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Yan Qingping also noticed her language defect and smiled to apologize. Just tell me how you can help us. Nie Xiaoxi had to come out to smooth things over, and she also knew that Yan Qingping was very reluctant to leave the mountain gate handed down by the patriarch.

The murmur was getting lower and lower, and the essence of the five fingertips of his right hand slowly came into the pulp of his fingers. Shi Yan also once again fell into the state of meditation, into the devil in general, continue to find the true meaning of life and death seal practice. Ask for a vote of recommendation, brothers and sisters, all vote for the vote of recommendation to "Kill God"! Chapter 82 a step forward. For the next few days, Shi Yan was still hiding in the carriage, and no one knew what he was doing. Two carriages drove through the forest for nine days. For nine days, Zuo Shi and Wu Yunlian, every night, would go to the river on time to freshen up and fill the people with clear water on time. Every time Shi Yan came out, he buried himself in eating and drinking. After eating and drinking, he ignored everyone and returned to the carriage by himself. It's late night again. Under the rows of leafy trees, two carriages stopped quietly, and several horses were untied and feeding on the grass beside them. The two girls, Zuo Shi and Wu Yunlian, after bathing, lay fresh in the carriage, smiling lazily in a low voice. Chu Ping, Han Feng, Ku Long three people, while looking at the carriage and horses,heavy duty rack manufacturers, while on the grass to exchange the experience of practice. Inside the Shijia carriage. Shi Yan's face was solemn and his expression was unprecedentedly dignified. After nine days of repeated study, he had some insights. The arm of his right hand flashed with crystal light, and there were strange white spots flying fast in his blood vessels. A trace of pure and incomparable essence has been refined over and over again in the tendons and veins, and has been condensed in a special way. After seven times. Shi Yan's right arm kept expanding, and the arm actually thickened a circle! The muscles were ferocious and the veins were bulging, which made them look terrible. Drink With a low shout, Shi Yan's eyes were full of dignity, looking at his right arm for a moment,warehouse storage racks, and an idea suddenly flashed through his mind. His right arm, suddenly came the strange sound of "Peng Peng"! After the essence was condensed seven times, it was divided into seven strands in his arm, and the seven strands of essence were scattered in the meridians, with a clear distinction. When he concentrated on urging the essence, the seven strands of essence were suddenly entangled in his wrist, but in an instant, the seven strands of essence congealed into one, a vibrant breath, suddenly gushed out from the palm of his right hand! Shi Yan's eyes suddenly brightened like stars, and he hurried to urge the fine awn condensed by the seven strands of essence. Boom! Seven Jingyuan suddenly rushed into the palm, Shiyan palm suddenly burst out brilliant crystal light, that a strange Jingyuan condensation body, unexpectedly in his palm suddenly exploded! Countless points of light filled his palm in an instant, pouring into his palm and hand lines, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,industrial racking systems, making his palm shine in all directions. Suddenly, countless points of light burst out from the palm prints of his palm, and those points of light overflowed, forming a strange palm print. A glittering and translucent palm print, take the lead in flying out! Immediately after that, Shi Yan's palm exploded six times in a row, and six identical palm prints took shape again in an instant. Seven palm prints, like a runaway wild horse, hit the carriage of Shiyan in no particular order. Boom, boom, boom! The carriage fell apart, and the hard boards turned into sawdust and flew all over the sky. Shiyan, with a dignified expression, sat on the ground, looking at the instantly smashed carriage and the flying sawdust beside him. He clearly felt that one third of the essence in his body had disappeared with the blow. Seven "raw seals" burst out, and the essence constantly gathered in his arm was sucked clean in an instant! When the seven "raw seals" all burst out, his right arm returned to normal, but a little sore and numb. The two girls, Zuo Shi and Wu Yunlian, jumped out of Zuo's carriage with panic on their faces and stared at this piece. On the grass, Chu Ping, Han Feng, and Ku Long also looked stunned, their faces were all puzzled, and they did not know what had happened. Shi Yan sat on the ground and was stupefied for a moment. Then he coughed lightly and said lightly, "Han Bo, it seems that we are going to ride a horse." Han Feng's expression was strange, he nodded gently and looked at him doubtfully. Master Yan, what the hell are you doing? Wu Yunlian's charming face was full of puzzlement. She and Zuo Shi stepped forward together and looked at Shi Yan strangely. "How did you suddenly destroy the carriage?"? Can you give us an explanation? "The practice went off.". "Shi Yan shrugged his shoulders and said casually," This kind of thing is normal. Don't worry, the carriage is gone, but the horse is still there, and it won't delay your journey. "You were in the carriage and never came out just to practice?" Zuo Shiqiao's face was full of surprise. Uh "It's really boring." Zuo Shi shook his head and said disdainfully, "Practicing is the most boring. Your grandfather didn't force you. Why are you working so hard?" "Interest." "Cut, I don't believe it." "Master Yan, what exactly are you practicing?" Wu Yunlian hesitated for a moment, and her expression gradually straightened up. "The power that just burst out at that moment is extremely fierce and fierce. That kind of instantaneous explosive power should not be something that ordinary people can have.." Wu Yunlian was thoughtful. Nothing. Shi Yan smiled. He didn't want to explain, so he didn't say much. He stretched and said to Han Feng, "Han Bo, I'm hungry. Get something to eat." "Oh." Seeing that Shi Yan did not want to say more, Wu Yunlian did not ask carefully, smiled and pulled Zuo Shi away. After a burst of ravenous eating. Shi Yan said to Han Feng, "Han Bo, I'm going to take a bath. I'll be back soon. Don't come with me." "Young Master." Han Feng hesitated to speak. Don't worry Waving his hand, Shi Yan said with relief, "I won't go far. I'll shout if something happens. Don't worry." "Be careful, young master." …… Soon, Shi Yan came to the river, jumped into the river to take a bath,mobile racking systems, and changed into clean clothes. After landing, he not only did not rush back to the gathering place of Han Feng and others, but also pulled the distance away from Han Feng and others. Under an old tree. Shi Yan looks solemn and suddenly urges the negative forces in his body!.

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