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Yan Qingping also noticed her language defect and smiled to apologize. Just tell me how you can help us. Nie Xiaoxi had to come out to smooth things over, and she also knew that Yan Qingping was very reluctant to leave the mountain gate handed down by the patriarch.

After checking the accounts with Xiaomei, he took out his pen and notebook and continued to study with Xiaomei. Today, Xiaomei teaches him about traffic regulations, the current speed in various places, and what to do in case of an emergency requisition order. Common sense that can be used at any time in all kinds of life. As usual, Perma carefully recorded what Xiaomei had taught him in her notebook. Until the end of today's class. Today, Perma talked a lot, and Rong Gui never found the right opportunity to talk to him. He wanted to ask Perma how many floors Gigi might be locked up in this situation and whether Perma had a way to get to that floor, but Perma seemed so excited and talkative today that he had no time to interrupt. Soon, Rong Gui knew why Perma was so excited. Teacher Xiaomei.. That one It's a little late to inform you, but you're the only one who knows the news so far, except myself. Perma said, scratching her head shyly. "This should be our last class together." "I'm getting out of prison!" Looking up, Perma gave the two men a big smile. Carefully abide by every rule and regulation in the prison, complete all kinds of reform work arranged by the prison on time and in quantity, plus deduct the crime with the value created,shuttle rack system, I finally succeeded in atoning for my crime, today is my last day in prison, I, I.. I can get out of jail tomorrow! Cried Perma. "Hey?" Rong Gui froze. As long as I don't make any mistakes in the next few hours, I can basically get out of prison by this time tomorrow. I want to go to Sicily, and I also want to go to Yedham! The two cities mentioned by Xiaomei are very attractive to me. How about opening a grocery store there? I wonder if I can sell my night light over there. "I guess we have to study new products suitable for the local area,heavy duty cantilever racks, right?" Perma said that the young man who had always been calm now looked as if he could only be described as "exultant", which showed that he was really excited. What else can Rong Gui say in the face of such a Perma? The reason why Gigi was locked up was to "make mistakes" and inquire about Gigi's whereabouts. Should also "make mistakes"? And Perma is about to get out of prison, and he can't make any mistakes for the rest of the time. As they have been witnessing Perma's efforts, they can not create any opportunities for Perma to "make mistakes" now. Opening his mouth, Rong Gui finally swallowed all the words he wanted to ask Perma. With a smile on his face, he said to Perma, "Congratulations!"! I hope we can meet outside one day. Then Perma smiled sheepishly. Before parting, Perma gave two people a box as a farewell gift. If you receive a gift, you have to return it. Besides, this may be the last time the three of them meet. I don't know when they will meet again. However, Rong Gui really didn't bring anything today, and finally Xiaomei took out a bracelet from her body. The bracelet made of ground beans and inlaid with sapphire beads is an extra bracelet made for Gigi when she made the bracelet. Thank you, push back racking system ,cantilever racking system, thank you Xiaomei teacher, I really hope that in the future we can meet again in the outside world! Waving her hand, Perma sent them out with a smile on her face. With a smile full of joy and hope, this is the last impression of Perma in Rong Gui's mind. Chapter 162 light in the dark. "Your operation will take place tomorrow as originally planned." Standing in a cell that served as a ward, Pulda said to the two robots. Rest assured, the blackout a while ago did not affect here, that day when Gigi asked me to buy medicine, his expression was not quite right, I kept an eye on it, and sure enough, there was a blackout in a moment. He did not shy away from knowing it, Purda said, examining the capsule. Hearing Gigi's name, Ronggui felt the pain of his heart being pinched. Although He doesn't actually have a heart now. Pulda squinted and his eyes fell on the face of a small robot with a tangled face covering his heart. Rong Gui's expression is really easy to guess, what also need not say, can be seen what he is thinking. "Gigi was very clever. Even if she went out to save people, she wasn't reckless. She just grabbed a donor from the operating table. She didn't hurt the jailer, and she didn't hurt our" honored "guest." "There was no vandalism at the prison, just a power cut." "He knows all the rules here, and he always walks on the edge of God's acceptable range here.". Just like a cat, it can be a little arrogant and can occasionally destroy something, which will only make people feel "Ah, what a naughty little thing". Pulda said, his voice was soft and soft, it sounded full of banter, and Ronggui looked at all his expressions carefully, not daring to let go of any slight changes in his face. There is no doubt that Pulda knows a little more about Gigi's whereabouts than anyone else, and his expression now looks so leisurely. Could it be that Gigi's case is actually not very serious? Just as Rong Gui was thinking about it, suddenly- Pulda's gaze fell downward. "But." "He miscalculated this time." "The customer who bought the donor had already bought a donor here once before, and very coincidentally, the donor ran away." "And then there was Gigi." "More unfortunately, the power was cut off after that." "Gigi was careful to cut off only the ordinary power supply." "There are three kinds of power sources here, one is the ordinary power source used in the cell, one is the power source used in the elevator alone, and the other, of course, is the power source used by all kinds of medical equipment here." "Unfortunately,warehousing storage solutions, after the organ was removed from the donor that day, the surgeon put the organ into a freezer connected to an ordinary power supply." Pulda's line of sight is cold: "It is said that after the call, all the organs purchased by the guest are.." Pulda wrinkled her nose. "It stinks." Rong Gui was in a daze.

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