Link, who had burped, took a look at the quiet town in the night (please delete) (please delete),

Link, who had burped, took a look at the quiet town in the night (please delete) (please delete), and he, who had been longing for fighting, could not help but come to such a conclusion. The soup cooked by Aunt Everben is really fresh! It's just. It smells like home! Compared with the years of life on Sunset Mountain, it is more like the Colo Castle where he grew up! Warm residents, kind uncles and aunts, as well as the home-cooked food that can often be eaten, Link is simply a little homesick! In such a place, there is no need to fight! Link shook his head. Anyway, Link Knight's life must be full of legends, and it's not bad once or twice. Oh yeah yeah, beautiful town.. The paladin who chops firewood every day. Link, who began to relax as he untied himself, unconsciously began to hum his own adaptation of the song in the quiet night of the town (please delete) (please delete), although his voice, which was worse than howling, was the biggest murderer who destroyed the peaceful atmosphere of the town. At this time, no matter Link, Camilla,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, or any of the residents of the town, it is impossible to imagine that a battle that will really let them experience what is bloody and cruel has gradually approached the peaceful and quiet town under the night! Novel-txt Paradise Chapter 18 "That group of bandits is really too fierce, our second route army was abruptly scattered by them, it is said." It is said that the First and Third Route Armies were completely wiped out by them. It was not until the third group of soldiers, whose heavy armor and weapons were almost lost and whose bodies were torn by the branches of the mountains, flew through the village that Link finally caught one of them and asked him what had happened. But how is that possible?! Link tightened the soldier's chest and almost roared, "Don't you have eighty thousand men?!"! How can you beat a thief with more than a thousand people?! What the hell is going on?! You.. Don't be angry. The little soldier looked at Link with a red face, as if he wanted to pull out the knight's sword and split him in half at any time. He was also afraid. He stammered: "Our special operations unit is divided into several teams.." The officers of the two countries have been quarrelling again. That group of bandits is really very powerful. He had escaped from the mountain, and he was afraid, and he was so frightened by Link that he stammered all the way. Link listened to him for most of the day before he finally understood what was going on. It turned out that the joint special operations force composed of the soldiers of the two empires of Bavaria and Sakara and those trainee knights did have seventy or eighty thousand men. If they were really gathered together to fight head-on, even if the more than one thousand bandits were all professional strong men with ranks, large artificial blossom trees ,outdoor palm trees, it would be impossible to pull back the situation under such a large gap in numbers. But as the army actually moved to the place where it was going to start fighting, the first problem came, that is, two officers from the Bavarian and Sakara empires, who both took it for granted that they were the commanders of this army. This problem should have been solved before the expedition, but the mainland has been peaceful for too long, and the senior officials of the military departments of the two empires really have no experience in how to deal with such a problem, but such a problem is really related to the face and glory of the whole empire. So neither the Bavarian Empire nor the Sakara Empire dared to make a slight concession on this, after all, the emperors of the Bavarian Empire and the Sakara Empire had always been on an equal footing, but over the years, the Bavar Empire had taken advantage of commercial exchanges and had gradually left the Sakala Empire far behind in the economy. Now the emperor of the Sakara Empire has insisted on this equal status in etiquette to the point of extreme sensitivity, so this simple matter has become a headache for the nobles of the two emperors for a long time. Fortunately, the nobles are unusually smart, the joint suppression of the two empires is decided by the royal families of the two empires, which of course can not be changed, and as for the military headquarters for which side of the army officer to serve as the supreme commander of the special action force can not be decided to come down so damaging to the image of military ministers. Of course, it's better not to let the emperor worry about this kind of thing, so the military officers reported to the emperor that in order to be closer to the actual situation of the battlefield, the decision on this issue was given to the two imperial commanders of the Special Operations Force, so that they could discuss and decide on their own according to the situation on the spot. But even the commander of the army could not decide the matter, how could the commander of the two teams with some new recruits and apprentice knights decide, so the nominally more than seventy thousand special operations troops, at the foot of the mountain, had actually split into two halves, but also for this matter at the foot of the mountain for several days. Then what Link also heard a little confused, he yearned to be a brave knight, brandishing a sword to charge into battle, but he never thought that the original war was so complicated, there were so many things outside the battle that he thought were pure bullshit, but also had such a big impact on the whole situation of the battle. Then The little soldier shook his head with a palpitating expression. The commanders of the two empires could not convince each other, so they negotiated an agreement similar to gambling money, that is, they each took their own troops, one from the south up the mountain,artificial coconut palm trees, the other from the north up the mountain, and they divided equally the local residents who were familiar with the terrain to see which side of the troops could reach the bandits'den first in the vast mountains. After that, the commander of the joint operation will be the commander of the unit that arrived at the den of thieves first.


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