Journey to Heaven

Yan Qingping also noticed her language defect and smiled to apologize. Just tell me how you can help us. Nie Xiaoxi had to come out to smooth things over, and she also knew that Yan Qingping was very reluctant to leave the mountain gate handed down by the patriarch.

Yan Qingping also noticed her language defect and smiled to apologize. Just tell me how you can help us. Nie Xiaoxi had to come out to smooth things over, and she also knew that Yan Qingping was very reluctant to leave the mountain gate handed down by the patriarch. Kuixing and several planets around it have not been developed by Xiuzhen Sect, and the spar reserve should be enough. Building sects, temples. We can't help. But we can provide a big array that can protect the mountain gate of your new sect. Qi Yu said this, naturally already thought in advance, "what plan do you have?" This, of course, was said to Nie Xiaoxi. Nie Xiaoxi looked at Tang Yun, saw Tang Yun slightly nodded, began to say: "We can immediately start preparing for the migration.". But I need you to set up a mountain protection array here. Choose the gate of the sect mountain gate in Kuixing, and set up a transport array between the two mountain gates. Shibo, Master, what do you think? She naturally considered many factors in this arrangement. Arrange a big array here to protect the mountain, which can prevent the group of masters from attacking again. As for the establishment of a transport array between the two mountain gates, there are more advantages. Qianyu Palace is famous outside,mobile racking systems, recruiting disciples and looking for someone to build a new mountain gate. Naturally, it is more convenient to start from here. Tang Yun turned to Yan Qingping, who nodded at her. Then let's set up a big array first. Qi Yu stood up and said. Now the mountain gate array of Qianyu Palace is directly breached, and naturally it can no longer be used. Nie Xiaoxi and Li Fei also stood up. Master, would you like to take the disciples on guard first? After Tang Yun nodded, she said to Yan Qingping,heavy duty metal racks, "Shibo, I'll take them to deploy." Her original intention was to let Yan Qingping take them to go, but then thought of Qi Yu and Li Fei probably did not have much affection for Yan Qingping, so she changed her words temporarily. The mountain gate was surrounded by the prohibitions laid down by the masters of the Qianyu Palace. Qi Yu and Li Fei were bound to make some changes when they were deployed. She didn't want the conservative elder to have any more ideas. The original prohibitions around Qianyu Palace were nothing to Qi Yu and Li Fei. After observing for a long time, the two men began to deploy, and when they encountered the original ban, they broke it directly. ×××××× Some planet. In the belly of a mountain that had been hollowed out, nine people in Tsing Yi sat cross-legged on a white jade pier. The plan went well, and the immortal made a move. Seven teams retreated in time and lost four people. "A young man in Tsing Yi, sitting at the bottom, holding a jade amulet in his hand, drive in racking system ,asrs warehouse, said in a deep voice.". What he said was the battle that took place in Qianyu Palace. The news from over there, that immortal can refine the best elixir, as well as the best fairy ware, is likely to have a very background in the fairy world. Now that it has been confirmed that Qianyu Palace has a relationship with immortals, all activities on Wuwei Star will be stopped immediately. An old man in Qingyi with a strange face sitting at the top said slowly. Hai Lao, do you want to withdraw the people on Wuwei Star? Said a plain-looking middle-aged man beside Hai Lao. No, the immortal should only come for Qianyu Palace. Nothing will happen if our people don't disturb him. But that Bingyun Sanren and his disciples, two people can keep up with the immortal, good luck. Another red-faced old man's voice was like a loud bell, but his tone was rather angry. It's someone else's good fortune. Why do you envy it? The old man in Tsing Yi looked at him, then closed his eyes again and said softly, "Our plan has been more than half successful, so we must be careful.". There's no need. Don't make trouble. "Let the seven teams withdraw and step up the work in the west." "Hai Lao, the fifth team met a difficult Sanxian in the west, and he hurt several people." A young man in Tsing Yi seemed to have just remembered this and said it in a hurry. Sanxian? Fan Li, Fan Mo, Jing Laosan, you go to deal with it. Three against one. Make it clean. The tone of the old man in Tsing Yi was unusually flat. Except for a very small number of people, who can know that the nine of them are scattered immortals. Some of the skilled Sanxian in the realm of cultivation are afraid that they don't know that there are a terrible number of Sanxian gathered here. You know, even if it was once a holy city, there were only five scattered immortals sitting in town. Chapter 90 Yun Ling Zhu. The two men arranged a large array with strong defensive power around the Qianyu Palace. Although no fairy ware was placed as the base of the array, the whole array used forty-nine Yun Lingzhu. Usually, this big array will automatically absorb the aura around it and store it. Once attacked, the energy stored in Yun Lingzhu can supply the needs of the big array. Unless the energy of the forty-nine Yun Lingzhu is exhausted or the attack from the outside world far exceeds the defensive power of the big array, the big array will definitely last for a long time. It's a pity that there is too little aura on this planet. I'm afraid it will take at least ten years to wait for the forty-nine Yun Lingzhu to be full. Most of the big array was completed by Li Fei. But in his opinion, the aura of Wuweixing is really thin. Yun Lingzhu is a magic weapon commonly used by some major sects in the realm of cultivation to arrange the mountain protection array, but only they can use 49 Yun Lingzhu in a large array. Qi Yu and Nie Xiaoxi looked at each other and smiled, saying that their planet was pitiful when the aura was thin. How many masters can this big array resist? Nie Xiaoxi's present cultivation is naturally unable to see how powerful this profound ancient array is. As long as it is a master of the real world to attack, this big array is enough to support more than three days. Li Fei said proudly. The whole big array is composed of several small prohibitions, and in the case of no conflict with the big array, he arranged a lot of offensive prohibitions in the periphery. Not to mention the practitioners, even if one or two scattered immortals want to break through this big array, it is not so simple. Three days later, Qi Yu, Li Fei, Nie Xiaoxi,industrial racking systems, Tang Yun, Yan Qingping and two other Qianyu Palace elders left Wuweixing together and rushed to Kuixing. After Qiyu and Li Fei spent two days arranging two large transport arrays, the elders of Qianyu Palace could not wait to see the environment of Kuixing.

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