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But Yulin nodded: "My good disciple, not to mention your endless Yin Qi, it is the tonic that ghosts want most. The Yin fetus in your stomach is even more precious. And the most important thing is that you have been reincarnated for ten generations. You were born on the Yin day when

At first glance, fate is wonderful. Finally, she stood on the top of a foreign country. Pit entry tips: 1. The heroine is a native Chinese girl. , non-time travel, ballet dancer, later involved in film shooting. 2. The author does not learn to dance. Never been abroad, the understanding of professional knowledge, limited to Baidu and Google, if there is a mistake, please do not care. 3. The entertainment part is purely YY, don't take it seriously. Most of the parts involving China Entertainment are fictional. 4. The text is slow and hot The more you get to the end, the more wonderful it is. The article has two main lines, namely, the career line of the woman and the love line of the man and the woman. One hundred thousand words before the article lies in love, followed by career, supplemented by love. 5. This article is to make the text look more reasonable. Some of the directors and actors of the Royal Ballet and the films that will appear later are set to be overhead. 6. This article is purely The work of YY is difficult to be refined. Let's read it as an idle article. To sum up The leading actor is so handsome. Content tags: Entertainment Exotic Romance Western Roman Inspirational Life Search Keyword: Protagonist: Mulaiwei Supporting Role: Other: Chapter 1 Ballet01 01 London is a foggy city, but its long history is full of vitality, and people will still come here to pursue their dreams. And their story begins on this winter morning. In London in the morning, the mild sunshine is a luxury. At eight o'clock, the subway in London is a little crowded. Long legs, black cotton-padded clothes,stainless steel tile edge trim, a suit inside, leaning against the railings standing in the middle of the carriage, head down, holding a folder in his hand, he was probably reading the script carefully. The script has been in his hands for some time, and he likes it very much. After he graduated from the drama school, he was given the first role by the great female director. Now the script in his hand is from the director. He had to go to her house for some simple communication. This character, about the family setting,aluminium edge trim, he likes it very much. He has emerged in the field of drama, and in 2008, he had a small harvest, perhaps there are still some deficiencies in the national degree. So his life is not different because of this. Walking on the road, he is still a passer-by with passers-by. Encounter may be an unexpected encounter, you and I inadvertently, into each other's world. I do not know when, at this point, this carriage has a face from the East, Europeans and Americans generally do not have a deep memory of the angular Oriental face, but they can not help but be attracted by her temperament, and then began to pay attention to her. Black hair is tied up casually, fair skin, delicate but comfortable facial features. Her clothes were a little skimpy, china tile trim ,aluminum tile edge trim, a simple champagne-colored trench coat with tight pencil pants underneath, revealing her bony ankles. He did not wear high-heeled shoes, but only a pair of white flat shoes that looked very light. She leaned against the railing next to her seat, with soft music in her headphones, and rested leisurely with her eyes closed. She did not know that she had decorated the eyes of others, and that her beauty had increased by thirty percent because she did not know it. Two people are very close, Tom as long as a small turn, or even a look up, can stand opposite the girl. But they are all in the world of each other's thoughts. In the girl's earphone is the music of the ballet "Copelia". The light and joyful waltz flowed into the girl's ears like a stream. Heart immersed in the music, as if to come to the pastoral world, the shaking of the subway so that girls habitually stand on tiptoe, slowly stand up to maintain the balance of the body. In her mind, she could feel a little person dancing to the music, and the dance movements had been memorized by heart. Just one month after graduating from the Royal Ballet Academy and joining the Royal Ballet, she deeply felt that the survival of the fittest here was even worse. Today, she is auditioning with two other dancers for a five-minute solo in the ballet "Copelia" for the chance to dance together on the stage. If possible, this will be her first chance to go on stage in the ballet company. Every school year in the school has an assessment and evaluation, and those who are not qualified will be ruthlessly eliminated. Of the 23 people who first entered the college with her, only two girls, including her, and one boy were left when they graduated. She is also the only student who has won a solo contract with the Royal Ballet. Here, the Royal Ballet, one of the world's top five ballet companies, gathers the best ballet dancers from the world. Here, every role, every stage belongs only to the best of the competitors. As a soloist, the contract is usually only one year, and if you are at the bottom of the competition for a long time, you may not get the contract for the second year. Even if you become the best person, you should always keep a cautious heart, because if you are not careful, anyone you have not paid attention to can take your place. Mother said that when she was a baby in her belly, she would move when she heard music. When she was born, she was as small as a steamed stuffed bun. Whenever she heard music, she would wake up immediately even if she fell asleep, and her little hands and feet would dance with the music. The music doesn't stop, and I don't know how tired I am. But as soon as the music stopped, I fell asleep. Growing up slowly, her mother, who used to be a member of the Central Ballet Troupe, imperceptibly led her into contact with the world of ballet, so that she was out of control, even though she knew how difficult it was ahead, she would smile and walk with her head up. At the age of 14, he came to a foreign land alone. For five years, she only returned to Beijing and Yunnan this Spring Festival. Yunnan is the place where she was born and raised, while Beijing is the place where she learned dance and dreamed of taking off. Even though the two most important people were missing from the places where she grew up,aluminium tile trim profiles, she had not returned home for a long time and felt that her relatives who were still alive were full of love for her. Even though there are two most important people missing in the future, she knows that they must want her to be well in the sky. So no matter what the future is, she will keep her original love for dancing and stick to it.

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