Waiting for your starlight [Jin Tui]

The people at the table all laughed knowingly. The scandal between Cai Jiehong and Yixi

The people at the table all laughed knowingly. The scandal between Cai Jiehong and Yixi was hot in Taiwan. Originally, everyone didn't take it seriously, but when they saw her here today, they basically acquiesced that the two people were at least having an affair. Cai Jiehong looked at Li Chenglang's expression and immediately said, "Don't talk nonsense. Miss Yi and I have been working together recently, and she is in the same crew with Teacher Li, so she will come here.". He came with Teacher Li! "" Believe that he is talking nonsense here. Listen to the tone of Li Chenglang just now, simply do not know Yixi will come, the excuse also do not know to find a better one! Seeing that the masses either disagreed or looked "I know what I know", Cai Jiehong could not say what he had suffered. Only hope that Li Chenglang does not take those scandals seriously, if he has any opinions about himself, it is really not worth the loss! Li Chenglang listened to the conversation and felt a little subtle. Just a few months ago, he and Yixi were the object of ridicule, but so soon, she was put together with someone else. These people probably didn't pay much attention to the news of the mainland, so they made such jokes in front of him. With a faint smile, he picked up a scallop and put it in a snow-white porcelain bowl painted with gold. Although the feelings are complicated, but the news is like this, no matter how sensational it is,Inflatable bouncer, it can only be managed for a while, and soon there will be new supplements. I don't know how many "girlfriends" he has changed in the past ten years, and there is nothing to be surprised about the scandal between Yixi and Cai Jiehong. Don't say it may be false. Even if it's true, it's none of his business. Just as I was thinking about it, my fingers were warm. He was surprised to see Yixi carefully touched his tail finger and whispered, "That's not true. Cai Jiehong and I just have a working relationship.". He He was flirting with my best friend. Her bright eyes fixed on him, and she explained to him so earnestly,Inflatable indoor park, as if he was qualified to ask. Li Chenglang suddenly had a strange feeling that Yixi's attitude towards him during this period made him uneasy, as if something important had happened when he did not know. With a gentle "oh", he put the scallop meat into his mouth covertly. Yixi saw that he was so cold that he squashed his mouth discontentedly. What? This person has been playing cool recently. He is always lukewarm to her. It was not like this before. Do you mind if she comes to dinner? Not so stingy. . Ignoring the two people with evil intentions, the dinner was generally very pleasant. As the first person in Taiwan's pop music circle today, Tsai Chieh-hung invites artists who have a certain status in the circle. Everyone knows how to speak properly. He treats Li Chenglang with a warm attitude and does not show flattery. He does not need to spend too much energy to carry on the conversation smoothly. Talk about movies, talk about music, make fun of the recent hot news, and time has passed. The dinner ended around nine o'clock. Originally, I proposed to go to KTV, but because Li Chenglang said there would be an announcement tomorrow, the crowd could not force it, so they dispersed outside the hotel. Yixi, of course, inflatable floating water park ,inflatable amusement park, went back with Li Chenglang. In the nanny's car, she looked at the tall buildings that kept flashing outside and sighed with some loss. I thought I could do something tonight, but in front of so many people, she was really embarrassed to do anything. What's the matter? Yixi looked back. "Huh?" "I hear you sighing." As soon as Yixi wanted to explain, he felt that the dialogue was very familiar. Think carefully, a year ago, Zhang Siqi's birthday, Li Chenglang sent her back to the hotel, the nanny car two people also talked like this. She couldn't help laughing. Li Chenglang is confused, she also does not explain, just tilts the head to look at the man. Wearing a gray suit and rimless glasses on the bridge of his nose, he was as handsome as when he first saw him last year. She smiled and said, "Miss Li, you finally wear glasses again.". I've been watching you wear contact lenses lately, and I miss the way you wear glasses. Miss. His heart jumped and he explained, "It's more convenient to wear contact lenses because you have to make up when you attend the event.". Tonight is a friend's party, and I'm used to wearing glasses. "But when we met in private in Beijing a while ago, you were wearing invisible clothes." At that time.. At that time, he wanted to break away from the mature image in her eyes, so he deliberately changed his dress habits. Li Chenglang coughed lightly and looked ahead without answering. Yixi rolled his eyes and slowly leaned toward him. Li Chenglang didn't think so, but it was too late when he found her too close. Yixi looked at him with a smile and said, "I have a question. If you take off your glasses, can you still see me clearly?"? How many degrees are your eyes? The perfume on her body is very elegant, like Gardenia, and a little like Jasmine. Li Chenglang did not know, he did not even realize that he subconsciously held his breath, just looking at the face close at hand. What did the critics say? She is beautiful enough to make people forget the time. Yixi suddenly raised his hand and pinched the tripods on both sides with his fingertips. He leaned back quietly in his chair, while she leaned forward and bent her back into a beautiful arc, taking off his glasses little by little. After waiting to take down, she asks cheerfully: "How, can you see me?" Everything around her was blurred, only her face was still imprinted in her eyes. He did not speak, and his mind kept flashing through the events of the past few days, her sudden closeness to him, and the little actions that he wanted to say. It was too obvious that his age and emotional experience should not have been so dull, but since he knew her identity, he dared not think about it. But at this moment, looking at the smiling girl, that guess can not continue to ignore. Taking a deep breath, he thought it was incredible that things would come to this. Yixi now.. Are you pursuing him? Chapter 52 fighting. Every year in April and May, colleges and universities are filled with the atmosphere of parting. At this time in the past, Yixi always sat and watched her elder brothers and sisters shed tears on the campus. This year, it's finally her turn to face it. In order to cherish the little time left in college,Inflatable indoor park, after returning from Taiwan, she went back to her dormitory and spent every day with Chiang Lu and Hsia Hsin-tung, giving her the feeling of returning to her freshman year. joyshineinflatables.com


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