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Huo Cheng is so anxious that he doesn't know what to do! At the most flustered moment, he suddenly raised his hand to his lips and sucked a mouthful of blood from the wound. He bent over Anxun's mouth, pinched her chin, covered her lips, and poured the blood directly into his m

"Are you going to send a gift?" Mu Qianyue looked at him with a smile. We'll know when the time comes. Nalanjing smiled mysteriously. But in the past few days, the grey wolf majesty also made the punishment to Xiao Jing, abolished his strength, as well as the position in the court, at the moment he is a useless person who has no strength. After all, he did blasphemous and insulting things to Cang Yuwei, and caused Cang Yuwei to fall off the cliff and have a narrow escape from death. Grey Wolf His Majesty did not kill him, has been particularly merciful. But this does not think in the Xiao family, Xiao Jing as the Xiao family's young master, genius, is all the hope of the Xiao family, suddenly abandoned, this is absolutely a huge blow to the Xiao home owner! In those days, he knelt down outside the imperial study, hoping that his majesty would be particularly merciful, but after all, the death penalty could be avoided, and the living crime could not be escaped. Had it not been for the fact that the Xiao family was a first-class family in the Grey Wolf City and had made contributions to the Grey Wolf Kingdom, what Xiao Jing had done would have been enough to give him death. Rao is so, but the Xiao family will not be grateful, but full of anger and hatred, wish to kill the entire Grey Wolf Emperor. Three days passed in a flash. Liu Ruyan woke up faintly and felt sore all over,rapid sand filters, but when he thought of the three days with Nalanjing, his heart was filled with excitement. Unexpectedly, he was so enthusiastic and unrestrained in bed, and his skills were very good. He was obviously a master in bed. This is enough to prove that Nalanjing is also a beautiful person. He looked up at the man beside him, who was still sleeping soundly and had his back to her. She wrapped around behind her, hooked up to the man's waist, and took the initiative to lie in his arms. The naked and exposed skin sticks to each other, bringing a piece of heat. Lang Jun. Smoke will be your person in the future,Dissolved Gas Flotation, you must not live up to smoke. The man woke up leisurely and felt that he was holding in his arms and started the most primitive movement again. In the illusion, even in the daytime, Liu Ruyan did not know that the beautiful man in front of him was actually Pockmarked. Okay, I'm going to go. After some passion, the man quickly got up and dressed. Liu Ruyan pestered him and looked at him pitifully. "Lang Jun, don't you want me?" Be good, I have to go, and I will come to see you in the evening. She's been practicing in seclusion these days. If she finds out, it won't be good. The man cooperated and reached out to touch her full chest again, feeling more and more that the deal was really a good deal. Unexpectedly, Liu Ruyan was so dissolute and unrestrained that he could hardly resist his enthusiasm. Liu Ruyan has a beautiful appearance, a plump and hot figure, and a good talent. She is also a nine-step warrior. She can sleep with such a sexy thing. Even if she dies, it's worth it. He was overjoyed at the thought that there were countless days to enjoy like this. Liu Ruyan frowned discontentedly. "Are you so afraid of her?"? Then it's impossible to hide our affairs all the time. If we can hide them for a while, we can't hide them for a lifetime. Don't you want to marry me? So we can be together in a legitimate way. Even if it is to be your concubine, Rotating sludge scraper ,Mechanical fine screen, I am willing. The man frowned, "I will think of a way, good, you and patience, wait for me to find the right time to divorce her.". I'll go first. He said and left in a hurry. Looking at the direction of the man's departure, Liu Ruyan's mouth raised a proud smile, Mu Qianyue, are you in seclusion? Ha ha, didn't think of it? Your husband has already slept with me. Chapter 1258 Pockmarked man [2]. He says he only loves you, but he has already betrayed you. I said, I will take away everything that belongs to you! You don't deserve all these beautiful things! After the Pockmarked man left the yard, Xiao Xuaner was already waiting in the empty place outside the yard. Girl The man looked at Xiao Xuaner respectfully, although the woman in front of him was beautiful and pressing, but he dared not give birth to a trace of blasphemy, otherwise he would die without a burial place! "Well, you did a good job. This is your reward.". Just come here on time every night. Xiao Xuaner took out a bottle of blood coagulation Dan and a plastic bone Dan and handed them to him. Pockmarked man hurriedly took it respectfully with both hands, "Yes!" He also did not ask Xiao Xuaner why to do so, in short, what the boss said, he did, on the line. If you ask too much, you will be killed. It is safest not to ask anything. Then he quickly left the Flying Treasure Building. In the next few days, in the middle of the night, the Pockmarked man would come to Liu Ruyan's room on time, *** with her, and leave before dawn. Five days passed in this way. And the master of the Situ family and others finally came to the grey wolf imperial city with the betrothal gifts, into the palace face saint, Mu Qianyue and Nalanjing went together, in order to give the Situ family face, these days she also prepared a lot of betrothal gifts. A group of people went to the palace in such a mighty way. In the morning, the civil and military officials gathered in the palace. Prince Cang, dressed in a delicate and gorgeous prince's robe, stood at the head of the officials. Cang Yuwei was among them. She was dressed in a beautiful and delicate dress, which made her face like jade more beautiful. At this time, when she saw Szeto Rui and others coming over, she blinked excitedly. His Majesty the Grey Wolf sits on the most noble and incomparable Dan above. Mu Qianyue and Nalanjing, Situ Jiazhu, Situ Ruirui and others walked into the hall, followed by nearly a hundred guards, carrying a red sandalwood box, tied with red silk cloth. My subjects see your majesty! The Szeto family, Szeto Rui and others knelt respectfully, and the excitement and excitement on their faces were overflowing. He never thought that his son would be married by His Majesty! Marry the six princesses who are the favorite of the Grey Wolf! When he first received the news, he didn't believe it at all, but when he saw the imperial edict, he realized that it was true! This is a great honor for the Stu family! Szeto Rui also indicated in the family letter that all this is because of Mu Qianyue, he can have the letter to know the princess and so on. In a word, the master of the Situ family is very grateful to Mu Qianyue. He not only cured Lao Zu,lamella clarifer, saved the medicine field, but also solved the crisis of his Situ family. Now, Rui has been married by Your Majesty..

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