salute or anything, see the handsome white-haired Ying Ping is a little surprised, as for Ying Ping's arms of Smilena, because she can not see the face, but did not attract much attention. So, walking on the street, from time to time there are young women laughing at Ying Ping,endless swimming pool, the rate of turning heads is quite high, but Ying Ping can not be much happy, only feel a little irritable. Brother Ying, do you always hold your sister-in-law like this? Yang Mingliang tilted his head and asked. Pretty good "Why doesn't my sister-in-law wake up?" "Sick." "Isn't Brother Ying tired of holding his sister-in-law like this?" “…… As long as you really love someone, you won't be tired no matter what. When lightly said this very affectionate words to comfort the child, Yingping took advantage of people's inattention, viciously pinched Smilena's chest, and added a sentence in his heart: especially in bed. Although he didn't think much of the body now, it was good to be entertained occasionally. Yang Mingliang was stupefied for a moment, and the color of longing appeared in her eyes. In her heart, she had already decided that there was a romantic love between Ying Ping and Smilena. Ying Ping turned to Xiao Tong and said, "What happened to those monsters?" More Wonderful Books in the Original Literature of Chasing Waves (http://www.zhulang.com) Chapter 70 of the main text. "Ah!"! Brother Ying, are you from this world or not? Don't you even know that? Yang Mingliang was surprised. Little girl, don't be big or small! Sir is a reclusive master, living in the mountains for a long time, naturally will not know these vulgar things! Xiao Tong scolded, then sighed and said to Ying Ping, garden jacuzzi tub ,whirlpool hot tub, "Actually, we don't know what happened. Just a year ago, these monsters, like Xiaoguan, suddenly appeared on the mainland and swept across the mainland overnight. Many countries have become dead countries. These monsters are like people. We call them zombies, although they move slowly." But they can only be killed by cutting off their heads, and those who are scratched and bitten by zombies will also be infected with corpse poison and become new zombies, so their ranks continue to grow! And the green monster, which we call the man-eating beast, is fast, powerful, and extremely difficult to deal with by eating people, but it is not difficult to kill them as long as they can be cut down. Xiao Tong breathed a sigh of relief and said, "The country we are in now is the Xuanfeng Kingdom. To the north is the Southern Ming Kingdom, and to the west is the Red Leaf Kingdom. Now there are only three big countries composed of many small countries in the whole lost continent. One third of the area is already the world of monsters, and this city of Miro is one of the human cities bordering the area controlled by monsters.". It is said that a new monster appeared in Fenghua City, which is also a frontier city. It was attacked by the monster in two days. I went out of the city without permission this time to save the refugees from Fenghua City who escaped by luck. We didn't dare to be too far away, so we searched nearby for a day and only found about ten refugees.. At this point, Xiao Tong's eyes darkened. Ying Ping was moved in his heart. He remembered. It seemed that the guard of the fat man before said that the fat man was the deputy Lord of Fenghua City or something like that. But he was not so foolish to say this. Instead, he threw out another question: "Then why don't these three big countries unite to form a country?"? If we unite, the strength will be much greater. Hearing this, Yang Mingliang snorted angrily and said, "We don't have a problem with Xuanfeng. It's not those two countries." "Bright!"! How presumptuous of you! Xiao Tong shouted with a livid face. Yang Mingliang deflated his mouth and whispered, "That's what it is." Seeing Xiao Tong's stern eyes, he stopped talking with tears in his eyes. Ying Ping has understood that it must be the two countries that want to take charge of the political power after unification, so they can not be unified under the struggle for power and interests. He sneered in his heart, boring political struggle, no matter which world, there will be such a drama, no matter how time, space, as long as there is this selfish and despicable human beings, there will be no change! Hearing that there was a lack of interest in winning and drawing here, he thought the planet would be a little interesting, but it was just so so. Apart from being a little backward, a little more people who knew martial arts, a little more monsters, there was nothing else to be praised. He suddenly felt that it was not very interesting to stay on the planet any longer. In contrast, Ning Yunxing still has something to do. Now the most worrying thing about winning and drawing is that if he is not in Ningyunxing now, what tricks will the two guys, Yesu and Sakyamuni, have to deal with Shura? I almost forgot to mention that when I came, I saw thousands of monsters coming this way ten miles away, and I must have been almost here. Win the flat way. As soon as Xiao Tong and Yang Mingliang's body shook, they suddenly showed the color of panic. Xiao Tong immediately said in a hurry, "Sir, why didn't you say so earlier?"! I go first, bright, you take the gentleman to the castellan mansion! Immediately at the foot of a pedal, jumped more than three meters high, and then landed on a person's shoulder, a little on that person's shoulder,best whirlpool tub, like an arrow from the bow flying out, pedestrians have looked up and watched, showing the color of surprise. monalisa.com

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