Return to the Ming Dynasty as a prince

Yan Qingping also noticed her language defect and smiled to apologize. Just tell me how you can help us. Nie Xiaoxi had to come out to smooth things over, and she also knew that Yan Qingping was very reluctant to leave the mountain gate handed down by the patriarch.

Yang Ling looked at him in disbelief, shook his head and said, "Madman, arrogant!"! Even if you can encourage the chieftains of Sichuan to rebel with you at any time, do you think you can go straight to the world out of Shu? Under the attack of the imperial army in the north and south. In less than ten days, your army will be disintegrated. The best way out for you is to return to Sichuan and defend the danger. Even if you are chased by the court, you will retreat step by step. Follow the example of Duzhangman and become a frontier wilderness man. Zhu Rang Jin laughed and said excitedly, "You are really talented. I am the only one in the world who knows your talent. Follow me.". I will put you in an important position and boldly use all your policies, such as tax reform, promoting agriculture and commerce, strengthening the army and practicing martial arts, and setting up new schools. Under me, you can fully display your strengths and become a famous prime minister through the ages. How's it going Follow you? You believe me? "Of course I believe it. As long as you give me an absolutely reliable warlord, what else can I not trust?" "Warlords?"? Whose head? My father! I wanted him to attend his son's big gift today, and it doesn't matter if he dies one day earlier because of illness tomorrow. "Beast!" "The winner is the prince and the loser is the thief!"! People in later generations will only praise the great emperor for his wisdom and power, and will not call him a beast. Ancestors of today's emperors rose from Yanjing. In the name of Jing Nan, someone once claimed to be a loyal minister and a filial son. He scolded him like this. As a result, he cut off his ears and nose to make him eat, and then fried them in an oil pan. One wife and two daughters served as military prostitutes, the eldest son served as an army, and the second son served as an official slave, all of whom were tortured to death and abandoned their bodies to feed dogs after their death. I heard that Lord Yang has a beautiful wife and concubine. You don't want to follow in your footsteps, do you? Yang Ling laughed angrily and said, "I just praised you for your wisdom and cleverness, but you became an arrogant madman. You should get the world first." "Why is it so hard to win the world?"? Beside Zhengde, a man who built a platform is now in front of me, and a man who demolished the platform is working in full swing in Beijing. You think I'm the only one with ambition? If I rebel, someone will respond and cut off the lifeblood of the north and south at the same time. My allies sent troops down the river to take Nanjing and control the rich and luxurious land in the south of the Yangtze River. The granary of the Ming Dynasty fell into my hands, and the world would be in chaos. At the same time, my army went out of Shu and into Qin. Shaanxi had a good harvest of grain and rice this year, and the army had enough money. The army could go straight to the capital center without stopping. North frontier army by tartar, tile thorn, dare not move, northwest I can launch the Tibetan change, check Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai army dare not Huiyuan,shuttle rack system, even if they dare to move, and when the news arrived, we have rushed to the capital, the center of a loss, is a destroyed, the overall situation of the world will be set, like the king of Yan break Jianwen, county dragon without a leader, only bow down, to me as king, you know military affairs, What do you think of my plan? Yang Ling gasped: ".." To usurp the country perfectly, there is no capable person in the court, even if there is talent in the local or folk, it can not be used, only to take the imperial capital, then the general trend is gone. It's not possible, it's entirely possible, but who are his allies? What else.. Is it King Ning? Is King Ning willing to be a vassal? Yes, warehouse pallet racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, I'm afraid they all have their own abacus, but can Ning Wang be the opponent of this person? When Zhu Rangjin saw his face changing several times, he couldn't help smiling and said, "How's it going?"? You should know that what I said is true, also know that this plan is absolutely perfect and feasible, as long as I get the seal of the king of Shu, get the support and support of the people of Shu, I can carry out this plan. As long as you promise, I will immediately find a reason to invite my father to come. At that time, there will be my filial son, you, the imperial commissioner, and my father's loyal bodyguard. They all say that he died of a sudden illness. No one will suspect that life or death is between your thoughts. A confident emperor, dare to give him the greatest power and support, and I will be this person, I will unreservedly support you, so that you achieve eternal fame, like Wu Hou immortalized. Yang Ling, have you decided? Yang Ling shook his head and said with a smile, "I am Zhuge, but you are not Liu Bei. Once you are in power, your ambition will only expand even more. You will be militaristic and harm the people. What you want is not to live forever, but to achieve your own achievements. You are a hero, but you can't bring wealth and happiness to the people.". ” Just as Zhu Rangjin was about to retort, Yang Ling said, The prince will not die. When you arrive, you will find that the prince's cell has turned into four people, with crossbows and fire blunderbusses, which are the four hostages I gave to the prison officer, Lord Gu. If the prince doesn't die, the king of Shu won't protect you at all costs. What else do you have to rely on? Zhu Rang Jin was surprised and angry. "How dare you," he said in a harsh voice, "to take the prisoner out without an order signed by the inspector?" Yang Ling laughed and said, "What are you doing?"? Put on airs with me? With a loud roar, Zhu Rang Jin, with his palm like a knife, pounced on Yang Ling. The bearded man in the slanting stab flew over. "Bang, bang, bang." The two men fought together. Zhu Rang Jin flew back with strange eyes and said, "Who are you?" The man sighed lightly and wiped his face with his hand. Eyebrows, hair, beard are fake, and even the change of flesh color, eye shape of the glue silk, deliberately become fat nose, Royal Guards makeup skills are quite unique, but the skin dyed yellow with ginger juice can not be changed for a while. Zhu Rangjin's face changed greatly: "Big brother..." Rang Jin, I never knew. You hate Big Brother so much. "Rang Jin, in fact, eldest brother's martial arts are not weaker than you, but once after you lost to me, I found that you still got up at night and kept practicing hard.". My arm is red and swollen, thinking that my brother is competitive, and I will keep some strength in the future. I just don't want to hurt our brother's feelings. But there are some things that I can't give up if I want to. "I don't believe it!" With a loud roar, Zhu Rang Jin rushed up again. Zhu Rang Xu did not use a knife, but greeted him with his palms. Yang Ling walked back to the outside, went to the door and looked back, only to see Zhu Rang's crown was cut off by his eldest brother's palm, and became even crazier. The room is full of books, sawdust,wire mesh decking, and changing clothes, which are like pieces of broken dishes flying all over the room under his mad tiger fists and feet. Zhu Rangxu, still no knife. A wild knife!.

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