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Back in the other courtyard, Fu Sinian got some milk he usually drank

Back in the other courtyard, Fu Sinian got some milk he usually drank and fed it to Ergouzi little by little. Yes, that's right. Fu Sinian's name can only take out such a standard name. Ergouzi, eat hard, do you know? This milk was saved for you by your father and my frugality. Fu Sinian lay on the ground while carefully feeding the wolf cubs, while muttering to himself. Liu Yurong could not help but feel amused when he saw his face muttering as if something had happened. Can it understand you when you say so much? Fu Sinian said with a proud look on his face, "I'm sure I can. This is what we raised!" "Why do you call it Ergouzi when it's obviously a wolf?" Liu Yurong asked in puzzlement. Hey hey, cheap life is easy to feed. When I was a child, my mother called me Nian Zai. Fu Sinian held Ergouzi in his arms and gently burped him. Nian Zai? That's a lovely name. Liu Yurong called softly, crouched down and rubbed Fu Sinian's head. Whoo! Fu Sinian held the wolf cub in his arms, raised his front paws, and looked at Liu Yurong with him, acting like a spoiled child. Liu Yurong instantly felt a knowing blow, the heart of a soft mess, can not help but reach out to hug the lovely little baby. Fu Sinian closed his eyes and waited expectantly for a loving hug, the corners of his mouth filled with a happy smile, suddenly felt empty in his hands, opened his eyes and looked, ah ah ah! Damn Ergouzi,a333 grade 6 pipe, why can you be so happy to lie in the arms of Rong Rong, that is obviously my exclusive! "Rong Rong ~" Fu Sinian aggrieved Baba flat mouth, stretched out his hand also want to hug. Ignoring him, Liu Yurong buried his face in Ergouzi's stomach and rubbed it with intoxication. "It's so cute!" Ergouzi, who had just recovered from eating milk, was suddenly attacked by a human in the stomach, groaning in horror,uns s32750 sheet, fluttering his paws and writhing uneasily. Ergouzi's father, your son is afraid. What should you do? Liu Yurong hugged the wolf cub and asked anxiously. That's your mother. What are you afraid of? Fu Sinian slipped the wolf cub over and put it in the palm of his hand to smooth its hair. After a while, Ergouzi fell asleep with a grunting sound. Are you asleep? Liu Yurong asked in a low voice with a surprised face. I didn't see that you had the ability. Fu Sinian said with a proud face, "I can take care of these little things. If you give birth to a child in the future, I will take care of them all. I promise to make you two fat!" Liu Yurong went up with a burst of chestnuts, and Fu Sinian's face changed in an instant of pain. Oh, oh! You're murdering your own husband! "Keep your voice down. If you wake up my son, you'll suffer!" Liu Yurong glared at him with a threatening face. It's over! Fu Sinian sighed in his heart. These two dogs have only been here for a day, and my position is in jeopardy. If Rongrong really gives birth to a child in the future, I guess I will be compared to the underground. Liu Yurong looked at him aggrieved Baba with his head hanging down, there is no one to take the two dogs, the heart can not help laughing, but it happened to sulk and ignore him. This guy is kicking his nose more and more. He has to have a good education. Otherwise, uns c70600 ,x52 line pipe, he may not know how to compete with his children for favor in the future. Ah, Bah! Liu Yurong quickly shook his head, was really taken to the ditch by this guy, not yet married, how to think about the future of the child. Liu Yurong got up uncomfortably and said quickly in a low voice, "I'm tired. I'll go to the hot spring first. You can call me later at dinner." Without waiting for Fu Sinian to answer, he hurriedly lifted his skirt and trotted out of the door. Fu Sinian raised his head in a muddle, but only felt a gust of wind. When he reacted, he answered softly, "Oh." But Liu Yurong has already gone far away. Ergouzi, although father loves you very much, but you have to know that Rongrong, that is, your mother, is your father! So you need to stay away from her, okay? Fu Sinian said to himself as he stroked Ergouzi. Ergouzi did not know whether he really understood, or whether he was making a sound in his dream, sticking out his little pink tongue and answering with a hum. Fu Sinian happily put it in front of his nose and rubbed it, "Ergouzi, you are really a good father!" "Long Princess, the maidservant has something to report." Qing Lian called softly outside. Fu Ssu-nien stood up with Ergouzi in his arms and asked, "What's the matter?" Qing Lian: "Is Princess Chang here?" Fu Sinian: I took her out for a walk today. Just now she said she was a little tired and went to the hot spring. If you have anything, just tell me, and I'll tell her later. Qing Lian: "Just now the news came from Yun'an that the emperor in the capital had given Qin the title of virtuous concubine and Qin's father the title of Guang An Bo." After hearing this, Fu Ssu-nien turned pale and murmured in a low voice for a moment: "It's not easy for me to make Rongrong happy, so I don't have to report these annoying things to her.". If she doesn't ask, don't say anything, okay? Qing Lian Fu Fu body, whispered yes. Fu Ssu-nien thought for a moment and then said, "In the future, if it's not a major military/national event, and if there's something disgusting about the Qin family, don't report it here.". So as not to spoil Rongrong's good mood and delay his recovery. If Rong Rong blames me, I will bear the consequences. Qing Lian: "Yes, please ask uncle to take more trouble." The author has something to say: How did I lose my collection again? Sad wailing, whine. Collection, you come back soon, I am pointing at you to eat. Seize power "Rong Rong?" Fu Sinian hugged Ergouzi and called softly. After waiting for a long time without a response, Fu Sinian was very worried and rushed in, "Rong Rong?"? Rong Rong! Melt. Rong. Before Fu Sinian could see clearly, his eyes were covered by a bath towel flying in his face. Liu Yurong: "Is the dog's courage fat?" Why don't you promise me here? I thought you fainted just now! I didn't mean to peek, and I didn't see anything. Fu Sinian,uns s31803 sheet, blindfolded, stood on the edge of the hot spring and explained in a low voice. Liu Yurong put on his robe and went to the shore to lift the bath towel covering Fu Sinian's head. "Tell me, what's the matter with me?" 。


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