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But Yulin nodded: "My good disciple, not to mention your endless Yin Qi, it is the tonic that ghosts want most. The Yin fetus in your stomach is even more precious. And the most important thing is that you have been reincarnated for ten generations. You were born on the Yin day when

The time has been late at night, it is said that the people of Jijia Village should have rested in peace, but now the village is ablaze with lights, what is going on? But what surprised him was more than that. The door of the towering stone archway was open. On both sides of the door stood two servants in Tsing Yi. On the door hung eight red lanterns with the word "happy". Who was doing the happy event? At that moment, Yang Yichen was surprised and suspicious. He thought to himself, "There is no one in the Ji family. There is only one daughter, Sister Ping. Is it a happy event?" But what happy event did she have? Thinking in his heart, he had avoided the front door, groped for the wall, jumped long, and swept away with great caution. He turned into the wall, but it happened to be the second courtyard of Jijia Village. He saw many servants in Tsing Yi, shuttling back and forth, carrying pots and plates, very busy, but everyone's face was full of joy. In the brightly lit front yard, there was loud laughter from time to time, faintly heard, that kind of lively and noisy voice, you can see a lot of people. Yang Yichen had never been to Jijiazhuang, so naturally he did not know where Ji Yaoping lived. But judging by common sense, women's families must be in the back of the deep courtyard, but he could not help worrying when he saw this lively situation. It was not easy to sneak into such a situation. But now that he was here, he was not willing to go back. After eight days of waiting, his heart was burning. Besides,stainless tile trim, he was suspicious of this sudden happy event and had to find it out. So he clung to the shadow of the corner and waited nervously for a chance to sneak in. The servants who shuttled back and forth seemed to be a little sparse. He picked up Zhenyuan, as light as a civet cat, and rushed to the back yard on the roof of a flat house. Perhaps it was fate, perhaps he was too nervous and frightened, he just jumped on a low wall, but saw a servant in a white stone courtyard path, bowing his head to meet him. The servant lowered his head and did not see Yang Yichen, but suddenly saw a long black shadow printed on the ground, Yang Yichen hurriedly wanted to bend over. At the moment when he was about to fall, the servant suddenly raised his head and happened to meet Yang Yichen. Hey,tile profile factory, who is it? How dare you rush in the back? Stunned, the servant shouted loudly, and the sound shook near and far. Yang Yichen was in a panic. At that moment, he knew that his figure had been exposed and it was useless to avoid it. In order to avoid misunderstanding, he hurriedly floated down the wall and folded his fists and said, "Housekeeper, don't get me wrong. I'm here to congratulate you.." As soon as the servant's eyes rolled around Yang Yichen, he gave a sneer and shouted, "Congratulations."? Hey hey, who are friends kidding? Of the more than a hundred guests, I, Ji Fu, have never seen anyone wearing a sword to congratulate him. Besides, the guests are all in the front yard. Why did you rush into the inner yard? As soon as Yang Yichen was in a daze, he knew that he had given the game away and could not be cheated. At this time, the sound of footsteps came in succession, and many people in the Ji family heard the sound and asked loudly: "What's the matter?" What is it. Yang Yichen suddenly felt that the situation was not right. He quickly folded his fists and said, metal trim manufacturers ,tile trim manufacturers, "The housekeeper misunderstood me. Cough.." Excuse me for the moment! Said a long body, go for the best policy! If he had said just now that he would leave, many things would not have happened, but now it was too late. As soon as he got up, the servant immediately shouted, "Don't go, my friend!" Body steep, double palm a swing, to Yang Yichen vest patted. Palm wind tiger tiger, the strength is not small, Yang Yichen heart a tight, he felt that this small servant palm kungfu was quite hard! But at the moment he was extremely reluctant to start. He quickly flashed his figure and said, "Why is the housekeeper too much? Didn't I say it was a misunderstanding?" As he spoke, his body rose like a rush into the sky. But when he was in the air, he suddenly felt a very fierce and wild sound. Suddenly, under the cover of his head, he heard a loud laugh in the air and shouted, "Since it's a misunderstanding, it's not too late for my friend to explain the misunderstanding clearly before leaving!" Yang Yichen immediately realized that the palm strength that blocked his escape in front of him was a first-class master. He was startled and hurriedly turned over. He escaped the sharp blow and fell to the ground in a slanting stab. With a sweep of his starry eyes, he found that there were many Tsing Yi servants around him, and then two people fell in front of him. It was the master who intercepted him in midair. One was a black-bearded old man in a purple robe with a dignified appearance, while the other was a slightly younger scholar. Ding Jifu stepped forward and said, "Sir.." As soon as Yang Yichen heard the sound of the master, his heart suddenly shook, and he immediately knew that the old man with beard and hair was the famous "double sword and palm" in the Central Plains. Ji Zhengzong is also an enemy of his Yang family. With a flash of his eyes, he saw clearly that the scholar was actually a cousin of Ji Zhengzong. Di Ying, who was called "Iron Fan Scholar" by Jianghu people, immediately cried out in his heart. In the past, he had met Di Ying, a scholar with an iron fan, in Jianghu. Not only had he met, but he also had a moderate conflict. He was not afraid of Ji Zhengzong, because he knew that as long as no one saw through his face, it was impossible for Ji Zhuangzhu to recognize that he was the son of the Yang family, but now with Di beside him, the situation was not good. But in such a situation that he could not get away, Yang Yichen had to bite the bullet, clasp his fists and bow, saying, "I would like to pay my respects to Lord Ji." Ji Zhengzong's eyes were shining. "Forgive me for my clumsy eyes," he said in a deep voice. "Shaoxia, which one is he?" Sure enough, the "Iron Fan Scholar" laughed and said, "Elder brother, you haven't been in Jianghu in recent years. No wonder you don't know this boy. He is Yang Yichen, the eldest son of the Sanxiang family and the'proud son 'who has recently risen in Wulin." When Ji Zhengzong heard this, his face sank and a heavy fog covered him. He smiled coldly at Yang Yichen and said, "I didn't expect that I didn't find Sanxiang to settle this old account with your father, but your Yang family picked this day today and found my door.." Hearing that the situation was going to be stiff, Yang Yichen hurriedly cut off his mouth and said hurriedly, "Don't misunderstand, Villa Leader. I'm here today without malice.." Before the words were out, Ji Zhengzong snapped, "There's no malice in trespassing in the inner courtyard. So what's your intention?" Stunned Yang Yichen did not know how to answer! Can he say that he came here to find Ji Yaoping? This must not be said, then, under what pretext? Before he could speak,tile trim factory, Ji Zhengzong gave a sharp laugh and said, "You're at a loss for words, boy. Show your sword!" 。

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