22079 period of Qianlong Shencai Lotto: the small tail number in the front area is supplemented, and the number of the m

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Original title: Qianlong Shencai Lotto Issue 22079: The small tail number in the front area is filled, and the missing 10 issues in the back area 08 The 22078 of the lottery draws the first prize. The front area number is: 02,03,18 ,20,27。 The rear zone number is: 01,02。 The first prize of this issue is two notes in the whole country. One bet is an additional bet. The prize is 18 million yuan. Flowers fall in Fuzhou, Fujian. The other is the first prize of basic betting. The bonus is 10 million yuan. Flowers fall in Chengdu, Sichuan. After the award is calculated, The total amount of the prize pool is 857 million yuan. Disk observation: The faucet opens two serial numbers: 02,03。 Give a number at the beginning of a word, 18. A cold number is given at the beginning of the word "two". It's also a neighbor number, 20. Phoenix Tail was captured by 27, 27 missing issue 31, Rong Dang Feng Wei, It's not easy. Expand the full text Key points for observation in the next period: 02, 03 prevent adjacent numbers. 06 if out, It's every six, every five, A straight step every four periods. 08 Go cold, 07 and 09 two well side yards, Special attention should be paid. Oblique triple: 17, 21. Diamonds: 19. Oblique triple with difference: 10, 20. The smallest two serial numbers are drawn in the rear area: 01,02。 Large tail 05 ~ 09, missing two issues. Looking for an entry point: ① Size ratio 2:3,printed tape measure, Missing 8 issues, Attention should be focused on: Two numbers are selected in the range of 8 to 35, Choose three numbers from 1 to 17. Odd-even ratio, continue to observe 2:3. The parity ratio is 1:4, missing 12 periods. There may be opportunities in the near future. ② Look at the trend in the complex interval. The complex code refers to the same number as the previous prize number. The interval code means that it is the same as the prize number of the previous issue. However, the number is different from the previous award number. The others are medium size. Subject matter of the next phase: Complexes: 02, 03, 18,bra tape measure, 20, 27. Interval: 05, 10, 11, 16, 19. Non-complex non-interval, is the middle code. A complex code or an interval code is observe in that near future, A chance to give two numbers. Once the train of thought has been chosen correctly, The probability of choosing two gallbladders is very high. Because there are few complex code and spaced code target, Aft that two gallbladders are calibrate, Choose three more numbers. (3) that first position is adjacent to the phase, It refers to the recent two periods. The sum of faucets 05 and 02, It's seven. The prediction of the next adjacent period is as follows: 3,5,6,8。 The corresponding faucet is: 01,03,04,06。 The fifth position is adjacent to the period. It refers to the recent two periods. The union of phoenix tails 19, large print tape measure ,keychain tape measure,27, It's six. The prediction of the next adjacent period is as follows: 0,2,5,7。 The corresponding phoenix tail is: 28,30,33,35。 Close from an adjacent period, Positioning and number selection, Sometimes God is accurate. Adjacent period of phoenix tail is 5, Missing 28 issues, Recent key observation. ④ Look at the trend chart of the three zones: Zone 1 01 ~ 12, Focus on the next issue: 01,02 ,03。 04 Four times in the last 30 issues. There may be opportunities in the near future. 10 and 11, Two serial numbers have just been issued. Prevent the first phase of the interval from jumping out. Zone 2 13-24, 13 Missing three periods, Prevent being taken out by 03 of the previous period. 15 missing 6 issues, Odd numbers 15, 17, 19. Pay attention in the near future. 23 After opening the vertical triplet, Missing 8 issues, There are two numbers at the end of 3. 23 and 33 may have a breakthrough in the near future. Zone 3 25-35, The phoenix tail is opened on the 27th. In the near future, it may drive: 25 ,26,28 ,29, These four peripheral numbers have some performance. Phoenix tail observation: 28 ,30 ,33。 Rear area of observation: The first place in the back area, Route 0 misses Phase 6. Observations: 03, 06, 09. The second place in the back area, Route 2 anti-joint seat. Observations: 05, 08. The size ratio of the rear area is 0:2. The parity ratio is facing a change. Or two odd numbers, Or two even numbers. Posterior span observation: 3,4,5. The latter difference observation: 0, 2, 3. Observation of the latter two differences: 1, 0. Later-stage synthesis: 02,03 ,04,05,09,11。 Voiceover: Lao Wang is obviously not in the state recently. He said many times that he also wanted to raise his ID card. Persecute Lao Wang's team. He is also an art enthusiast. They have directors, scriptwriters, extras, They put on small programs every day. Play soft violence, soft threats. Some old private detective, Investigate the company, It has been updated for a long time. These enthusiasts now have, Nuclear weapons by non-traditional definitions: Positioning, pinhole camera, Invade mobile phones, spy on WeChat, Wait, special means. Lao Wang kept some video and audio data. Put it in the largest network disk in China. I also gave him a copy of my network disk. Name: Qianlong Shencai. Lao Wang said: If I disappear, Please help me. I say What if I disappear? Laowang You have more than 60,000 fans in the whole network. There will always be chivalrous warriors, To do your duty. With that, Lao Wang took out the one again. The lottery ticket printed with the reporting platform number. 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