The years I was out of prison.

The girl smiled and said, "It doesn't matter. As long as the two of them die of their wounds, I won't be in any danger." "It depends on your luck," said Wang Yizhong. "If they don't die, they can speak." "Humph," said the gi

And their team has changed from more than 100 people at the beginning to more than 70 now. Just now, several old people and children turned into mummies. Maya watched helplessly as a child stopped breathing in front of her, and all the defenses in her heart collapsed, as if she had been pinched by bad luck, and she could not help screaming. Because she had a premonition that the invisible and intangible thing that could easily kill them was approaching them step by step, and they could not escape. My Lord, what monster is that? Maya could not help but tremble at the thought of the woman's horror. That one. Zhu Kui took a look at the woman who had been beaten several times and was still painless. "It should be a drought." "Drought?" Maya blinked in confusion. "What is that?" "Drought, the daughter of the Yellow Emperor, dressed in blue clothes, passed thousands of miles of bare land, and all things perished." Thinking that she had contributed a force of faith to herself, Zhu explained patiently, "and to be exact, she is not a monster, but a heavenly girl." When Chiyou and the Yellow Emperor fought in the wild of Jizhou, Chiyou invited Feng Bo and Yu Shi to lose the Yellow Emperor's army in the wind and rain. The Yellow Emperor sent out the drought to break through the wind and rain fog of Feng Bo and Yu Shi,Ceramic Bobbin, and finally captured and killed Chi You. But because of this, the Yellow Emperor let her stay in the world for self-cultivation, which never asked her to go back. A good goddess became the abandoned son of heaven, and because of her special constitution, she had to stay away from the crowd and live alone. It was not easy for her to get out of the wind and be chased out by people shouting and killing. It's worse than her. Nevertheless, as long as her divinity is not destroyed, she is still a heavenly girl,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, but she can not return to heaven. But isn't the Heavenly Maiden sheltering human beings? Hearing this, Maya was even more confused. "But when she appeared, she brought us destruction." We don't need such a goddess. Zhu Yi heard the implication of her words, and the temperature in her eyes suddenly cooled a little. But she had sheltered this land at the beginning, and even cultivated herself into a drought in order to protect the human beings living on this land. Zhu Yi looked at her, a pair of deep black eyes, "you are now because she is useless to you to abandon her, is not ungrateful?" "Are you worthy of honest people?" Maya: ".." She's, she's honest? Zhu Yi raised his eyebrows. Or what. There were so many daughters of the Yellow Emperor, but she was the only one who practiced the art of turning herself, a beautiful little fairy loved by everyone, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, into a barren drought where everyone shouted to fight. Maya felt a little dizzy and asked, "Aren't you here to help us?" Why did you speak to the monster instead? Oh, no. "Is there any contradiction between the two?" Zhu asked. Maya shook her head subconsciously and nodded again after reacting. She looked at each other cautiously and wanted to cry without tears. The drought has caused them to be displaced. If you help us, you have to deal with her. Helping her can't help us. Maya complained crazily in her heart, but she dared not say it in any case. She had an intuition that if the Lord God was unhappy, the consequences might be more serious than being chased by the drought. Chongming, don't fight if you can't win. You're not tired. After knowing the whole story, Zhu Kui dodged to their side and put one hand on his wrist, which was only one centimeter away from the pupil of Chongming's eyes. One hand was behind Shigeaki's back. Chongming took two heavy breaths and looked at the woman opposite who was obviously delirious. "Do you think this is a drought?" Although he was fighting with her just now, he heard what Zhu said. What's the matter with her? This state is obviously not right. It is true that everything is dead in the place where the drought has passed, but she has divinity, as long as the divinity suppresses the corpse gas of the drought, it will not have such a big impact on the outside world, just standing beside her will be hot. But now her eyes are red, and there is a lot of black gas all over her body. Countless corpses are constantly escaping from her body. As soon as these corpses touch the living things, they will take away their vitality in an instant. The weaker they are, the faster their vitality will dissipate. She's contaminated. There was a faint golden light in Zhu's eyes. She looked at him, twisted her eyebrows, and along the wrist she was holding, she injected a merit into her backhand. As soon as the light of merit entered the body of the drought, the corpse gas that swam wantonly shrank up in an instant as if it had met a natural enemy. Some of them retreated too slowly and hit the golden light of merit, which melted into a white smoke in the blink of an eye and floated out through the skin. The red in her eyes gradually faded, until the inside showed a black light again, she shook her head, smelled the smell of the two in front of her that did not belong to human beings, and subconsciously avoided it. The drought swept around, blankly in the dark pupil, "who am I?"? Where am I? What am I doing here? The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Don't want to be bald Luo Tianxi 30 bottles; idle cloud crane 22 bottles; the past language, crisp cake at home to eat crisp cake, this sentence a total of 49 paintings 1 bottle; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Take the blame again He held his head, and many pictures flashed through his mind in disorder, as if there was nothing, and he was in a daze and had a headache. Not only did she have a headache, but she had some pain all over her body, and she was a little out of strength, as if she had fought with someone before. Wait, a fight? A Pure Brightness flashed through her dull brain,ceramic bobbin element, like a half-cleared cloud, and a clear picture swarmed through her chaotic brain, her eyes slowly falling on the man in red opposite. Why did you hit me? The tone is aggrieved and the expression is innocent.

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