The matchmaker is marrying: the husband of the ghost king, be gentle

But Yulin nodded: "My good disciple, not to mention your endless Yin Qi, it is the tonic that ghosts want most. The Yin fetus in your stomach is even more precious. And the most important thing is that you have been reincarnated for ten generations. You were born on the Yin day when

But Yulin nodded: "My good disciple, not to mention your endless Yin Qi, it is the tonic that ghosts want most. The Yin fetus in your stomach is even more precious. And the most important thing is that you have been reincarnated for ten generations. You were born on the Yin day when you died young. So, if you don't look for ghosts, ghosts can also find you." Mori's face changed. "Are you going to use her as bait?"? I can't say yes! Yu Lin spreads out a hand: "What bait, say too ugly, she also should exercise actual combat ability." He rolled his eyes and unrolled a scroll in front of us. "See the man on it?" Painted on the scroll is a coffin that looks very old. Where is it? I shook my head honestly. "No, I only saw a coffin." "Shen Mei, this is an old friend of yours and mine." Yulin gave a wry smile. "Do you remember you were on my boat?" My pupil shrinks: "That boat …" There was a nightmare, and.. "The nightmare was out of control and was devoured by the big guy in the coffin.". While I was away, the ship was turned over by you, and the guy in the coffin made all the other ghosts.. Chapter 231 Yu Lin sighed, "Because I swallowed a lot of ghosts, now that guy is very powerful and out of my control. If I don't destroy it, it will come back sooner or later to seek revenge from you and me.". Shen Mei, did you dig this hole? I hesitated for a moment. It did have something to do with me, but I didn't mean it. So.. Yulin lengthened the tone, "This guy should be subdued by us, and then used to refine your soul-eating sword. With this guy at the bottom,stainless steel edge trim, we can save a lot of time." Mori Ye, who had not opened his mouth, curled his lips at this time. "That's very good. I think, with your strength, you should have no effort to subdue this monster.". Shen Mei and I thank you first. He pulled me ready to go out, Yu Lin hurriedly called us: "I accept him really no problem, but the problem is, he saw me run,aluminum tile trim, I have been chasing him for a long time, not even a hair.". So now, I lack a bait. Mori Night's face changed greatly: "I can't agree to your request!"! Shen Mei is going to die! "You love women, and I love my disciples." Yu Lin spread out his hands, "don't worry, before she goes, I will teach her a few steps to save her life, you can also follow me.". It's just that it's not easy for the two of us to show up. The guy has opened his mind. It's not so easy to detect the presence of our two masters. [Http://] Baidu Cloud Search Engine, Looking for Novels, Movies and Dramas. Yu Lin finally said in all earnestness: "I can't bear to part with the child to trap the wolf.". Xue Senye, I don't think you should always protect Shen Mei like an old hen. There are many times when you can't protect her in the future. Do you want her to be regarded as your fatal weakness by your enemies? If so, why did you bring her here? I exhaled a long breath, in the Mori night refused to shake his head, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless steel edging strip, I still nodded and agreed: "OK, this disaster is my fault, I will come back!" " Compared with Yu Lin's relief, Sen Ye was obviously very angry. Yulin gave us a room in the small building, which is next to Mu Li. Although sandalwood is expensive, Yulin still used it to build the whole small building. The wooden floor emits a natural fragrance, which shows how much thought he spent on this small building. With a cold face, Mori laid the soft bedding for me, carried me, put me in the quilt, wrapped me round with the quilt angrily, carried a teapot, poured most of the cup of tea into the teacup, cut his arm, and the golden blood dripped into the tea, and soon melted into one. What are you doing I was in a hurry. "Why do you do that?" Cut his hand, it hurts my heart! I lifted the bedding and rushed over with an arrow. He put his arm around my waist and poured the cup of tea into my mouth. I wasn't paying attention. He filled my mouth. He patted me on the back. I choked and swallowed. Didn't you ask me if I would die during childbirth like Mu Li? He had a cold face. "I tell you, it won't.". Because, I will not let you die, unless you are willing to give up everything in the world and return to hell with me. So I'm doing everything I can to keep you alive! My heart is very uncomfortable: "Do not need this, Mori night, do not … …" Do I want you to suffer? Chapter 232 "You don't want me to suffer, you don't want me to worry, why do you agree to Yulin's request?"? I regret bringing you to the ghost market! Mori suddenly sat down and pulled me onto his knee. "You don't know how serious it is.". You're going to lure the ghost out, and then Yulin and I can't follow you at all. If we appear, we'll scare the ghost away! You must fight alone! In case, before you run out, you have been haunted by the ghost. "He couldn't go on. He hugged me tightly. With all his strength, I could feel the trembling of his arms." Yulin is a bounty hunter, and he will never do anything that is not good. If you die in it, he won't be soft, and he won't be distressed. Do you understand? I hugged him with my backhand. "Mori, I know you're worried about me." I smiled, "but, Sen night, can only depend on your life of Shen Mei, really useless.". Every time I have to rely on your sacrifice, your pain to live, Yulin at least one thing is right, if one day you can not be around me, I will become your weakness, become a target! Mori Night, I want to be strong, no matter what method I use! As soon as his body shook,stainless steel tile edging, he looked up at me. His eyes were still distressed and reluctant to give up. "Aren't you going to change your mind?" 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